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    Hello and welcome to Dota International’s Free MMR estimate service. Here are few guidelines for you to start.

    >> Kindly post your Dota Buff account link here so I can analyze your account and let you know your estimate hidden MMR. If you have more than 1 accounts to check, please post all in 1 post.

    >> After you have posted, please wait for some time. Most of the time it takes me less than 24 hours to reply back, but sometimes I am busy with real life problems. It can take some time in that case, so please be patient. If I am not dead, I’ll definitely reply back.

    >> Most of the time when I give you a MMR range, that means your MMR can be plus or minus 100 points from my predicted MMR. For example, if I say your MMR is 3000, that means it can be anything from 2900 to 3100.

    >> Our 2 posts explain very nicely about How MMR Works and How Calibration MMR works. Please read those first to clear all your doubts.

    >> It may come to your mind what is the Credibility of This Free MMR Estimate Service. Well, you can check this link and this link. These links can show you how correct I am and if my tips actually work or not.

    Dota International Admin

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