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I can feel your pain Edwin. I’ve been to same stage some time ago. Well, as per my assessment your MMR is around 4.5k and you are moving the MMR ladder up and therefore matchmaking system is testing your gameplay (and patience too I guess).

Can you tell me how can I be matched with better teammates?

Dota 2 official site says MOST OF THE TIMES you are matched with players having equal skills. So, I am not doubtful about their skills but there comes a time when someone loses hope in a game because of various reason. That is why they might be acting trash. There is actually no way to manually get better teammates.

my game became really hard these days to the point that my individual skill become pointless, because my teammates will either feed or throw and there’s nothing that 1 person can do about it

I can see that you spammed juggernaut and this the best thing you can do to get good MMR. But juggernaut is not a snowballing hero. I suggest you pick a hero which is all in one. Someone like Windranger. Can carry the game easily, take tower, shift to support roles if there are more carries in your team and so on. There are number of other heroes with such capabilities (Antimage, Queen of Pain, Ember Siprit, Alchemist etc). Try spamming these heroes. In this case even if your teammates are feeding or are stupid, you can still go backdoor, take towers and barracks and get a good fighting advantage in team fights too. Once you see that you are on a loosing streak because of your stupid teammates, try these heroes and forget about team fighting, just take towers and try to win the game.

I hope that helps.

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