The Best Alternative to WTFast – The Lag Reducing Software

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The Best Alternative to WTFast

We have seen the battle and rage against ping and lag issues faced by the community. Some requested for more servers In their region while others still struggle due to their poor ISP infrastructure that exists in their country. There are several other causes of clutter and disruption that a lot of players may not be aware of because they seek assistance to help them aware of the root cause.

WTFast was indeed among those who brought a lot of things into the limelight of gamers and probably the first ones to spread the awareness for the “NEED” of such lag reducing applications or gaming VPN for that matter. Unfortunately since 2015 the brand has lost its charm in the industry after being bashed by the masses (majority of the bashing came from the LoL community) for bribing customers to write positive review for them on Steam and the matter was all over the internet (Reddit, blogs, forums etc.) before they could even think of countering it. Here we are going to provide you with the best alternative to WTFast

Best alternative to WTFast

Image reputation comes through a lot of struggle for a brand and it is so tangible that one wrong step can bring a brand’s image at stake. Unfortunately, one mistake by WTFast has caused them huge damage.


Best alternative to WTFast 2

Their website has lost almost a million traffic in a year. Rumor has it that they had a bad hit on their subscribed user base.

This is NOT a comparison post rather a post which offers you an alternative to WTFast


Community Outcry & Goodbye to WTFast from Steam

These are just a few of the complaints that online gamers are making because of the applications lackluster performance. Players are already searching for alternatives to WTFast like crazy and while some of them have already got the solution; there are many still suffering from lag

Consecutive bashing on steam reviews over a year has now cast them out from Steam store. Players searching for WTFast wander around on steam to find WTFast, they feel completely lost:

Best alternative to WTFast 3



Why WTFast is Failing:

  1. WTFast did not evolve to server better as a software
  2. WTFast is only focused on monetizing and not actually assisting its user base
  3. WTFast lost its brand image by bribing their customers
  4. WTFast subscription numbers are falling

While WTfast has been there for a long time, it doesn’t seem to fail to entertain the industry with what it was best at. With the growing number of online games and players, the technology to improve your ping must also change and therefore an alternate to WTFast becomes a necessity.

WTFast vs Kill Ping

Based on community reviews and results, the best thing you can do is switch yourself to a more AFFORDABLE, FASTER and much STRONGER application. After searching over the internet we came across one best alternative which offered miles ahead better than what WTFast was already offering. There are other alternatives in the industry but one out-shined all others, Kill Ping.

Why you may ask? Well, the answer to that does not lie in a single reason. There are just many ways Kill Ping is better than WTFast and according to many, it’s the best you can get. Some key points are shown below, which will give you enough information and proof to make up your mind in favor of Kill Ping.  You are the judge but things defined are crystal clear and display significant improvement compared to WTFast.

User Interface

The user interface feels more or less smooth for both platforms. As much as we have seen the customization options with WTFast, we can now witness them all on Kill Ping as well. However, Kill Ping, on the other hand, revealed to their customers on a Facebook live session that they are working to release brand new options to support more features and smoother interface than ever in the upcoming build. I personally have seen them full fill their promises to the fullest for their customers.

Not to forget WTFast displays ad from time to time and Kill Ping has promised to avoid any ads in any of their current or future builds. I’d give Kill Ping extra marks on this one to #EndClickBait battle!

Killping and WTFast Comparison

We would start from the aspect in which most players seek to be offered a price which they can afford to subscribe to. Kill Ping beats everyone when it comes to price because hands-down they are cheaper and extremely economical. WTFast offers 99.99$ subscription charges for 1 Year if you are looking to subscribe to them for a year whereas Kill Ping is charging approximately 39.99$ for 2 YEARS!

The best alternate to WTFast 5

Lastly, Kill Ping offers full fledge services in either monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions. Unlike WTFast which holds back most of its features for users who subscribe to their basic package.


Here you can check out Pricing plans of Kill Ping


Supported Games

WTFast and Kill Ping support all major/minor titles including Overwatch, CS:GO, Warhammer, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Tanks, World of Warships and the list goes on. So to speak we can’t just underline most played online games in the world because we have players coming from every other game asking for such services. Kill Ping again manages to bring ‘Add a custom game’ option just like WTFast so that players don’t go on complaining about lackluster for support games. Another Tie!

The best alternate to WTFast 6


Servers Statistics and Details

I have been once been a loyal WTFast user but the one thing I felt had a problem with their server list was, the value on their drop-down list for ping and packet loss remained the same for the whole year. Not only that, we fail to understand that the more players are playing through a certain server, the more instability and clutter that server will go through. We see Kill Ping has accomplished to view detailed statistics in that area for any particular server. Instability of a server can cause high ping and even high packet loss. So always remember, select server with the best stability!

The best alternate to WTFast 7


Location of Servers

WTFast & Kill Ping, both have hundreds of servers around the world placed in key locations. We would not favor one in this area because there were areas where players complained about WTFast being unstable at some point, however number of server count in key locations are same as Kill Ping more or less. According to Kill Ping staff, they are still increasing their server count according to the need of players and how it could advantage them to achieve a much more stable and reduced ping. Remember, the server placements help in creating the shortest path between a player and the game server leading to lower pings and more stable connections. There is a tie for both in this round.

The best alternate to WTFast 8


Lag Reducing Capability

This section is difficult for both applications because lag reducing capability does not only depend on the application but if the ISP infrastructure of a country is screwed then you can beat the bushes all day long, nothing can reduce your ping. However, since we know Kill Ping has carefully selected its location to set up servers and focuses on server stability (which plays a core role), in many cases we have witnessed ping go from 125 to all the way to 30ms! YES!

Take a look at this short World of Tanks review by a player from the USA.

Customer Service

Kill Ping takes the lead. As most of the industry experts suggest the best way to interact with a customer to clear his/her queries is through LIVE-CHAT option. Kill Ping has been providing live chat support since day-1 of their product launch and there is no denying that WTFast only seeks to support their customers through their knowledge base support which becomes insufficient and demoralizing for a customer who is sitting in front of the computer waiting to queue a ranked match and he needs to wait another few hours before his problem is solved.

Best alternate to WTFast 9


Professional Gamers’ Review Kill Ping 

Kill Ping does not sing its own praises and to prove how much effective Kill Ping has really been in reducing the lag problems of online gamers throughout the world, Kill Ping requested Pro players from different gaming genre and region to give Kill Ping a try. The results were quite as expected since none of the pros complained about any problem; in fact, they encouraged other players to use Kill Ping as well. The best part is Kill Ping compiles all customer reviews on their YouTube channel. You can access their Kill Ping youtube channel.

Dota 2 Pro Team RAVE


  • MPGL  SEA Grand Finals Season 6, 1st place
  • Korean Dota 2 League Season 4, 1st place
  • Dota 2 Asia Championships, 5-6th place

CS: GO Pro Team IDX



Described above were just some points that give an edge to Kill Ping on WTFast or any other out there. Be it the giants of online gaming like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or World of Warcraft; if you are looking for something better and a lag reducing software that actually works then you now have the right choice to make. In the end, here is a small comparison between WTFast and Killping about most important features of a VPN software.


6 thoughts on “The Best Alternative to WTFast – The Lag Reducing Software

  1. F Deres says:

    It’s too bad 1/2 your info is incorrect, otherwise great article!

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You clearly seem to be someone from WTFast, therefore did not like the criticism. If you are not from WTFast team, I would expect you to point out the info which is incorrect. So I can fix it…

  2. F Deres says:

    Actually I was being serious. I liked the article, I was meaning that your comparison failed a bit in that you never pointed out weaknesses equally on both sides- and as I said.. some of your info was incorrect. but I do enjoy articles that attempt to compare software , I think they are super helpful, sadly this one is quite biased.

    also you’ve got a typo here:
    AFFORADABLE, FASTER and much STRONGER application
    (should be affordable)
    (also thats a pretty brazen thing to suggest – when doing a compare, you shouldn’t be deciding for readers which product is better without hard facts – which.. is a bit lacking on most of your comparatives)

    For example:
    Server counts – you didn’t give actual numbers – so you just decided it was a tie ? Not valid data.
    And absolutely no data to support users complain about WTfast server instability, – yet not an unkind word about killping on any front. Not hard to spot, and makes real comparative shopping difficult.

    In regards to incorrect info:
    WTfast has a 24 hour support team.
    Also I’d like to see killping website hits/traffic/users for the same time period. why did you only put up Wtfasts?
    Steam: Wtfast left steam for business reasons (called financial) not because of anything else – another incorrect there – but again you’ve cherry picked information.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thank you very much for pointing out errors dear. I’ll fix the typos and also try to add the missing data as you mentioned. However, this article looks biased be its topic says “Alternative to”. Here I am not comparing both the product, I am just offering other solution. However, in future I am planning to review top 5 VPN Product, there we will try our best to “COMPARE” the products. 🙂

  3. hatefulsandwich says:

    I had tried WTFast’s’ trial but found the price too steep, though it did improve my ping decently. I hoped to find a cheaper alternative and lo and behold, this article has nothing but praise for KillPing.

    I paid for the 2-year plan and I now land up disconnecting from Overwatch’s game server constantly when using the KillPing software. My ping is even higher when I use KillPing than when I don’t! Note that there is no way to try the service out before paying – compared to WTFast’s two weeks you’re given to decide whether it’s worth paying for. Initially my payment didn’t go through properly and I was given a 3-day “trial”. When I tried to log in with this trial, I got a message that my service had expired. I should have treated that as a red flag, but I’m just a sucker I guess.

    Customer support is terrible and they clearly have no intention of providing a refund as they claim they will. I wish I had bothered read other customer’s experiences trying to get a refund before I had paid for KillPing because it seems to be a common experience that customer service stops responding.

    I’m not going to get WTFast because I still don’t think it’s worth the price, but this article seriously over-praises KillPing in comparison to WTFast. To anyone considering it, I strongly advise you avoid KillPing as an alternative and look into other options.

  4. ybrfdiess says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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