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    Participant hey dude can you guess my mmr so far

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    Dear roughly your MMR is around 3000 at this moment. One of the reasons is that you die a lot during matches. Although you get good kills and assists, but try to die as less as possible and may be you’ll see a boost in your MMR.

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    Ton Perez

    Can you predict mine as well? TIA

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      Your MMR will be around 1500-2000 bro. Definitely not more than 2000. Reason for such low MMR is “LOTS OF DEATHS” and I mean really a lot of.

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        Ton Perez

        I got high skill on my latest matches and I’ve been to players with 3k up mmr in normal matchmaking. What do you think? and what does it mean of “Unknown Skill”?

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    You get unknown skill once Dota Buff can not determine your skill bracket which they receive from steam. That is when, they make it unknown skill then.

    Its your almost new ID bro. When your ID is new, you can jump even a 1000 MMR in a single match depending upon your performance. Because till then, your skill is not finally established by Dota 2. You must have played very well recently, therefore, Dota 2 moved you to next skill bracket.

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    Frank Douglas

    Hmmm. Actually, I am not sure about it.

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