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How to Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

I was searching over the internet to find a way to play CS:GO on LAN without Internet but could not find a worthwhile solution. Thanks to one of my friend he told me the way. Now I am writing it for the consumption of other friends who want to play CS:GO on LAN without internet.

This is only useful if you have 1 internet router/server computer but NO INTERNET. It will work without internet, however, your router will work as the main server. If you don’t have any router, then you will have to make 1 home network on one of the PC and then all friends have to connect to that. So let’s go:

Everyone to start CS:GO normally.

For Host Computer

Step 1

Click the “Play” tab and then click “Offline with Bots.”

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

Step 2

Select the game mode you want (for the sake of argument, I’ll set up a Death Match game). Then select the map you want to play.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet 2

Step 3

Select an appropriate difficulty for the Bot players, then click “Go” when ready.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet 3

Step 4

Wait for the team selection screen to load, and then pick the team you want to play. Now press “`” or “\” or whatever key you have selected for the console to appear. When Console appears In the developer console, type “sv_lan 1” without inverted commas. This will enable LAN for other players to join.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

Step 5

Now type “status” in the console and look for the “udp/ip” line (it should be a string of numbers resembling 192.168.#.#). Share this number with your friends. It is shown in the image below.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

For Other Player’s Computers

Step 1

If they haven’t done so all ready, ask them to get to Console by pressing “`” or “\” or whatever key they have selected for the console to appear. When finished, ask them to type “connect [The IP you gave them]:27015“. Notice the space between “connect” and the IP address.

Step 2

Once you are done, you will join the game. You will see the bots playing, to join the game, just take control of any bot by pressing “e”

Pro Tip
Join WTFast and remove lag in all online games. Click here for FREE TRIAL.

Trouble Shooting

  • It is normal if done properly, for the loading screen to not change to the map loading screen for a few seconds. The error “Connection failed after 5 retries” should appear if done incorrectly. This error is attributed to a wrong IP; you need to recheck the IP address you have entered to connect. In case that is wrong, you won’t be able to connect. It be something like this Connect[space]192.168.x.x:27015).
  • If done correctly, the map loading screen should appear, indicating that the connection was successful.
  • If you selected a wrong team in a LAN game, simply press “Esc” and then go to select team and select a new team for it.

Enjoy CS:GO on LAN with your friends. 😀

reset Dota 2 MMR

How to Reset Dota 2 MMR – At Last

People have been searching for a way to reset Dota 2 MMR. However there was no way to reset it up-till now. With the release of TI6 battle pass, Dota 2 has introduced a new type of MMR. International Ranked match. So in my personal opinion Valve is now trying to make money from MMR as well. So what is the procedure ?

This is box title

You need to buy a TI6 Battle Pass for 10 bucks from Dota 2 / steam store. After that a new ranked match system will unlock for you. In that you will be able to play ranked matches starting from zero. To get calibration International MMR, you need to play 40 matches. So, when your 40 matches are complete, you will get a new MMR both for solo and party. Once TI6 finals are over, you will be given an option to replace your ranked MMR with your International Ranked MMR. Whatever is more you can keep that as your actual ranked MMR. So this is how you can reset your MMR.

reset Dota 2 MMR

This is what Valve said on their site about this.

reset Dota 2 MMR

However, if you still get your MMR below your normal MMR, that means you have wasted your 10$. Valve said that you can reset your MMR every year, so, you will have to hand over 10$ every time you want to attempt to reset your MMR and you also have to wait for next year if you miss or waste 1 chance.

As far as I can guess, Dota 2 community may protest against this pay to reset Dota 2 MMR thing and may be, just may be, till next TI, this resetting option will be free.

But then comes other thing, valve is trying hard to squeeze money from every possible way. Earlier, once you get any drop, you could sell it in market or trade it with someone else. But now that is changed to non trade-able and non marketable stuff. So, they want us to buy new items from market, instead of trading it with someone. This is just one issue and many such issues persist in valve’s dealing with Dota 2 community.

This is box title
You may like to read How Dota 2 MMR Works – A Detailed Guide

But I have seen one thing, it does not matter, how much accounts you make, your MMR range will remain almost same, until you have remarkably improved your game and controlled your temper and know how to deal with shit teammates.

Still if you are going to play International ranked matches and want to reset Dota 2 MMR, you must read this guide which explains calibration MMR in detail so you can make some real improvement. Good Luck.


Dota International’s Clan Wars – Season 6

This Event has been postponed because of some unavoidable circumstances. It’ll be organized again after some time.

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Dota International Clan Wars – Season 6

We are please to announce 6th Season of Dota International Clan Wars. Registrations are Open and any team which can play on SEA (Singapore) Server is welcome to join. Please read important information below before you join this tournament. It has all the information covered which you need to know. In case you want to ask anything, or anything which is not covered below, please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

[sc_box title=”Prize” box_color=”#3677ff” title_color=”#000000″ radius=”3″]

Thanks to our sponsors Kill Ping, they decided to offer 1 year premium membership to the each player of winning team. I must tell you that each of the subscription costs around $40. So there will be 5 prizes of 1 year premium membership of Kill Ping for each member of winning team. We can safely say that prize will be worth  $200.


[sc_box title=”Entry Fee” box_color=”#F44336″ title_color=”#000000″ radius=”3″ style=”text-align: centerfont-size: 25px;”]

Registration fee for Dota International Clan Wars Season 6 is [sc_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″ ]Dota 2 items worth $1 or more[/sc_highlight]. These items MUST be market-able and trade-able. We can only accept max 2 items whole combined price will be $2 or more. We wont accept 3000 items whose combined worth is $1.


[sc_spoiler title=”Why You Imposed Registration Fee ?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus”]

If tournament is free to join, then lots of teams register to the tournament. Many of those teams are not at all serious and on match time they don’t show up. As a result Admins and other team members have to wait for them and they never show up and waste our precious time. To get rid of such non serious teams we have placed a restriction of  Dota 2 trade-able and marketable items worth $1. This way if some teams don’t show up on match time, at least they will lose something and in SEA region, no one like to lose anything.


[sc_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”stroked” color=”#000000″ size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-o-right” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #747474″ title=”Submit Registration Fee”]Submit Registration Fee[/sc_button]

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Important Information about Clan Wars Season 6

 Tournament is free to watch. You do not need any ticket to watch it in Dota 2 client. Just go to Tournament Tab >> Amateur tab >> select South East Asia from drop down and select Dota International Clan Wars Season 6.

Tournament Settings

Tournament Type : Tournament is single elimination. Once lost a match you will be out of tournament.

Match Type : All Stages except Semi Final and Final are Best of 1 matches. Semi Final matches will be best of 3. Final Match will be best of 5.


Servers : SEA Server (Singapore Server) Only.

Map : Latest map available will be played and in case you need to download anything patches etc, please download it well before time. Downloading a patch / update is excuse for being late.

Game Mode : Captain’s Mode will be used as primary game mode and all rules of captain’s mode will be followed.

Team Limit : No limit for teams to join. All the teams which have registered to the tournament successfully will be allowed to play the tournament.

Date & Time Settings :

Registration Closing Date :  5th June 2016 2016

Brackets Announcement : 07th June 2016

Tourney Start Date : 10th June 2016

Match’s Time / Schedule : Match schedule will be announced after brackets have been announced. To view matches schedule, please visit our site’s main page or our matches page.  You can only view matches schedule once brackets have been announced.

Match Play Timings : 5PM GMT+5 to 11 PM GMT +5

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Registration for the Tournament

Requirements for Registration :

  • Click here to see how to make a new team / clan in Dota 2 International and make a new team, if you have not made 1 already.
  • Give your team link to your team mates and tell them to join the team. Once they request to join, team captain will approve their request to join.
  • You team must have minimum 5 players before it can sign up for the tournament.
  • You can add as many players in your team as you want. But only 1st 5 players are allowed to play in this tournament.
  • Admin’s approval is needed in case you want stand-ins to play any match. You can ask once you come for match.
  • Your team Page must be complete and it must have a name, Logo and About us information provided.
  • You must agree to play between 5PM GMT+5 to 11 PM GMT +5 time brackets. In case you can not play in that time frame, please DO NOT register. We have also provided a time converter on our main page. To see time near your location, please visit our Homepage.

Registration Process :

  • Make a team or join existing team. Then submit your joining request by clicking the “Submit Registration Form” button below.
  • We will check if your team is ready as per instructions above.
  • Then you’ll need to submit registration fee on this Trade URL via steam trade offer.
  • Once you have made team on our site and also submitted registration fee, we will add a comment on your team page about your registration status.
  • In case we need some improvement on your team page, you will be told via comment on your team page.
  • AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe will add you on steam, or you can also add him. This is important because he will be providing you with all the necessary information about tournament.

[sc_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” color=”#000000″ size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-o-right” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #747474″ title=”Submit Registration Form”]Submit Registration Form[/sc_button]

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Tournament Details

How Matches will be Played :

  1. Match Schedule including date and time will be shown on our site’s main page and our matches page.
  2. Both teams must be ready atlesat 10 minutes before match time.
  3. Tournament match lobby will be manually hosted by Admins and Password will be given to team captains via steam chat.
  4. Both the teams will join and match will start.
  5. In case of Best of 3 and 5, all matches will be done in one single sitting and one single day. These matches will not postpone to next day.

Winning Criteria :

  1. If whole team forfeits the match and abandons or rage quits.
  2. If enemy team does not show up on time and you are given a walk over by Admin.
  3. If enemy team is disqualified for any reason, opponent will be declared winners.
  4. Once enemy’s ancient is destroyed.
  5. If your opponent calls GG, wait for their throne to be destroyed. (In a tournament once an enemy team calls GG, system automatically ask the GG calling team if they want to forfeit this match. Once they accept that option their throne is destroyed automatically)

Time Related Settings :

  1. Teams must be ready at least 10 minutes before match time.
  2. In case any team is not ready after 10 minutes of match time, then that team will be declared loser and will be kicked from tournament automatically.
  3. In case a team player is not available till start time of match, maximum 10 minutes will be given to Team captain to call Standin. (Standin must be part of your team on our site or else he will not be allowed to play)
  4.  Remember it is a free to join tournament so there will be lots of team and lots of shit to deal with, that is why we will strictly implement the rules. We don’t care if you have emergency at exact time or whatever. When it is time for match, you will have to be here.

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Please check the same post after 07 June 2016 for Brackets. Brackets will be added in same post once released.

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Registered Teams

Once team has successfully registered to the tournament, it will be added here in this post.

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[sc_note note_color=”#F44336″ text_color=”#000″ radius=”3″]

  • We reserve the right to change anything in this post, whenever, wherever and whatever we want.
  • We reserve the right to deny any team the registration in the tournament for any reason we feel appropriate.
  • Whatever decision match Admin / Referee gives during or about a match, is FINAL and can not be challenged.


If you have any questions regarding Dota International’s Clan Wars, please comment below so we can reply it for the sake of all users.


Dota International

High Ping & Packet Loss - Easy fix for Dota 2

High Ping & Packet Loss – Easy fix for Dota 2

Lately packet loss and high ping issues are one of the major discussion subjects around the world because e-Sports is now taken seriously and everyone wants to step into a more serious gaming platform or perhaps develop a professional attitude.

For the last couple of months internet in the SE Asian region has been very unstable. This has especially affected players from Malaysia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Singapore. There is an outrage of Dota 2 players on Twitter for filing complain to their ISP’s for unstable ping and packet loss. One good example to relate is the latest Malaysian ISP dilemma that is still unsolved even after months:

Tweet about High Pings

Blogging giants of the industry such as VentureBeat have lately discussed How latency is killing online gaming for online gamers. It is pacing up as the e-Sports industry continues to grow every year.  In the same way, TechInAsia, another tech leading media property, had it explained in “This Is how lag is affecting South East Asian gaming in Dota 2” and detailed out exactly what players are experiencing in regards to lag.

The solution for Packet Loss and High Ping

We have found a legitimate solution to the problem and which is completely worth spending your money on. Here is our recommendation: KillPing. With the help of this application, you can prioritize your game data packets and streamline its routing in order to give you optimum internet speed to solve your latency and high ping issues for online gaming.

Killping Subscription
Best thing is that if their product is not working as promised they offer a 7 days money back guaranty as well. So I strongly suggest that you get yourself a Kill Ping subscription and then see its magic.


Once you have got its subscription, simply follow the instructions below:

How to fix Packet Loss & High Ping in Dota 2 - 1

After you have selected a subscription plan, downloading will automatically start. Install Kill Ping and then after installation type in your credentials to login.

How to fix Packet Loss & High Ping in Dota 2 - 2

After that just select the game of your choice (For example Dota 2) and then click next

How to fix Packet Loss & High Ping in Dota 2 - 3

Select the game region where you intend to play. If you are looking forward to playing in Europe West server then select that as the game region.

How to fix Packet Loss & High Ping in Dota 2 - 4

After pressing next it will bring you to the list of servers you can select to play from Kill Ping. Rule of thumb is to select the server with the lowest ping and then proceed to click on next.

This will give you a relatively good boost to ping than any other tweak or software. A lot of professional players are using it because it helps them have a stable ping during their competitive matches so why not you? In case you have any query, please comment below so our expert from Kill Ping can help you to solve High Ping and packet loss problem for you once and for all.

Calibration MMR in Dota 2 - Detailed Guide

Calibration MMR in Dota 2 – A Detailed Guide

Updated on 31st January 2019

Before we start this detailed and long article, let me tell you that it took me almost 15 days to conduct research, analyze data available over the internet, carry out some tests and then write this article in most easy language. So even if there are some mistakes, I’ll request you to ignore it. However, if you find any factual mistake, please tell me in the comments below, so I can fix it.

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet about Dota 2 MMR and how to get high calibrating MMR. Valve has never revealed anything about how Dota 2 MMR actually works. However, they just gave some hints and cleared few doubts in their official post. But there are 2 problems with this official post.

  1. That article is more than 6 years old and is never updated.
  2. It does not have complete information about the mechanics of MMR.

I have searched the internet quite some time ago and wrote this guide “How Dota 2 MMR Works“. It can answer lots of questions but still, I feel that it is not complete. Before we proceed any further, please read it once so you have a fair idea what is Dota 2 MMR and how it actually works and all other important details which you need to know about it.

What is the Difference Between Calibration and Recalibration ?

Once you make a new account, play the required amount of games and calibrate for the very first time, we’ll call it calibration. However, if you have an old account and earlier you calibrated at least once, your next calibration will be called recalibration.

If you have a new account or are calibrating for the first time, read the section below. If you are looking for recalibration, skip this section and go to next section for recalibration.


Calibration for New Accounts / Uncalibrated Players

Following terms will be used frequently in the article below, so its better if you familiarize yourself with them.

What is Calibration MMR

After playing 10 calibrating Dota 2 games, you can see your MMR for the first time on your profile. That MMR is known as Dota 2 Calibration MMR.

What is KDA and How to Calculate it?

Kill-Death-Assists ratio. Here is the formula to calculate your KDA. (Kills + Assists) / Deaths. So that means if your score is 20 kills, 2 deaths, and 10 assists, your KDA will be 15 which is pretty impressive.

KDA (Kill-Death-Assists ratio) only comes into play when we are talking about calibrating MMR or starting MMR, either solo or party. But if your MMR is already calibrated, then KDA does not play any role towards your MMR. It is just your win or loss then which decides whether you will earn Dota 2 MMR points or you will lose it.

Factors Which are Considered for Calibration MMR

There is no official statement form Dota 2 / valve’s side how they calculate Dota 2 MMR. However, over the time people carried our lots of experiments and finally, it was deduced that the following points are considered for sure when calculating MMR. You must also know that all points do not carry the same weight. Some points contribute more (KDA, Damage etc) and some points contribute less (Last hits, wards placed etc).

  • KDA
  • Last hits / denies
  • Match length
  • Damage to tower
  • Damage to enemy heroes
  • Healing
  • Buff / De-buffs placed on enemy/ally heroes
  • Clicks do you do per minute (by clicking on the ground)
  • Courier purchase / upgrade
  • Wards placed
  • Neutral staking

The major factor is KDA and all other factors are minor, but they still affect your Calibration MMR.


Factors Which are NOT Considered for Calibration MMR

Factors mentioned below are NEVER considered while calculating your MMR. Don’t believe even if someone says it does. The reason is that these factors don’t have any impact on your game/gameplay.

  • Steam Level
  • Dota 2 Level
  • Compendium Level
  • Total Hours spent playing Dota 2
  • In-game Items
  • Cosmetic Items

Dota 2 Calibration MMR as Carry

So, what are Carries? let’s see what Dota 2 wiki says.

Carries are the heroes that can obtain the greatest offensive power as the game progresses to eventually bear the responsibility for ultimate victory. Once carries get substantial levels and items, they tend to become extremely powerful later in the game as compared to other heroes. They are expected to have the highest number of hero kills on the team.

So what is their use in the late game? They can kill enemies and destroy enemy buildings to ultimately you win the game or at least TRY to win the game. So how Dota 2 system can judge whether you played your carry good or bad? There are some factors which are:-

  • KDA
  • Last Hits / Denies
  • Damage to tower
  • Damage to enemy heroes

Once you have got good KDA, its obvious that you have taken care of the rest of the 3 factors, i.e., Hero Damage Done, Tower Damage Done and Gold Earned/spent.

Now the question comes, what is a good KDA for a carry? The high number of kills, Low number of deaths. Assists do not matter a lot for carries.

So if you want your calibration MMR to be good, go for those heroes which can have high KDA like Spectre, Medusa, Ember Spirit, Ursa, Huskar etc…

But don’t keep farming for the whole game, the game may not last that much longer for you to show your potential. Participate in max team fights and inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible. Even if you are loosing, still don’t lose hope and keep trying. Once the game ends, you may have dealt max damage in your team and in your next game you may rise a step in your calibration MMR ladder. Because damage dealt to heroes and towers matters a lot.

You may like to read How to Reset Dota 2 MMR


Dota 2 Calibration MMR as Support

Let’s refer to Dota 2 gamepedia about Support role. It says…

Supports can focus less on amassing gold and items, and more on using their abilities to gain an advantage for the team. These are the heroes whose purpose is to keep their allies alive and give them opportunities to earn more gold and experience. They are not very dependent on items, and generally only purchase one or two items for their personal usage – the rest of their gold is to be spent on items for the benefit of the team such as Animal Courier, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, and Smoke of Deceit. They should always try to forfeit kills to any teammate who is more reliant on items than they are, only performing a kill if none of their allies is able to do it

Clear now? So we can simply say, supports created are FOR carries. They don’t have any purpose in the game other than helping their carries to reach their max potential as fast as possible. For that matter you keep them alive with your abilities and items, you ward / de-ward map to save them from likely ambushes, you stack neutrals for them to farm fast and get them as much kills as possible.

It should be obvious how Valve can judge how good you were as support. Still, for your information, following points are considered while calculating calibration MMR for supports.

  • KDA
  • Last hits / denies
  • Match length
  • Healing
  • Buff / De-buffs placed on enemy/ally heroes
  • Courier purchase / upgrade
  • Wards placed
  • Neutral staking

You may say, WTF dude, support is also dependent on KDA? Yes, they are. But support’s good KDA will be a bit different from carries. More assists they’ll have, more KDA they will get.

One major point to note, whether you are plying carry or support, always try to have minimum possible deaths. This will automatically increase your KDA. Check out this experiment.

How Teams are Made When Finding a Match?

After the system calculates and knows your MMR, it attempts to balance the game while looking for players with the same MMR as of you or something close to it. The more people on your level are looking for matches that time, more likely to find a balanced match, the fewer people on your MMR level are looking for a match, you will have more chances to play with people above or below your level.

Let me Explain. Imagine a player who has calibrated MMR of 3500.

Option 1 ( Which the system will first look )

– The system will search for the players who are very close to 3500 such as 3550, 3450. If there are 9 players in the queue with that score bracket, the match will be created immediately. That would be the ideal match. But in case the system can not find players with desired MMR, it will increase the MMR search radius to avoid taking too much time to find a match.

Option 2 ( Who the system will seek second )

– Players with different scores, but close. In the case of 3500, a player of 3725 or 3250. Note that this MMR  varies more than option 1, but still is close to 3500. If, nevertheless, the system does not find other 9 players in this MMR bracket too, it will further increase the MMR search radius.

Option 3 ( Last Option )

– Players with a lot of difference in their MMR. In the case of 3500, any player of 4550 or a player in 2500. And this procedure goes on. The system keeps giving “infinite” options to find other 9 players.

How Can I Keep Track of All my Stats?

You can keep track of your own stats and MMR by going to Profile > Stats. However, in my opinion, the best way is to make an account on DotaBuff. It provides detailed stats about your account, unlike the normal in-game stats which in my opinion are just simple crap. DotaBuff is a dedicated site that records your stats and details. You can find almost all types of stats related to your account there.

What Are the Skill Brackets?

Once you visit DotaBuff or DotaMax, you can see your skill brackets under your match detail. They are like categories which these sites show to rate the skill level of matches. In order to know in which category we play we need to enable the option to expose data to outside matches in the DOTA 2 options, and then open any of these sites, make an account and then give it some time to gather your data.

Currently, there are 3 levels. The exact distribution of each bracket is still unknown, but based on data available on DotaBuff and Dota Max, here is how skill brackets are defined.

Normal Skill Bracket – Once MMR (Visible or Hidden) of players is around 3200 or less, they will be playing in Normal Skill Brackets.

High Skill Bracket – If the MMR (Visible or Hidden) of the players reach a score between 3201 and 4000, they will be playing in High Skill Brackets.

Very High Skill Bracket – If the average score of the players exceeds 4000 the match will be counted as Very High Skill Bracket.


MMR ReCalibration for Old Accounts / Those Who Already Calibrated Earlier

What are Dota 2 Medals?

Since 22 November 2017, Valve has changed the MMR system. Now other than MMR, you get a medal depending upon your recent solo and party MMRs. Each medal has 5 different ladder steps called stars. Progress in your medal and star is represented by a % below that medal. If it is not showing the % that means you have reached so low that you need to regain the MMR you lost to that %. Once you gain more MMR, you gain more stars and next medal.

So now your 1 medal and the different number of stars on it that show your highest attained MMR in that badge. Also, once attained, your medal and star cannot drop from that level. Now interesting thing is that now both your MMRs (Party and Solo) make the medal. So you might have less solo MMR but might have better Medal just because of your party rank. So, now, no match is insignificant.

Here are some interesting facts about different Dota 2 medals.

This table below shows different MMRs and their respective medals. (Updated on 30th January 2019)









Herald 1 0 Crusader 1 1680 Legend 1 3360 Divine 1 5040
Herald 2 120 Crusader 2 1800 Legend 2 3480 Divine 2 5160
Herald 3 240 Crusader 3 1920 Legend 3 3600 Divine 3 5280
Herald 4 360 Crusader 4 2040 Legend 4 3720 Divine 4 5400
Herald 5 480 Crusader 5 2160 Legend 5 3840 Divine 5 5520
Herald 6 600 Crusader 6 2280 Legend 6 3960 Divine 6 5640
Herald 7 720 Crusader 7 2400 Legend 7 4080 Divine 7 5760
Guardian 1 840 Archon 1 2520 Ancient 1 4200 Immortal 5880+
Guardian 2 960 Archon 2 2640 Ancient 2 4320
Guardian 3 1080 Archon 3 2760 Ancient 3 4440
Guardian 4 1200 Archon 4 2880 Ancient 4 4560
Guardian 5 1320 Archon 5 3000 Ancient 5 4680
Guardian 6 1440 Archon 6 3120 Ancient 6 4800
Guardian 7 1560 Archon 7 3240 Ancient 7 4920

How does MMR Recalibration work?

People kept thinking that recalibration still works the old way like you need to have a good KDA and stats and winning and losing does not matter. But this was changed since the inception of the medal system. Now if you have calibrated your MMR once, next whenever you re-calibrate, it will only depend on winning or losing. If you win, your MMR goes up, if you lose, your MMR goes down. There have been examples of people dropping to Guardian rank from Ancient. Because they lost all the matches.


MMR Increase / Decrease per game in Recalibration

In the latest season of ranked matches ( started since 29 January 2019) different experiments have shown some interesting information. If you are using Dota plus; you’ll get +25 for a win and -25 for a loss. However, if you are not using Dota plus and playing normally, you will get +75 for a win and -75 for a loss. Your previous MMR will be taken as a guide and you can get a total of 750 MMR for all wins and lose 750 MMR for all loses.

How Can I Check My MMR if I am not Yet Calibrated?

So if your MMR is not yet calibrated, you can get a fair idea of your MMR when you play solo in pub games. If all of your solo games are in normal skill bracket, then you are below 3000 MMR. And if mostly your games are in normal skill and some are in high skill bracket, then it means your MMR is around 3300.

If games are consistently in high skill bracket, then it means that your MMR is above 3300 but less than 4000. But If your solo games are constantly in very high Skill bracket then your MMR is above 4000. People have been conducting experiments and they concluded that with best KDA and best stats, they managed to get calibrated MMR around 4600. But till now I have not seen any post on the internet where someone has calibrated more than 4600 in new MMR system.

How to Increase MMR After You’ve Calibrated?

In the case of MMR, you can only increase your score with wins that can give you 5-50 points of MMR in one match depending upon the difference in the team’s MMRs.

Random Facts About Dota 2 MMR

Here I would like to refer to you a Reddit post where the writer compiled a list of random facts about Dota 2 MMR. If you don’t want to leave this page, you can read those here as well.

reddit post - calibration mmr

Tragic Human deaths caused by Dota 2

Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most played and a trend setting video game with players from almost all the countries. It is one of the games which can literally make someone millionaire in just 1 week (Like Team EG members) and metaphorically can also make a millionaire, homeless (Bets). As per careful estimation, almost 300,000+ people are earning their bread and butter from Dota 2 as a full time job. You can check this article for more detail if you want to know How to make money with Dota 2. But there are some people who have taken this game way too seriously and caused some serious damage. Out of which, we have compiled a list of Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2.

Reportedly, at least 5 human deaths caused by Dota 2 till to date. Brief description of each tragic incident is given below.

Russian Gamer Died After Playing Dota 2 for 22 Hours

A 17 years old Russian teenager from Bashkorotostan died after playing Dota 2 consecutively for 22 without taking any rest. He started playing Dota 2 on night 30 August 2015 and kept playing this game continuously for almost 22 hours till next day. Because of no rest, his major organs failed and he lost consciousness. He was rushed to hospital but he did not survive.

In total since 2014 he spent more than two thousand hours playing Dota 2.” the press service of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Republic stated. Source

Teenager Stabbed his Friend for Kill Stealing

August 12, 2014 around 2:00pm, a 15 year old Filipino boy was stabbed to death by one of his friend in Olongapo (Located in Zambales Province). The police identified the suspect as Carlos Gloria, 16 year old and a student, While his victim was a 15 year old student named Cris Lester Ocampo.

We were playing DOTA 2. I told him that was not his last hit with SF (Shadow Fiend most probably), but he still killed. Then I slapped him. Then suddenly he punched me in the neck so I took my pen from my bag and I struck his neck. – translated“, the suspect told police during investigation.

The police also found out that the suspect had become touchy due to trash talking of the victim earlier when they were playing. Source

Kid Commits Suicide After Getting Penalized in Dota 2

Reported on 13 Aug 2014, a 15 year old Pinoy kid from Taft Avenue, Manila, named Jayson Chua found dead in street at 11:43 midnight. Neighbors said that they heared the boy yelling “F*cking Low Priority, F*cking dota 2, F*cking internet connection” Before they heared noises outside their window. The kid jumped from a 5 story building where he lived. The QCPD declared that the kid is dead on the spot and they started further investigations. Source

Pinoy Dota 2 gamer Kills his Grand Mother for disturbing during game

A 17-year-old Filipino beat his own grandmother to death in Quezon City, Philippines after she interrupted his Dota game and scolded him.

The boy told police that he could not remember how actually this thing happened. He had blacked out during the attack and when he re-gained his senses, he found himself cleaning up evidence of the incident. After this, he went to his aunt at about 10:00 P.M. to tell her what had happened. Aunt and teenager returned to his home together, after which she called the police.

Police found his grandma’s dead body at the scene with wounds to her head, neck and chest, with additional defensive wounds on her arms. Bloodstained ceramic pieces, most likely a vase, was found in a trash can in the house’s front yard. Moreover, some washing material was found next to the grandmother’s body which was presumably used to clean up the house.

Apparently the teenager came from a broken home and was raised solely by his grandmother. He was later turned over to social workers in the Philippines. Source

Boy killed his Friend for Hacking his Dota 2 Account

A 16 year old boy killed an 11 year old boy for hacking his Dota 2 Account in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect took victim to a construction site where he initially beat the victim. Suspect slammed victim’s head on wall repeatedly and then stabbed him over 40 times (Thats a lot of rage ).  ABS-CBN news conducted an interview with the mother of the victim, during which she said that her son (dead body) was unrecognizable after the incident.

Philippine National Police issued a statement to ABS-CBN news stating that they received information about the probable cause of the incident, the victim allegedly hacked the Dota 2 account of the suspect. Source

Earn Real Money with Dota 2

9 Methods to Earn Real Money with Dota 2 With Pros and Cons

Updated on 24 January 2019

Most of the times we are not allowed to choose gaming as a profession for the sole reason that we can not earn money with it. However, we have made a list of all the methods with which you can Earn Real Money with Dota 2.

1. Organize Dota 2 Tournament

By organizing tournaments, you can earn real money with Dota 2 depending upon how successful your tournament is. However, you’ll have to get it approved by steam if you want your ticket to appearing in Dota 2 store. You can earn via entry fee and also by sale of tickets in Dota 2 store.

  • If you are well known in a community and can gather good amounts of teams and have a good organizational setup, you can earn really good money in just 7-10 days.
  • If you are new in this thing, it can take you lots of time to get your self recognized in the Dota 2 community. Moreover, it requires quite some time, dedication, experience and above all a good organizational team to complete a tournament successfully.

2. Earn from Dota 2 Workshop

You can make cosmetic items if you have requisite skills in 3D softwares. You can then submit those to steam to be released by them officially. Once your items are available for sale, you’ll start earning money. That money is transferred directly to your bank.

  • If you are good in 3D software and have some sound imagination, you can really rock and earn almost $15,000 per year from Dota 2 workshop items.

  • Valve gives you a 25 % share. that means if your item is sold for 10$, you will get 2.5 % for it. So if you sold 100 items, the total amount will be 1000$ and you will get 250$. But when getting this money out to your bank, you will have to pay an additional 30% tax. So out of $250, you’ll get $175 in your account. So, for sale of an item for $1000, you get 175$, Valve gets 750$ and US govt gets $75. Now, it is totally up to you what and how much you want to earn. Most of the times, it is you who has to advertise that item too to get it in-game and to get more sales. Valve/steam only promotes if you make some extremely high-end product. For rest of the items, it is you who has to promote product your self.
  • Once your items are sold in steam community market, you don’t get any margin out of it. So, it means, you’ll get paid for your hard work just for once and that too small share.

3. Sell Dota 2 Cosmetic Items for Real Money

There are many Dota 2 gamers who don’t have a credit card or Paypal facilities, but still, they want to equip their heroes with awesome skins and cosmetic items. So they ask to pay money by meeting up or by local money transfer methods. If you have enough amount of Dota 2 cosmetic items, you can sell it to those who are looking to buy it with real money.

  • You don’t have to spend a big amount, you can start low and then go on.

  • Almost 1 year ago, once you used to get items drops which were marketable and trade-able, you could sell those in steam community market or to someone who was willing to buy it from you personally to earn some steam wallet or real money. But now that option is over. But now, 1st of all, item drop rate has reduced many folds. Secondly, you get items which are not trade-able, not marketable and can only be gifted once. So if you get trash items, you can only give them away or delete it. Almost no use of it.
  • Getting trade-able items for free dream is almost over. You can only get such items via betting. See the next option.
  • Many chances of scam are possible from both the buyer and seller sides. However, you can use LootMarket to sell your items and then get the real cash to your online money accounts.

4. Betting on Dota 2 Pro Matches

You can bet on different Dota 2 betting sites etc and if you win, you will get items other than your own. However, if you lose, you will definitely lose your items too. So this is like a double edge sword. You can either win lots of items, or you can lose really easily. I suggest that you should only bet if you are totally into Dota 2 pro scenes and know all the stuff going on and you don’t skip even 1 match. We have carried out a detailed review of Dota 2 Betting sites. Must have a look at it.

  • You can win lots of good items if you know about Dota 2 Pro team’s performance history.

  • You’ll need a little investment of items to decently with bets.
  • There are also great chances of losing your bet and hence your items investment. So, whatever you do, play and plan carefully.

5. Win Dota 2 Tournaments

If you have got a good team with great gameplay, then you should start participating in Dota 2 Pro and Premium tournaments where sometimes prizes are in 6 digits. However, you can only get to that amount if you and your teammates are really good. This is the best and most paying method to earn real money with Dota 2.

  • The easiest way to become a millionaire. Once you win a major tournament, there are many many chances that you will clean sweep in small tournaments.

  • You can not start alone in this. You need to have a great team and team play.
  • Your game must be awesome so you can actually beat the legends.
  • If you are mediocre in game, then there is almost no chance of earning big, however, you can still participate in Amateur tournaments and win the different amount of prizes.

6. Develop Custom Games for Dota 2

Recently valve added some cash making opportunities for custom game developers. They have started a pass system. Once people purchase a pass, they get extra benefits in that specific custom game. More like League of Legends where you pay money to get awesome heroes and then dominate the game even with low skills. But thankfully it is only for some custom games. Here is what Official Dota 2 Blog said about it.

Custom Games Passes will be limited to a small number of high-quality games that have established themselves in the community. Purchasing a pass directly supports the creators of the custom game as well as granting you extra features for that game. All custom games will remain free to download and play.

  • If you know to code and especially Dota 2 related coding and you have some awesome ideas for a custom game, you can develop a custom game, make it so awesome that it gets to the top and then you can start earning real money once steam releases a pass for your game.

  • You can not use this money making method if you don’t know to code.
  • Your game must be fun to play and absolutely bug-free if you want to develop a good fan base.
  • You must have advertising skills or advertising budget to promote your custom game to get more fans and players to climb the ladder of success.

7. Earn by Live Streaming Dota 2 Gameplay

You can live stream your game on Twitch TV or other live streaming platform and if your fans/viewers like your stream they will donate money to you. If you are a girl, you can easily earn money by showing your cleavage and desperate gamers/viewers will donate money to you, almost no one cares about your game if u are a girl. However, if you are a male, you must be extremely entertaining with a great game to go for this option.

  • You can earn money while having fun playing Dota 2. Once you become famous, you can earn good amount of money.

  • This method can not make you a millionaire in a night. Most of the top streamers earn up to $100-$150 per stream on peak days. But still, there are some who earn some real amount of cash just from Live Streaming Dota 2 games.
  • If your game is normal and you are not that much entertaining, then there is almost no use of streaming your game live, as there are very fewer chances that people will watch your game.

Earn Real Money with Dota 2

8. Cast in Dota 2 Tournaments

You can not only earn money by organizing and winning Dota 2 Tournaments but rather you can also earn some money by casting it to some audience. Usually, tournament organizers need someone to commentate the in-game happenings to their viewers so they know what’s going on in game. Pro tournament pays quite some handsome money to casters.

  • Have fun watching the game and earn money for commenting on it.

  • Same problems as in live streaming, you need to be entertaining and your analysis must be up to date and great.
  • You cannot be hired directly by top tier tournament organizers, you must be someone in casting scene before you can hope that you’ll e hired. However, you can start from a small tournament, learn the art of casting Dota 2 tournament and then climb your ladder up to success as you gain experience.

9. Scam

You must not be expecting that I’ll add this method in this guide. But I wanted to show you ALL the means by which you can earn money either good ways or bad ones. So you can scam people for their account, you can hack their accounts to steal items and then sell those in the market to earn cash.

  • You don’t need any investment for this, you can start with almost nothing and go on.

  • You can not go on with this method for long. Almost all the scamming ways are closed by Steam. However, still, there are greedy and dumb gamers around who are like eager to be scammed. But this method is extremely time-consuming with almost no outcome.
  • Once you are caught scamming, you’ll be labeled and banned by Steam and also by SteamRep and you won’t be allowed to trade or sometimes even communicate with other gamers. So, simply you’ll lose it after 1 or 2 successful scams. My Suggestion, DO NOT DO IT

I guess you must be thinking now that those days are gone when your Mom used to say that you can not earn real money with Dota 2, so get off your computer and study. Tell us in comments below how you are making money with Dota 2 if you are making any. Suggestions and positive criticism are always welcome.

10 Types of Dota-2 Gamers on SEA server - Dota International

10 Types of Dota 2 Gamers you’ll Find on SEA Server

Updated on 22 January 2019

I have written this post about Dota 2 gamers completely basing on my personal experiences of 3k MMR bracket. Now I am in 4.1k but still, sometimes I encounter such players who give me feeler that I am still playing in >3k MMR bracket. You have all the rights to differ from my opinion.

English is not good enough? Well, you are not reading a lecture on English literature, its a post about a game. So bear with any errors found. 

1. CopyCats:

Quite often you will find this type of breed playing Dota 2 in SEA server. These type of players watch Dota 2 pro players playing on their Dota 2 Streams or Youtube videos. Then they implement same meta and tactics in SEA pubs. But unlike pro players, they don’t have the required skills and that much good teammates. As a result, they spoil the whole game.
Example: Medusa making Phase Boots, MoM, and Divine Rapier. Then handing over Divine Rapier to enemy Ember Spirit after a team fight. You can well imagine the results. This was the video which he watched and tried to follow and failed miserably. -_-

2. False Leaders :

You will find this type of Dota 2 gamers ordering everyone in the game. Most of the time the thing which they say is the better option but NO one listens to them because they were annoying for the whole game. Then out of sheer frustration, they start flaming and spoil the game. Quite often they end up getting few reports from the team as well.

3. Those you Fuc**d Your Mom Last Night :

Once you get into argument with someone during the game and these arguments turn to an abusive fight. Many mature players just stop talking and concentrate on the game. But still, there are many who tell you that “they fuc**d your mom last night“. Open mic is also a distinct sign of these type of players. For the whole game, you will keep hearing some random shit or his mom yelling at him.

According to my experience, they are kids who are not more than 10 years old. But they always talk like they taught Na’Vi Dendi how to play Dota 2. Best way to deal with them is to mute them. You can argue with someone logical, but you can argue with a kid.  Nope, Never…

Pinoy Kids Playing Dota 2 in Flooded Cafe - Dota 2 gamers

4. Retard Supports :

These type of support players are quite common on the SEA server. Most common pick of these type of players is Dazzle and Omni Knight. You get relaxed that your team has 4 carries but at least 1 support. But later on, you get shocked to see his items build because he is playing carry. When you ask him why are you doing this, then his reply is coz all carries failed and I had to farm to carry this game my self.

5. Regular Players:

They are not so regular players after all. Ever wondered whenever you see a screenshot of a game in SEA server at 0-3000 MMR, 80% of the time you see 9 carries out of total 10 heroes. So these 9 carry pickers are regular players of SEA servers.

6. Stupid Random-ers :

These type of Dota 2 gamers are quite low in numbers but still there. These players like to random in Ranked matches (or sometimes in normal matches). Then once they don’t get the hero of their choice, they ask for a swap. Once no one swaps with them, they start flaming whole team and some even start feeding on a plea that his team is stupid and don’t cooperate. On the other hand, it was he himself who acted like a retard. There is no solution to avoid such players except reporting them (huh… as it makes any difference)

7. Smurf-ers :

Those with good skills, but they are smurfing or boosting someone’s MMR. Their skills are remarkable and game sense is awesome. But these guys actually take out all the fun from 3k MMR SEA games. Because it is fun when all 10 players are stupid, senseless, and/or noobs. These smurfers make games 1 sided and then win. There is almost nothing you can do to beat him. However, you can flame them to lower their morale and then win the game if somehow you win a decent gank.*troll*

8. Those who Beat Dendi in 1v1 :

They can kill you easily by giving you brain cancer. To do this, they don’t need to show their gameplay, their English is enough. Gameplay and skills are out of question for such players because they don’t even know the meaning of these words.

Those who beat Dendi in 1v1 - Dota 2 gamers

9. Die-hard MMR Boosters :

I really pity such Dota 2 gamers, these are the ones who try extremely hard to improve their MMR. But most of the times they get teammates from above-mentioned categories and they lose the game. Sometimes they start at 2800 MMR and after a week their MMR stands 2200. 

I personally feel that 3k MMR on SEA server is the deepest point on earth. You can not simply get out of it until you try extremely hard and also improve your skills and game sense.

MMR Diehards -Dota 2 gamers

10. Awesome players :

Many of SEA Dota 2 gamers will say that such players don’t exist at all. But in my personal experience, they exist but are rarer than Uranium on this planet. These players ask you nicely to get wards / supporting items if you are playing support and if you are playing carry they support you with everything they got. After every 100 games played on SEA server, you may get 1 such player in a game. Even if you do some fuck up, they don’t get mad like normal SEA players, they will simply encourage you to put in your best efforts. Their great attitude compensates any deficiencies in their gameplay.

They actually earn commends from you by their gameplay and attitude. These are the players who give you hopes, keep you motivate you to continue playing Dota 2.

Do let me know if I missed some great category in comments below.

Rylai's Quest - A Dota 2 Story by Dota International

Rylai’s Quest – A Dota 2 Story by Dota International

Hello guys and welcome to my 2nd Dota 2 Story. If you guys want to read my first Dota 2 Story, Here is it. Fighters of Light – Dota 2 Story

So, this one is going to be a long story, I have divided it in few parts. You can read 1st part below. I am now working on next parts of this story. In mean while, please give me your suggestions and positive criticism to improve my stories more.

Part 1 – Rylai’s Quest – A Dota 2 Story

Rylai (Crystal Maiden) was standing besides Kunka‘s Bed. Tears were flowing from her cold eyes. She stopped her father Kunka when he was going to hunt the Shadow Fiend, the fiend that had terrorized his whole country for many decades. It was Dazzle who made sure that Kunka returns home alive. But his wounds were beyond any treatment.

Door opened and Witch Doctor entered the room. He checked Kunka‘s condition and came to Rylai.

Witch Doctor : I am afraid he may not survive his wounds. Even our Healing Fountain is empty now. There is nothing we can do to save him now.

Rylai : (Started crying uncontrollably) How is that even possible ? There must be something we could do.

Witch Doctor : (Thinking hard) Actually there is one way to save him. But that is so dangerous that I must not suggest it.

Rylai : (Eyes sparkled with hope) I don’t care about any danger, just tell me what it is ?

Witch Doctor : I’ve heard that in northern plains lives a creature named Roshan. He has a relic that makes you immortal. If you infuse it with someone’s body, he can not die and all the curses are removed. Roshan does not know the spells to use that relic, but I do.

Rylai : Okay done now. I am going to get that relic at any cost.

With Doctor : Wait, I must tell you that mightiest of warriors have gone to claim that aegis and they were never seen again. People claim their bones are still rotting in Roshan’s pit. That is extremely dangerous for you.

Rylai : Doctor, you know my father is an Admiral in this country, he trained me so well that I can take Roshan alone.

With Doctor : Do you even know the way to Roshan Pit ?

Rylai : Nope, I don’t, that is what you are going to tell me.

Witch Doctor : Listen my baby, you have to pass the frozen wasteland, Burning plains and Jungles of Astafar to reach Roshan‘s pit. Even if you succeed, still you will fail because Roshan is the mightiest creature living on this planet and you can not kill it.

Rylai : Then get ready to write some history Doctor. I am going there and will kill it. I will bring back the Relic of Immortality. Fathers do so much for their daughters, this is least I can do for my father.

Rylai went to her room to pack for the upcoming journey. Witch Doctor’s comments about Roshan kept bothering her for whole night, but she was firm to claim the Relic of Immortality even if she has to sacrifice herself.

In the morning, she was sitting with Witch Doctor to learn more about Roshan and about the journey to Roshan’s pit. Yurnero(Juggernaut) entered the room. “Hows your father feeling now my love ?Yunero asked. “He is not fine, I am going to kill Roshan and get the Relic of Immortality for my father“, said Rylai.

Yunero started laughing hysterically when he listened that Rylai is going to hunt Roshan.

Rylai : (Bursting with anger) What is wrong with you ?

Yunero : Just tell me that you are kidding…

Rylai : (Fastening her hands at her chest) : I have never been so serious my whole life.

Yunero : (Getting serious) Lets suppose for a moment that you are going to Roshan’s pit, which I am sure you can not, then how are you going to kill it ? Are you going to kill it with your snow balls ? Rylai, you… you can not be serious.

Rylai : Yunero, I dont know how I am going to do it, but I will. I don’t care if Roshan kills me. But this way my last thought will be that I at least tried to save my father.

Yunero : You know Rylai, I always told you that I will always be with you no matter what happens. So if you are planning to die, then lets die together, I am going with you !!!

Rylai : No you cant, I can not allow you to get hurt for me. This is my dad, my mission and I am going to do it alone.

Yunero : My life has no meaning without you Rylai, I lived with highest honor and I want to die with same honor.

Rylai : (with notorious smile on her face) Well, lets suppose I take you along, how is that going to help me ?

Yunero : (Wrapping his arms around Rylai) Sweetheart they call me Juggernaut for a reason. I am the most skilled Samurai Warrior on this land.

Rylai : (Resting her head on Yunero‘s Chest) Don’t take it on you heart baby I am just kidding.

With Doctor came near them and said “Once you guys finalize anything, let me know I am going out side to search for some more herbs.”

Juggernaut went to his room to pack his weapons and rations for the journey. He put Abysal Blade in his left sheath and Butterfly Sword in right sheath. Assault Cuirass fit like a charm on Yunero‘s athletic body. He was tying laces of his Boots of Travel when Rylai entered his room.

Are you ready Yunero ?Rylai asked.

Yup, I am.” replied Yunero.

Lets go then, said Rylai.

Wait for me“, shouted Witch Doctor.

They stepped at the door.

I can keep him alive with my Voodoo magic for some time, but remember you guys don’t have that much time. You must try to get back as soon as possible. If you feel that Roshan is too dangerous, don’t take the fight. Its not wise to kill 2 young people to save 1 old man and take this Yunero, it will help you in times of need.

What is this Doctor ?” Asked Yunero.

I did some magic on this candle, if you light it up, it will heal your deepest of wounds. But remember, you must use it in extreme need. Yunero took that Healing Ward from Witch Doctor and they both left the palace and started their journey towards Roshan’s Pit.

People were waving their hands to see of the most loved princess of all time. Everyone was praying for their safety and success. Everyone was hoping to see them again…

To be Continued …

Next Dota 2 Story – Rylai’s Quest for Jungles of Astafar 

Dota 2 Story - Fighters of Light

Fighters of Light – Dota 2 Story

Fighters of Light – A Dota 2 Story

I have started writing Fan Fiction about Dota 2 at Dota International. These stories are based on usual happenings of Dota 2 game but we assumed that Dota 2 is not a game rather it’s a real world existing in a parallel universe.

It is my first ever Dota 2 story and I plan to write many, so please avoid stupid comments. I welcome any positive + constructive criticism and suggestion. Even if you like it or not, please leave a comment below, it will surely encourage / help me to write some more fun for you.

If you think of any story plot, do let me know by contacting me at Contact Us

Fighters of Light


Radiant = Sven + Omni Knight + Magnus + Vengeful Spirit + Sky Wrath Mage

Dire = Shadow Fiend + Sand King + Bounty Hunter + Night Stalker + Drow Ranger

It was all darker than usual and Sven was pushing back Mega Creeps in middle lane. He knew that it was the Night Stalker who blocked the sun causing artificial night. “Man he is really good at this, I can’t even see my own feet”, Sven thought. He thought he saw bounty hunter around him but he just vanished into thin air. His 6th sense warned him that something is not right. He starting running back to base, to get help from his friends.

Shadow Fiend was walking right beside Sven using his Shadow Blade, he got 2 steps ahead of Sven and released all the unfortunate souls that he captured during time, dealing huge amount of damage to Sven, the last hope of Radiant. He was about to die when he received a refreshing light from heavens which healed his soul. Suddenly the ground beneath him started to tremble and then everything went blurry because of massive Sand Storm. It was the Sand Kind who blinked in the fight with his Epicenter followed by creating a massive Sand Storm. But it could not hurt Sven as his Black King’s Bar came to rescue, making immune to magic for sometime. He let out a loud Warcry started to run to his base with more speed to save him from this deadly ambush.

Far away from Sven, near Radiant’s Ancient, Magnus was standing. He was waiting for Dire to assemble at a point. He knew that next battle will be the last one and his Shocking Stump on ground can really turn the tables by producing Reverse Polarity. But he did not want to waste it on just Sand King and Shadow Fiend. So he kept waiting for the fight to grow.

Meanwhile, Omni knight was trying his best to keep Sven alive. As soon as his Black King Bar’s Magic Immunity finished, he wrapped Sven with Repelling Shield making him immune to further magic damage. Sven kept retreating towards his base.

Dire started following him desperately. They knew, once Sven is dead, there is no one to save Radiant Base. But they made that special critical mistake for which Magnus was waiting. While following Sven they all gathered near fallen tier 3 mid tower of Radiant. This was when Magnus blinked in and stunned them all by smashing in ground causing Reverse Polarity.

It was a golden chance for Sven and he did not want to miss this. He called for God’s Strength, and went back in the fight swinging his massive sword damaging all Dire heroes simultaneously. He felt that they are going to lose the shocking stun of Reverse Polarity. This is when he threw his Storm Bolt to keep them stunned for a few more seconds.

His massive sword ripped throw Dire heroes’ body. Drow Ranger and Bounty Hunter were the first heroes to fall then was Sand King. Shadow Fiend was more healthier than Sven imagined. But he was at a point in fight from where there was no turning back. This time was enough for Sven to observe the weakness of remaining Dire heroes. Using Daedalus he delivered one critical blow and whole dire team was sent back to hell, from where they came.

After this Rampage of Dire heroes, when he came back to Radiant’s healing fountain, he saw Vengeful Spirit and Sky Wrath Mage. He asked them where they have been the whole fight. They kept quiet and fixed their gaze towards ground. Sven saw Vengeful blushing and then turning around.

He had his speculations about their relationship, but now things became more clear. He did not want to lose their ancient while depending upon supid Romeo and Juliet. So he thought of dealing with this matter all by himself.  After taking a short bath in healing fountain, he purchased boot of travels, packed his weapons and started his journey to north, towards Dire’s Ancient.

Omni Knight : Where the hell do you think you are going ?

Sven : They are all dead, I can take their base now, there is no one to stop me.

Omni Knight : I guess you are forgetting that Shadow Fiend and Bounty Hunter can buy their lives back with the gold they have.

Sven : I can take them both alone.

Omni Knight: Nope, not with our God’s Strength. You should not go alone at this point. I am going with you. Because if you are dead, rest of us will not be able to stop Dire’s next invasion.

Omni Knight also purchased Boots of Travels and started his journey along with Sven and travelled hundrads of miles in just few seconds. It just felt like they Teleported to that location.

Vengeful Spirit and Sky Wrath Mage were too embarrassed to go with Sven, so they took the longest route, the east Route (Bottom Lane). Magnus decided to stay back to defend the base against Mega Creeps coming from mid lane.

Sven and Omni Knight destroyed Dire’s top tier 3 tower and instead of destroying creep’s Barracks, they went straight for Dire’s tier 4 towers when Sven saw Shadow Fiend running towards him to save their ancient. But there was no stopping Sven with the number of weapons he was carrying. Shadow Fiend himself was quite frightened to face Sven alone and so was Bounty Hunter. So they helplessly watched Sven destroying their towers in front of their eyes.

Well, they knew if they lost ancient, everything will be over. Shadow Fiend attacked Sven in a hope to scare him away, but Sven was not ready to be distracted, he knew he could trust Omni Knight with his life because he was the one who died many times while keeping him alive.

He kept hitting Dire’s Ancient with his massive sword. This is when Shadow Fiend decided to fight Sven face to face, no matter what happens to him. Omni knight did not want to take any risk, so he started praying to God and called for Guardian Angels to save them both from Shadow Fiend so they could win this endless battle once and for all. Shadow Fiend wanted to use Glyph of Fortification to save the desperate situation, but it was not ready yet.

And with a blast, Dire’s ancient burnt to ashes. Light prevailed and Darkness just vanished away. They thanked God for his Strength and for sending his Guardian angels to help Sven and Omni Knight, the 2 Fighters of Light.

The End