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    can you predict my mmr? this is my dotabuff link
    And can you give suggestion for me to get to high skill? thanks in advance

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    Sure why not.
    You are surely around 2k MMR.

    1. Die as less as possible. Do not roam around map aimlessly. Either fight or farm, thats it.
    2. Spam your most perfect heroes. I saw that you have played with almost all the heroes. Just spam your best heroes in all matches. May be 5-6 heroes at max.
    3. I do not know what role you can play best , but playing carry in matches with good stats mostly pays well.Just Keep point 1 in mind.
    4. Try to spam those heroes which have good escape mechanism. This way, you’ll die less and your KDA will automatically rise. So Antimage, Clinks, QoP, PA and Ember Spirit are good heroes to spam.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks for the reply. Another question, is it low, middle or high end 2k? because in my latest matches I could see that I get matched with someone who used to be in hs and vhs for quite some time. Am I in the border? maybe exactly 3k mmr?

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    Digging deep on your profile and looking at your KDA and average number of deaths in almost all matches. I highly doubt that you would be more than 2.5k. As far as I can tell, it should be around 2000-2100 most probably.

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