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9 Female Dota 2 Gamer You Wish Were Your Gaming Partners

female Dota 2 gamer
Updated on 16 August 2019

Most of the male Dota 2 players wonder if there are any female Dota 2 gamer? Because most of the guys think that this is the game which only guys can master, but in fact, there are some very beautiful and lovely girls who also play Dota 2 and surprisingly / not-surprisingly they are pretty good in the game. I am damn sure some of these ladies are better in Dota 2 than most of male dota 2 players.

In my opinion, dating a gamer girl is the wish of every gamer and Dota 2 guys are no different than others. Below is a list of most beautiful, skilled, talented female Dota 2 gamer. They will not only dominate you in-game, but they will also leave you speechless with their stunning beauty too. Remember, its a list, not a comparison.



Sheever - female Dota 2 gamer

Sheever’s real name is Jorien van der Heijden. She belongs to the Netherlands. She is an amazing Dota 2 Caster, Interviewer, an amusing host, and a good Dota 2 gamer. She started her gaming path since Warcraft III days and started playing Dota. Once Dota 2 came on the scene, she shifted to Dota 2 and still plays till to date. Most of the time you will find her playing Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, Mirana and Venomancer. She started casting Dota 2 in 2012 and since then she has cast in many national and international tournaments. At the moment she is an independent caster looking to move to the next big studios.

You can see the this blond beauty often casting for ASUS ROG DreamLeague, The International and other Dota 2 events in her magical voice. Currently she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. We all pray for her speedy recovery as she is part of our Dota 2 family.

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Helena - female Dota 2 gamerThis 22 years old blond beauty is from Greece. She is a former player of League of Legend (LoL) who removed LoL from her computer while streaming live and then started playing Dota 2 (This is what I heard over the internet) . We often find her streaming on her twitch channel. Most of the time when she listens to community before picking hero, she ends up getting terrible pick and more terrible trolls. Well, we must admit that she is new to Dota and still has far long way to go. However her stream is really fun to watch and to see different guys (including some pro Dota 2 players) hitting on her during stream and matches.


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Danelie Purdue

Danelie - female Dota 2 gamerDanelie is a nice and a cute caster from Australia. She is a full time university student and in leisure time she loves to play Dota 2 and sometimes cast her own games too. She have professionally casted in MPGL Season 7 LAN in Malaysia, GEC online qualifiers, Malaysian Cyber Games LAN, some National Cups, Hitbox EU Championships and some JoinDota League matches as well. In her free times she likes watching streams, drawing dragons, playing with the dog, eating and sleeping.




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Renessa - female Dota 2 gamer

Reinessa is an American national female Dota 2 gamer, cosplayer, and caster. Playing Dota 2 and cos-playing us like her passion. She is most famous for her cosplays at major Dota 2 tournaments. She has cosplayed at TI4, The Summit 2, MLG Columbus 2015, TI5, and ESL One NY 2015 (Where she secured 4th position in their cosplay competition posing as Female Beastmaster)

She did Lina, Crystal Maiden, Templar Assassin, Mirana, Pudge, IO, Beast Master, and Zeus cosplays at different national and International Dota 2. Well, she is not all beauty with no brains, she is getting her Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry. (WoW – a big WoW). In her spare time, she can be found streaming some Dota 2 and Minecraft on the twitch channel. Still if get spare time, then she loves to cook and work on her costumes for cosplays.


Sajedene - female Dota 2 gamerNikki Elise commonly knows as Sajedene is a cute little young Dota 2 gamer. She is a passionate Dota 2 player, manager of Dota 2 team Digital Chaos and plays a heavy role in the operation of DotaCinema (the largest Dota 2 YouTube channel). People call her Saje or Nikki. She loves to live-stream on Twitch during her free time and has developed a loving and supportive stream community there. She is also a graphic designer and works on art commissions when she has got time. Sajedene enjoys reading, watching TV shows, movies and anime, sketching, swimming, and dancing.


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ProveDota - female Dota 2 gamerProveAttitude is known by ProveDota by the internet and as Prove by her friends. She is an experienced Dota 2 player playing it since Dota 6.00 patch days. So you can well imagine, how experienced she is when we talk about Dota 2. She used to cast Dota 2 matches with THR, DotaCash and DC tournaments with Purge. Now she spends her time casting Dota 2 matches, streaming Dota 2 and other gamer and making some awesome videos about Dota 2 and Dota. She has also worked as an interviewer during TI5. Despite trying hard, I could not find many pictures of her, it seems that she likes to stay behind the camera. 😀

You can support her work by following her at social sites.


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Asia Amore

Asia Amore - female Dota 2 gamerAsia Amore is 27 years old Canadian female Dota 2 gamer. She streams for Complexity Gaming and also a Visual artist and designer. She has got decent solo and party Dota 2 MMR (4k+). Most of the time you will see her playing carry on her stream. She says she can’t play support role very well, however, I personally feel that those who usually play carry can play support very well because they know what carry is going to do next and what he needs from support at what exact moment.

Asia Amore finished her degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She stepped into gaming world by playing Dungeons and Dragons but later on also started playing Dota 2. She is an excellent learner and gamer as she has stepped into High Skills match brackets very fast.

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Aleska - female Dota 2 gamer28 years old Aleska is French national and currently living in England. She is a former web journalist who later on switched to french Dota 2 streaming. She had been streaming for Jeuxvideo and FroggedTV once or twice a week.
By profession, she is an electrical engineer and currently working in a research center in the UK. She is a passionate Dota 2 gamer and likes to play Meepo (), Crystal Maiden and Windranger. In her leisure time, she likes to play Dota 2 or Binding or Isaac.

Nikki Chen

Nikki Chen - female Dota 2 gamer

Monika who is also known as Niki Chen is 24 year old female Dota 2 gamer from Singapore. She has been playing video games since long including Dota 2. She is pretty experienced Dota 2 gamer with more than 4500 matches played on her account. In 2013 she started streaming her Dota 2 games too which is pretty fun to watch. Most of the time she can be found streaming her Dota 2 games on SEA server. She reached a top of 5k+ Dota 2 solo MMR and still revolving around the same figure.




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5 thoughts on “9 Female Dota 2 Gamer You Wish Were Your Gaming Partners

  1. GamerGirlsHub.TV says:

    Sheever – #1!! xD

  2. 1e0nard says:

    I think you forgot She is also a dotaPlayer who is at best in support. Her name is “Trang” from Vietnam

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      I’ll try to add her after necessary scrutiny …

  3. Prostalkersnightwalkers says:

    You forgot dimplesdota also an upcoming rising star who is always playing with pro players. This girls undying pangolier and pudge plays are amazing. Check her on twitch.

  4. Guest says:

    Nikki Chen aka maomalaomi is from the Philippine..A filipino streamer..Get your fact straight.

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