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10 Useful Tips to Farm Fast in Dota 2

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Farming is extremely necessary in Dota 2 even if you are a carry or just an offlane support. However, it is extremely necessary for carries to farm fast to get some considerable edge/benefit in the game. But a farmed support does not hurt too. Farming of carries and farming of support are 2 entirely different things, which I will cover in another article some other time. Here I am just going to explain how can you farm fast and good.

Remember: Dota 2 game is not about Farming ONLY, it’s about winning.

1. Don’t Die

Dying means you waste your farmed gold and give to your enemy thus creating a gold and experience difference. Learn how to play safe. BurNinG, one of the legendary carry and farmer, will always stay away from creeps if he doesn’t see the gankers on the map. He knows how crucial it is if you’ll be killed in the game. This also does not mean that you should stay hidden all the time. Farm in lanes and keep your eyes on the map, if your enemies are missing from the map for more than 5-10 sec, it means, either they are coming to pick on you or they are at Roshan. In both the cases, you must think of your next move.

2. Practice Last Hitting

Practice will improve your timing when will you attack the creep that will guarantee sure gold. One way is playing in single player mode and try to have 100 creep kills (kills + deny) in 10 minutes. Doing this often will make you expert in last hitting thus a speedy farm in real games. Another practice can be playing against 5 Insane Bots. Bots are programmed to have perfect last hit and deny. If you can farm against 5 AI’s effectively, it would be easy for you to farm against most of the human players.

Last hitting tower will always give extra gold, which is enough to give you a considerable farming boost.

3. Consider Your Hero’s attack Animation

The moment your hero makes a move for attack and the moment your hero’s damage is dealt is known is hero attack animation. It can be slow (Like Dark Seer), Normal (Like most of the heroes) and Fast (Like Sniper, Faceless Void, Anti Mage etc).

So once you have a rough idea how is our heroes attack animation, you should attack the dying creep keeping your attack animation and your damage in mind. Most of the time, melee heroes are easier because you only need to observe their hitting animation while Range heroes need to consider their distance from the creep as well as animation of the attack.

4. Look at the Mage

One easy way to last hit effectively is looking at the mage. Among all the creeps fighting, the mage usually has the highest damage. The mage will hit the enemy creep in constant rate so it will be easy for you to decide when to attack. After the mage attacks and you know it’ll be one blow before the creep die, it’s time for you to click it. This is effective but in some cases, it’s not. Like when you have 2 or more mages, or you have a catapult that does more damage than the mage. In this case, you have to consider the rate of hp reduction of the creep.

5. Neutral Creeping for Extra Gold

Neutral Creeps gives you enough amount of gold that Enigma can farm a dagger in 8 minutes. Thus, on the average, neutral creeping can give you 268 gold in one minute. Neutral Creeping also gives you additional safety from gankers. If you have wards, it’ll be harder for you to be killed. But it is never advised to leave your lane empty for enemy and farm in Jungle because this will give free farm to enemy heroes.

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6. Try to Dominate your Lane

If you dominate a lane, chances are you’ll get a good farming time because the enemy tries to stay away from you. If you are in tri-lane, harassing can be done by your supports using normal attacks or using / casting spells and in meanwhile, carries can farm easily. In the same process, if you guess the enemy has low HP, you can also try to secure a kill to earn extra gold.

In case you are in a solo lane or dual lane, you must use your spells wisely and must keep harassing the enemy.

7. Rune Control

Since 6.83 update, the importance of rune control has increased many folds. Because from now onward, runes will always spawn at both ends and out of which 1 will always be a bounty rune. Bounty rune will give you extra gold and experience. More time passes in a game, the more and experience you will get from bounty rune. Also, do not forget the renewed charges of your bottle with which you can farm more. So rune control is extremely important if you want to farm fast in Dota 2.

Also, successful bottling will negate the effect of enemy harassing and will help you stay in lane for more time. So do not forget to buy a bottle especially if you are in mid and occasionally when you are in any other lane.

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8. Don’t Waste Gold

Wasting gold, like buying TP and using them to teleport on a tower but it’s not that urgent to use it. It will surely slow down the rate of your farming. For example, when enemy creeps are far away from your tower. You can walk to your tower and when you reach your tower chances are the enemy creeps are just reaching your tower along with you. You saved 50 gold from impatient teleportation. TP is vital to the game but you should use it wisely, like backing up a teammate / Team fight. You’ll need 2 creeps to farm 50 gold again. Thus you’ll be delayed in farming.

9. Use Your Skills Wisely

Don’t rely on spamming spells to farm. Spamming spells help you push not farm. Spam spells only when needed, like if you see a big wave of enemy creeps coming, then it is a good time to use your AOE spells, instead of using your precious AOE spells and killing only 1-2 creeps. Spamming AOE spells makes you go back to the fountain back and forth because you won’t have enough mana and if meanwhile, your team needs you, you may not be of that much use to your team because of low mana or your spell on cooldown.

10. Maximize your Map Reach

Maximize your map reach is important to have your luxury items. Burning(EH.Gigabyte.AAA), used to farm fast by moving all over the map. So we can say like this, “where there are creeps, there your farmer goes”. Do not forget to keep an eye on enemy heroes, or else you might be walking happily into an enemy trap. If you are not able to get any farm in your lane, switching your lane to a more comfortable lane is always a good idea. Search for the creeps your self, because creeps won’t come to you.

11. Remain Calm

I said 10 tips, but it the 11th one… WTF ??
LoL… I just wanted to remind you that it is JUST A GAME

You are always most welcome to add your useful tips below in comments, if its something awesome, I will surely add it in the main post.

Updated on 24 January 2019

8 thoughts on “10 Useful Tips to Farm Fast in Dota 2

  1. ao skii says:


    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      I did not get what you wanted to say. Care to elaborate ?

  2. Noob says:

    Nice!.. i also love to hear/read some advance tips. .like farming with time constraints.. (eg. empty neutral camp at at this specific time then proceed to this area, then this area at this time.. . ) something like this… .

    i call this as “objectives” so that during the game i dont find myself roaming around like chicken wasting time.. . 🙂 🙂

    Thank You

  3. nooob says:

    well for noobs like me, just not dying means a lot, by not dying (more than 2 times) the first 20 mins or so (if you can) you should have an iinteresting farm edge

  4. Sadako says:

    To be honest, you can’t have 100 last hits in 10 minutes,if you don’t count neutral creeps.

    1. Sawako says:

      Each 30 sec.. A creep wave will spawn.. 1 creep wave there are 5 enemy creeps… 1min? 10creeps! 1 min times with 10 min? 100 last hit which not added with denies..😁

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tips i only need the map control tips…. also got a tip for you if you dont know this, this may help…. when your creeps in any lane are in range of the enemy tower go to nuetral creeps/side creeps its more fast farming than just standing with your creeps in range with the enemy tower.. its ok if the tower is not yet damage but when you farm fast it will get destroyed fast. When your in nuetral creeps just go back to your lane when the enemies is close enough at you tower.. Glad 2 Help

  6. cena says:

    i hate it when they say its just a game

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