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    azhar amrie

    Hello sir,

    1)Can you help estimate my hidden MMR. This is my Dotabuff link :

    2)Does the party match queue will affect the solo hidden MMR? Because last match i play as a Lifestealer at High Skill bracket, then i started play with my 1-2k solo mmr friends. After that, when i play the solo queue match again, the system put me at Normal Skill already. Wew.Can you give some advice sir?

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    1. Your MMR is around 2.9k to 3.1k dear.

    2. No, party MMR does not effect your solo MMR. About that match. If you see your Life Stealer match, your last match in high skill ( you can see that you totally screwed that match and match before that you also did not have good stats. So that is why system put you in normal skill. But its not in mid of normal skill, like 2k, its somewhat like 2.9-3k MMR match. But still you should improve your stats in game to improve your MMR.

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