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Deed Pole, thanks a lot dear. Appreciation from our friends is the sole factor that keep me going.
Any way, coming over to your profile. Your initial matches are a classic example of How calibration works. You see, You performed well, you went to VHS, but in VHS, you had lots of deaths, then you were demoted to normal skill. Then again after some matches you performed well, you got promoted again to VHS. If you see those matches you can analyse what else you have to do to perform and get better MMR.

This ( is your match, where you were put in normal skill and you performed very well. You got promotion to VHS.

This ( is your VHS matches in which you performed bad and got demoted to normal skill again.

Again this ( is a match where you performed well and again got to VHS.

For now You must be around 4.2-4.3k MMR. But if you analyse your these 3 matches, it can tell you very easily what you have to do in future.

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