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    Deed Pole

    Hi Guys,

    Good day, actually i find this blog quite essential and useful along with the tips and advice for all players aiming for a better MMR. In addition, it gives us players not just hope but also a better understanding in how Calibration works. Appreciate that a lot bro.

    Anyhow, i was hoping i can also request to have an estimate of my MMR, i kinda put some dedication and time for it. To calibrate a 4k profile..
    Here’s my link bro:

    Thanks a mil, any help would be appreciated.

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    Deed Pole

    Also i’m very aware about the skills brackets and like 80% of my games after i started this account i was already in VHS, but trying to work with your GPM and XPM is quite a difficult task because you need to adjust most of the time, as my game works, my role is a core mid laner but i also play support.. so here’s to give you a better picture of total games,

    thanks again bro

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    Deed Pole, thanks a lot dear. Appreciation from our friends is the sole factor that keep me going.
    Any way, coming over to your profile. Your initial matches are a classic example of How calibration works. You see, You performed well, you went to VHS, but in VHS, you had lots of deaths, then you were demoted to normal skill. Then again after some matches you performed well, you got promoted again to VHS. If you see those matches you can analyse what else you have to do to perform and get better MMR.

    This ( is your match, where you were put in normal skill and you performed very well. You got promotion to VHS.

    This ( is your VHS matches in which you performed bad and got demoted to normal skill again.

    Again this ( is a match where you performed well and again got to VHS.

    For now You must be around 4.2-4.3k MMR. But if you analyse your these 3 matches, it can tell you very easily what you have to do in future.

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    Deed Pole

    First off, i didn’t expect the prompt response and thanks a lot bro. It means a lot.
    I know the KDA does matter and i’m keeping an eye on the “Lesser deaths you have the better KDA” i would totally agree to this as keeping your deaths low simply shows that you had a great game.

    Thanks again for the support and advise, though any tips that i can do more to improve?

    Also to help out the other players, once i’ll complete my MMR Calibration i’ll post it to help the community, that’s the least thing i can do, thanks a bunch bro, keep it up.

    With this blog, players will surely understand that fighting only applies in game not with your teammates 🙂

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    Deed Pole

    There’s a lot of things i wanna emphasize as well, but to put it simply, everything that you guys share on this blog is true. If you wanna be good and aim for a better MMR or even dream high and be part of a pro scene. You just need to work on with your attitude towards the game, think like a pro and enjoy the game, players often forget that, you still play to enjoy not just to be better.

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      Thank you very much dear. If you can provide that data to us, we will definitely have some great tips to actually work on MMR. We’ll also be able to show live example to players who want to increase their MMR.

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    Thanks a lot Deed Pole for posting your results.

    Here is the link where Deed pole posted his MMR results.

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