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23 Symptoms to Check if You Are a Dota 2 Addict

23 Symptoms to Check if You Are a Dota 2 Addict

I have compiled a list of symptoms to determine if you are a Dota 2 Addict or not. If you observe 50% or more points in your self, you are a Dota 2 addict. Some time this addiction might be good (In case you are a Professional Dota 2 gamer and earning some real money and supporting your family) and sometimes this addiction might be bad (In case you are a student and you spend most of your time on Dota 2 instead of studies).

These are written just in random sequence and you may find them really scrambled. Well, this is supposed to happen because I am a Dota 2 addict too. Have fun reading ahead.

This is just a fun article, keep it that way. Don’t take it on your heart.
  1. Whenever you lose a Dota 2 game, you want to grab your weak team mate and punch him in the face.
  2. Your left thumb is always on the alt button whatever you’re doing at your computer. Maybe you want to check your Facebook friend’s hp bar.
  3. When you get amazed at anything you call it ‘imba’. ‘He scored 99 at his math test, imba!’. You also call things that annoy you, ‘imba. ‘That guy is imba, he is damn fat’.
  4. You relate people’s appearances with Dota 2 characters. You call guys with sharp teeth, Night Stalker. You call black friends, Shadow Fiend. You call ugly fat guys, Pudge.
  5. Winning a Dota 2 game makes you feel like a celebrity. You stand up feeling that everyone is looking at you. You tend to snob weaker players and treat them as your fans.
  6. You start getting fat because of lacking exercise but you ignore it. You think that as long as you win, you’d be a handsome celebrity.
  7. You play Dota 2 from the moment you wake up until the last hour you are awake. Then, you continue playing in your dream.
  8. Playing Dota 2 is having several code names like, “mom, I’m doing my research I’ll be home at 2 am.”, “Yeah, dad I’m changing the tires of my car.”, “Hello sweetheart, where am I? (thinking…) Damn, damn, the battery is low… (turn the cell phone off and resume game)”
  9. You become so thrifty on anything except on Dota 2. You would endure not buying food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then spend everything you earn playing Dota 2.
  10. Dota 2 became the third party on your relationship. Your girlfriend is starting to let you choose between her and Dota 2. The worse thing is, you choose Dota 2.
  11. You say the word ‘aw/wtf’ in real life. Girlfriend: “my mom is sick.” You: “aw, sorry to hear that..”
  12. You have a Facebook photo album full of Dota 2 screenshots and posts though people don’t really care about it.
  13. You judge the totality of the person based on how good he plays. An ugly but good player would say, “How the hell that noob guy got a hot girlfriend?! I’m going to tell his gf that he’s noob so she can change her mind.
  14. You are enumerating Dota 2 character names while doing other things like watching TV, walking to school, cooking, eating, pooping, dating.
  15. Sexy fan arts of lady Dota 2 characters make you aroused. Worse, you search for more sexy pics of Dota 2 character. Worst! You search for their nude pics.
  16. You find it difficult to sleep after losing a Dota 2 game. Your body rotates like 30 times while thinking before you sleep. You even hammer your pillow and repeat a phrase several times, like “I did my best!“. And sometimes, you’d do the most pathetic thing ever you can do with your life, you cry.
  17. When you go to a party with your friends to hang out, the topic you’re going to discuss are; any of the following: Dota 2 games played, new strategies for Dota 2, Dota 2 character’s strengths and weaknesses, and how ‘imbalance’ is the food you’re eating.
  18. You try teaming up with good players because you get so afraid to lose a Dota 2 game. You feel like losing a Dota 2 game would turn you into a vapor and dissolve out from this planet.
  19. You remember the exact time you bought all your items but forget the time your home will be locked.
  20. You try to play better whenever a girl is near, thinking that they would approach and ask you to be her boyfriend after.
  21. The years you are addicted to Dota 2 would be the years you are in a different world, forgetting your real life. You wake up suddenly, “WTF, I’m 30 and I’m still at high school?!”
  22. You start to have a hot-temper like you want to cast lightning bolt on your teacher.
  23. This is the ultimate test. Check your Facebook, if more than 60% of your friends are Dota 2 buddies, congratulations! You are within the portals of Dota 2 Realm.

So if you find that you have 10 or more points in yourself, then you must admit that you are a Dota 2 addict. As I said in the 1st paragraph, sometimes this Dota 2 addiction can be good and sometimes it can be bad. However, the first step is its acceptance. Then if you are happy to be a Dota 2 addict, then go ahead the way you are doing, but if you think that you need to get over with this addiction, then you need to wait for my next post which I am preparing nowadays.

Updated on 8 Dec 2018

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