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    Ariki Chen

    Dear Mr Anaar,

    Can you predict my MMR in this account ?
    I just found that this thread is very helpful,

    that is my smurf acc, but lately i didn’t play it cause i focus on my real acc,
    can you guess it how much mmr i got and given the chances of getting above 4,5k mmr is so hard, do you have a suggestion that how can i get 4,5k mmr in this account or have a chance ? or i must create a new smurf acc ? Thank you

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    Hello bro,
    As far as I can guess you are already at 4.5k MMR on your smurf account. Keep it up the way you are doing…

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    Ariki Chen

    Dear Mr Anaar,

    Thanks for your reply,
    There’s something i am curious about,
    If i play with my party,
    Will there effect my MMR calibration ? ( for Solo calibration ),
    and if i’m playing with under skill player ( example for under high skill bracket to high skill bracket only ), will there effect my party calibration too ? ( for Party calibration ), as u can see my dotabuff for last 2 games were normal bracket,

    Thanks …

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    Solo MMR and Party MMR are 2 different things bro and do not effect each other.

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    Ariki Chen

    Dear Mr AnaaR,

    Thank you very much for your reply in my post,

    Sorry for asking too much question,
    For Last question is if i calibrate my party mmr first than solo, Will it affect my solo mmr later when calibration ?
    Thank you

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    Still no effect bro. As I said both are treated differently.

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    Ariki Chen

    ok thank you mr Anaar,

    when i calibrated,
    i’ll post my calibration mmr to here,
    wish u can use it 🙂

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    Sure bro, that would be nice. Good luck for your matches. I’ll be waiting for your results.

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