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    Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android

    Hi Admin!
    1st question.
    I played dota from 2012 and in that time I played rank and got 3.3K. But due to terrible rank scene in SEA I quit rank matchmaking completely. But over the years while playing dota my skill level obviously has increased. And recently I have notied my matches were matchmaked to VHS only, where couple months ago all matches were placed in HS only! I didn’t play rank in this entire time either. Why does this happen any idea? Only when i party with friends it’s not VHS.
    This is my main account :

    2nd question.
    So, I decided to make a smurf recently so I get a good mmr and join rank scene again.
    This is 11 games on the smurf :
    I got placed in VHS in the first match? Why? The same IP address detection? And even with that little data, can you say if I continue like this what mmr can I calibrate to?
    Thanks a lot in advane.

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    Ali Ahmad

    Question 1.
    Hidden MMR is also MMR. So, once you keep winning your MMR increases (Hidden MMR). So that is how you have been shifted to VHS from HS.

    Question 2.
    Yes it is because of IP detection (smurf protection system). You can definitely carry on with same account as you started your journey with VHS, so there are very good chances that you can land some good MMR later on…

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      Paranoid Android
      Paranoid Android

      Can you predict my mmr from these 28 matches? And is there any good way to level up to 20 faster to play the calibration matches?

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    Ali Ahmad

    For now all I can say is that your account stats seems to be 4k plus. But can narrow it down more because of less matches.

    Also if you want to improve your Dota 2 level, buy stuff from Dota 2 and get good levels of of compendiums so you get good level trophies and you can increase you level. Other than that, there is no way to go faster…

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