ultimate trolling guide for Dota 2 pub games

Ultimate Trolling Guide for Dota 2 Pub Games

I came up with a Dota 2 video in which the video maker compiled his trolling gameplay. So I thought to write this guide for those who want to try something new - Trolling in Dota 2 Pub games. Remember its just a troll post to have fun and piss some Dota 2 gamers off. If you are offended by this idea, then do not read it any further and close it. Sincere Suggestions /Advices If you are trolling in same way time and again, it wont be fun. Remember, the best trolls are the genius ones and the ones that you made yourself. Possibilities are endless. Why to tease / troll someone when you can’t hear him rage afterwards? Make use of voice chat and normal chat as much as you can. Trolling in every game will not be...

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create and restore Dota 2 backup

How to Create and Restore Dota 2 Backup

Why you need to create Dota 2 backup ? In case you are planning to cleanup your PC or your game is creating troubles for you, then there might be a need to reinstall Dota 2. As it is an online game and takes up huge place in your hard drive, so its not suggested that you uninstall it and download a new copy unless you have a very good internet connection. Here I am going to explain you how you can create Dota 2 backup in few simple steps. How to Create Dota 2 Backup Step 1 : Open steam, right click on Dota 2 and then select "Backup Game Files" Step 2 : A new window will open. Now again select "Backup Game Files" option. Step 3 : In next window select whatever game's backup you want to make. In case you are...

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Best Dota 2 Betting Sites A Detailed Review

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites – A Detailed Review

I have written an article explaining methods of earning money from Dota 2 earlier. Now I have carried out a review of the most popular Dota 2 betting sites so that you don't waste your time / money / items on stupid sites. Sites listed below are in order of recommendation. Review Criteria for Dota 2 Betting Sites I've carried out review of Dota 2 betting site while keeping following points in mind. Site Speed User Interface Reward for bets Other features on site Site Support Miscellaneous 1. Rivalry.gg This is a comparatively new site with amazing potential. Major factor because of which this site is the best is that it deals with real money. You can place your bet with real money and earn real money as reward. If you are a good gamer which good understanding of your...

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Play CSGO on LAN without Internet

How to Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

I was searching over the internet to find a way to play CS:GO on LAN without Internet but could not find a worthwhile solution. Thanks to one of my friend he told me the way. Now I am writing it for the consumption of other friends who want to play CS:GO on LAN without internet. This is only useful if you have 1 internet router/server computer but NO INTERNET. It will work without internet, however, your router will work as the main server. If you don't have any router, then you will have to make 1 home network on one of the PC and then all friends have to connect to that. So let's go: Everyone to start CS:GO normally. For Host Computer Step 1 Click the "Play" tab and then click "Offline with Bots." Step 2 Select the game mode you...

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reset MMR

How to Reset Dota 2 MMR – At Last

People have been searching for a way to reset Dota 2 MMR. However there was no way to reset it up-till now. With the release of TI6 battle pass, Dota 2 has introduced a new type of MMR. International Ranked match. So in my personal opinion Valve is now trying to make money from MMR as well. So what is the procedure ? You may like to read Calibration MMR in Dota 2 - A Detailed Guide You need to buy a TI6 Battle Pass for 10 bucks from Dota 2 / steam store. After that a new ranked match system will unlock for you. In that you will be able to play ranked matches starting from zero. To get calibration International MMR, you need to play 40 matches. So, when your 40 matches are complete, you will get...

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Season 6

Dota International’s Clan Wars – Season 6

This Event has been postponed because of some unavoidable circumstances. It'll be organized again after some time. Dota International Clan Wars - Season 6 We are please to announce 6th Season of Dota International Clan Wars. Registrations are Open and any team which can play on SEA (Singapore) Server is welcome to join. Please read important information below before you join this tournament. It has all the information covered which you need to know. In case you want to ask anything, or anything which is not covered below, please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks to our sponsors Kill Ping, they decided to offer 1 year premium membership to the each player of winning team. I must tell you that each of the subscription costs around $40. So there will be 5 prizes of 1...

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High Ping Packet Loss Easy fix for Dota 2

High Ping & Packet Loss – Easy fix for Dota 2

Lately packet loss and high ping issues are one of the major discussion subjects around the world because e-Sports is now taken seriously and everyone wants to step into a more serious gaming platform or perhaps develop a professional attitude. For the last couple of months internet in the SE Asian region has been very unstable. This has especially affected players from Malaysia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Singapore. There is an outrage of Dota 2 players on Twitter for filing complain to their ISP’s for unstable ping and packet loss. One good example to relate is the latest Malaysian ISP dilemma that is still unsolved even after months: Blogging giants of the industry such as VentureBeat have lately discussed How latency is killing online gaming for online gamers. It is pacing up as the e-Sports industry continues to...

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Calibration MMR in Dota 2 Detailed Guide

Dota 2 Calibration MMR – A Detailed Guide

Updated on 14 February 2020 Before we start this detailed and long article about Dota 2 Calibration MMR, let me tell you that it took me almost 15 days to conduct research, analyze data available over the internet, carry out some tests and then write this article in the easiest language. So even if there are some mistakes, I'll request you to ignore it. However, if you find any factual mistake, please tell me in the comments below, so I can fix it. There has been a lot of discussion on the internet about Dota 2 MMR and how to get high calibrating MMR. Valve has never revealed anything about how Dota 2 MMR actually works. However, they just gave some hints and cleared a few doubts in their official post. But there are 2 problems with this official post. That...

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Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most played and a trend setting video game with players from almost all the countries. It is one of the games which can literally make someone millionaire in just 1 week (Like Team EG members) and metaphorically can also make a millionaire, homeless (Bets). As per careful estimation, almost 300,000+ people are earning their bread and butter from Dota 2 as a full time job. You can check this article for more detail if you want to know How to make money with Dota 2. But there are some people who have taken this game way too seriously and caused some serious damage. Out of which, we have compiled a list of Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2. Reportedly, at least 5 human deaths caused by Dota 2 till to...

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How to earn real money with Dota 2

9 Methods to Earn Real Money with Dota 2 With Pros and Cons

Updated on 24 January 2019 Most of the times we are not allowed to choose gaming as a profession for the sole reason that we can not earn money with it. However, we have made a list of all the methods with which you can Earn Real Money with Dota 2. 1. Organize Dota 2 Tournament By organizing tournaments, you can earn real money with Dota 2 depending upon how successful your tournament is. However, you'll have to get it approved by steam if you want your ticket to appearing in the Dota 2 store. You can earn via entry fee and also by sale of tickets in the Dota 2 store. If you are well known in a community and can gather good amounts of teams and have a good organizational setup, you can earn really good money...

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