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edwin kharisma

to be honest, I have the patience but still, I need to do something about this, and I am very satisfied to hear your advice, it’s probably the best thing I can do for now

although, I’m still very doubtful if my recent teammates truly have the same set of skills

I mean to be very fair, I watched my replay a lot, and they don’t stack like I do, they don’t buy detection (dust/sentry) like I do, they don’t buy vision (wards) like I do, they just don’t play like I do

and a lot of those games are me being the carry, that is how incompetent the supports I’m being matched with

and for the love of dota, I would play as a support, but I just don’t trust players who can’t even play as supports

since most of the time, it would mean they will just carry the games blindly

but anyway, I will try to pick versatile and snowballing individual heroes that you mentioned and see how it fits, this will definitely helps me, thank you very much

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