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    Good day Sir AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe,

    I am newly shift to DotA 2 from the original DotA. I can say I am so alienated at first, but thanks to your threads that I somehow learned how the system of MMR works. Now I am thinking of creating another account just to focus on my KDA and have a higher starting MMR. To cut the story short, Can you guess my hidden MMR. I have to decide if I will create another account or just improve this one, thank you very much. This is the link to my account:

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    Thank you very much for your kind words dear.
    Looking at your account, I can safely say that you wont exceed the 2k MMR range on this account. But it also seems that still you are not very good in game. You need to learn and practice a lot for now.

    My Suggestion:

    Forget about MMR for almost 6 months. Focus on improving your game for now. As you have shifted from Dota to Dota 2, so you need some time to learn the different mechanics and the tips and tricks of Dota 2. I would also suggest you to scroll through our site and read different useful articles which we have written.

    Once you feel that you are very good now. Then make a new account and try again for MMR stuff.

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    Thank you for your very timely and honest response. I really appreciate it. You are right, I should focus first on improving my game. After about a couple of months I will be back for you with new account and hope I improved by that time.

    More power to you bro!
    *like emoji*

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