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Dota 2 Calibration MMR – A Detailed Guide

Calibration MMR in Dota 2 Detailed Guide
Updated on 14 February 2020

Before we start this detailed and long article about Dota 2 Calibration MMR, let me tell you that it took me almost 15 days to conduct research, analyze data available over the internet, carry out some tests and then write this article in the easiest language. So even if there are some mistakes, I’ll request you to ignore it. However, if you find any factual mistake, please tell me in the comments below, so I can fix it.

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet about Dota 2 MMR and how to get high calibrating MMR. Valve has never revealed anything about how Dota 2 MMR actually works. However, they just gave some hints and cleared a few doubts in their official post. But there are 2 problems with this official post.

  1. That article is more than 7 years old and is never updated.
  2. It does not have complete information about the mechanics of MMR.

I have searched the internet quite some time ago and wrote this guide “How Dota 2 MMR Works“. It can answer lots of questions but still, I feel that it is not complete. Before we proceed any further, please read it once so you have a fair idea of what is Dota 2 MMR and how it actually works and all other important details which you need to know about it.

What is the Difference Between Calibration and Recalibration?

Once you make a new account, play the required amount of games and calibrate for the very first time, we’ll call it calibration. However, if you have an old account and earlier you calibrated at least once, your next calibration will be called recalibration.

If you have a new account or are calibrating for the first time, read the section below. If you are looking for recalibration, skip this section and go to the next section for recalibration.


Calibration for New Accounts / Uncalibrated Players

The following terms will be used frequently in the article below, so it is better if you familiarize yourself with them.

What is Dota 2 Calibration MMR?

After playing 10 calibrating Dota 2 games, you can see your MMR for the first time on your profile. That MMR is known as Dota 2 Calibration MMR.

What is KDA and How to Calculate it?

Kill-Death-Assists ratio. Here is the formula to calculate your KDA. (Kills + Assists) / Deaths. So that means if your score is 20 kills, 2 deaths, and 10 assists, your KDA will be 15 which is pretty impressive.

KDA (Kill-Death-Assists ratio) only comes into play when we are talking about calibrating MMR or starting MMR, either support or core. But if your MMR is already calibrated, then KDA does not play any role towards your MMR. It is just your win or loss then which decides whether you will earn Dota 2 MMR points or you will lose it.

Factors Which are Considered for Calibration MMR

There is no official statement form Dota 2 / valve’s side how they calculate Dota 2 MMR. However, over time people carried out lots of experiments and finally, it was deduced that the following points are considered for sure when calculating the very first calibration MMR. You must also know that all points do not carry the same weight. Some points contribute more (KDA, Damage, etc) and some points contribute less (Last hits, wards placed, etc).

  • KDA
  • Last hits / denies
  • Match length
  • Damage to tower
  • Damage to enemy heroes
  • Healing
  • Buff / De-buffs placed on enemy/ally heroes
  • Clicks do you do per minute (by clicking on the ground)
  • Courier purchase / upgrade
  • Wards placed
  • Neutral staking

The major factor is KDA and all other factors are minor, but they still affect your Calibration MMR.


Factors Which are NOT Considered for Calibration MMR

Factors mentioned below are NEVER considered while calculating your MMR. Don’t believe even if someone says it does. The reason is that these factors don’t have any impact on your game/gameplay.

  • Steam Level
  • Dota 2 Level
  • Compendium Level
  • Total Hours spent playing Dota 2
  • In-game Items
  • Cosmetic Items

Dota 2 Calibration MMR as Core

So, what are Carries? let’s see what Dota 2 wiki says.

Cores are the heroes that can obtain the greatest offensive power as the game progresses to eventually bear the responsibility for ultimate victory. Once carries get substantial levels and items, they tend to become extremely powerful later in the game as compared to other heroes. They are expected to have the highest number of hero kills on the team.

So what is their use in the late game? They can kill enemies and destroy enemy buildings to ultimately win the game or at least TRY to win the game. So how Dota 2 system can judge whether you played your carry good or bad? There are some factors which are:-

  • KDA
  • Last Hits / Denies
  • Damage to tower
  • Damage to enemy heroes

Once you have got good KDA, its obvious that you have taken care of the rest of the 3 factors, i.e., Hero Damage Done, Tower Damage Done and Gold Earned/spent.

Now the question comes, what is a good KDA for a carry? The high number of kills, Low number of deaths. Assists do not matter a lot for carries.

So if you want your initial calibration MMR to be good, go for those heroes which can have high KDA like Spectre, Medusa, Ember Spirit, Ursa, Huskar etc…

But don’t keep farming for the whole game, the game may not last that much longer for you to show your potential. Participate in max team fights and inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible. Even if you are loosing, still don’t lose hope and keep trying. Once the game ends, you may have dealt max damage in your team and in your next game you may rise a step in your calibration MMR ladder. Because damage dealt to the heroes and towers matters a lot.

You may like to read How to Reset Dota 2 MMR


Dota 2 Calibration MMR as Support

Let’s refer to Dota 2 gamepedia about the Support role. It says…

Supports can focus less on amassing gold and items, and more on using their abilities to gain an advantage for the team. These are the heroes whose purpose is to keep their allies alive and give them opportunities to earn more gold and experience. They are not very dependent on items, and generally only purchase one or two items for their personal usage – the rest of their gold is to be spent on items for the benefit of the team such as Animal Courier, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, and Smoke of Deceit. They should always try to forfeit kills to any teammate who is more reliant on items than they are, only performing a kill if none of their allies is able to do it

Clear now? So we can simply say, supports created are FOR carries. They don’t have any purpose in the game other than helping their carries to reach their max potential as fast as possible. For that matter you keep them alive with your abilities and items, you ward / de-ward map to save them from likely ambushes, you stack neutrals for them to farm fast and get them as much kills as possible.

It should be obvious how Valve can judge how good you were as support. Still, for your information, the following points are considered while calculating calibration MMR for supports.

  • KDA
  • Last hits / denies
  • Match length
  • Healing
  • Buff / De-buffs placed on enemy/ally heroes
  • Courier purchase / upgrade
  • Wards placed
  • Neutral staking

You may say, WTF dude, support is also dependent on KDA? Yes, they are. But support’s good KDA will be a bit different from carries. More assists they’ll have, more KDA they will get.

One major point to note, whether you are plying carry or support, always try to have minimum possible deaths. This will automatically increase your KDA. Check out this experiment.

How Teams are Made When Finding a Match?

After the system calculates and knows your MMR, it attempts to balance the game while looking for players with the same MMR as of you or something close to it. The more people on your level are looking for matches that time, more likely to find a balanced match, the fewer people on your MMR level are looking for a match, you will have more chances to play with people above or below your level.

Let me explain. Imagine a player who has calibrated MMR of 3500.

Option 1 ( Which the system will first look )

– The system will search for the players who are very close to 3500 such as 3550, 3450. If there are 9 players in the queue with that score bracket, the match will be created immediately. That would be the ideal match. But in case the system can not find players with desired MMR, it will increase the MMR search radius to avoid taking too much time to find a match.

Option 2 ( Who the system will seek second )

– Players with different scores, but close. In the case of 3500, a player of 3725 or 3250. Note that this MMR  varies more than option 1, but still is close to 3500. If nevertheless, the system does not find the other 9 players in this MMR bracket too, it will further increase the MMR search radius.

Option 3 ( Last Option )

– Players with a lot of differences in their MMR. In the case of 3500, any player of 4550 or a player in 2500. And this procedure goes on. The system keeps giving “infinite” options to find the other 9 players.

How Can I Keep Track of All my Stats?

You can keep track of your own stats and MMR by going to Profile > Stats. However, in my opinion, the best way is to make an account on DotaBuff. It provides detailed stats about your account, unlike the normal in-game stats which in my opinion are just simple crap. DotaBuff is a dedicated site that records your stats and details. You can find almost all types of stats related to your account there.

What Are the Skill Brackets?

Once you visit DotaBuff or DotaMax, you can see your skill brackets under your match detail. They are like categories that these sites show to rate the skill level of matches. In order to know in which category we play we need to enable the option to expose data to outside matches in the DOTA 2 options, and then open any of these sites, make an account and then give it some time to gather your data.

Currently, there are 3 levels. The exact distribution of each bracket is still unknown, but based on data available on DotaBuff and Dota Max, here is how skill brackets are defined.

Normal Skill Bracket – Once MMR (Visible or Hidden) of players is around 3200 or less, they will be playing in Normal Skill Brackets.

High Skill Bracket – If the MMR (Visible or Hidden) of the players reach a score between 3201 and 4000, they will be playing in High Skill Brackets.

Very High Skill Bracket – If the average score of the players exceeds 4000 the match will be counted as Very High Skill Bracket.


MMR ReCalibration for Old Accounts / Those Who Already Calibrated Earlier

What are Dota 2 Medals?

Since 22 November 2017, Valve has changed the MMR system. Now other than MMR, you get a medal depending upon your recent solo and party MMRs. Since 17th September 2019, solo and party MMR has been changed into Core (Mid, Safelane, and Offlane) and Support (Soft Support and Hard Support). Each medal has 5 different ladder steps called stars. Progress in your medal and star is represented by a % below that medal. If it is not showing the % that means you have reached so low that you need to regain the MMR you lost to that %. Once you gain more MMR, you gain more stars and next medal.

So now your 1 medal and the different number of stars on it that show your highest attained MMR in that badge. Also, once attained, your medal and star cannot drop from that level. You now have separate medals for each Core MMR and Support MMR. The highest medal will be shown on your profile, but you can check both your MMR by simply hovering over your Dota 2 medal.

Here are some interesting facts about different Dota 2 medals. (Change solo and Party MMR with core and support MMRs.)

This table below shows different MMRs and their respective medals. (Updated on 14th February 2020)







Herald 10Crusader 52100Ancient 44200
Herald 2150Archon 12250Ancient 54350
Herald 3300Archon 22400Divine 14500
Herald 4450Archon 32550Divine 24650
Herald 5600Archon 42700Divine 34800
Guardian 1750Archon 52850Divine 44950
Guardian 2900Legend 13000Divine 55100
Guardian 31050Legend 23150Immortal5100+
Guardian 41200Legend 33300
Guardian 51350Legend 43450
Crusader 11500Legend 53600
Crusader 21650Ancient 13750
Crusader 31800Ancient 23900
Crusader 41950Ancient 34050

How does MMR Recalibration work?

People kept thinking that recalibration still works the old way like you need to have a good KDA and stats and winning and losing does not matter. But this was changed since the inception of the medal system. Now if you have calibrated your MMR once, next whenever you re-calibrate, it will only depend on winning or losing. If you win, your MMR goes up, if you lose, your MMR goes down. There have been examples of people dropping to Guardian rank from Ancient. Because they lost all the matches.


MMR Increase / Decrease per game in Recalibration

In the latest season of ranked matches ( started since 17 September 2019) different experiments have shown some interesting information. You will simply get +75 for a win and -75 for a loss during a recalibration match. Your previous MMR will be taken as a guide and you can get a total of 750 MMR for all wins and lose 750 MMR for all losses. Remember this change is for Recalibration MMR only. However, if you have already played all your calibration or recalibration matches, then your MMR will change in a different way. If you win/lose with a party, the MMR difference will be 20 points. However, if you win/lose solo match, you will gain/lose 30 MMR.

How Can I Check My MMR if I am not Yet Calibrated?

So if your MMR is not yet calibrated, you can get a fair idea of your MMR when you play solo in pub games. If all of your solo games are in a normal skill bracket, then you are below 3000 MMR. And if mostly your games are in normal skill and some are in high skill bracket, then it means your MMR is around 3300.

If games are consistently in high skill bracket, then it means that your MMR is above 3300 but less than 4000. But If your solo games are constantly in very high Skill bracket then your MMR is above 4000. People have been conducting experiments and they concluded that with the best KDA and best stats, they managed to get calibrated MMR around 4600. But till now I have not seen any post on the internet where someone has calibrated more than 4600 in the new MMR system.

This system has changed now. You can get a maximum of 3000 MMR as per the new system. From 3000 MMR above you’ll to grind and make a steady win to reach Immortal or more. This was basically don’t to fight smurfs. Now if you are an Immortal rank player, and you make a new account, even if you win all of your calibration matches, you will be Legend 1 (3000 MMR). From there you’ll have to grind and win all the matches to reach all the way to Immortal.

Random Facts About Dota 2 MMR

Here I would like to refer to you a Reddit post where the writer compiled a list of random facts about Dota 2 MMR. If you don’t want to leave this page, you can read those here as well.

reddit post - calibration mmr

203 thoughts on “Dota 2 Calibration MMR – A Detailed Guide

  1. Kenneth says:

    May i ask in the first 10 game i was playing average 3k mmr with calibration, then after finish the calibration mean finished the first 10 games, will it give me around 4k mmr? And i play with support and some game with high KDA

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Whatever average MMR you last match will have, that will be your actual MMR. If your last match’s average MME is around 4k, then yes you’ll be 4k. But if your last match’s MMR is still around 3k, then you will be 3k.

  2. Jyjy says:

    Does spamming zeus’ ulti wll help your damage delt massively? Hence, higher MMR?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Almost a year ago, there was this system where people used to do this, spam zeus and its ulti as soon as its off CD. They got higher MMRs. Lots of people complained on Reddit about it. Valve took a notice of this and fixed it. Same was case with Oracle’s healing. People used to spam it and get higher MMR very easily. Valve not just fixed it, they put all the Oracle spammers again in calibration mode xD
      So here is the base line. It does not work anymore as ti used to be, but still you will get better MMR
      Here are links to both the Reddit Threads
      Oracle, Zeus

  3. nichola says:

    Im 3k player. from 800 mmr to 3k. I create my new account after I read your guide. I play tinker my first game. I got 33/4/8. second game I play slark 28/8/17. then my 3rd game I look at my enemy team’s dota profiles.they are all 100+ level and my team lvl 5 below.I thought my team have same skill level. my team pick 4 carry hero then they all want to go mid. sf,invo,clinks and void. so I pick support (imm so bad playing supp)so my death are so high. my question is why dota give me bad players and my enemy have better players?it’s like noob vs pros. no map awareness vs focuse player. I dont know if im wasting time in my new acc.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      In our other guide How Dota 2 MMR Works , I’ve already mentioned that “When the system makes a team they make sure that -> Each team has a 50% chance to win.” So as you performed so well in the first few matches, system knew that you are good. So, as a test, they gave you a team like that. AND You also do not know if those were actual level 5 or they were smurfing like you were ??? So, it happens once you play good you are gradually moved to a higher bracket. Till you get stable and that is when your MMR is decided.
      So I would say that do not worry, you are not wasting your time, just concentrate on your game and remember >>> Even if you are losing, do not give up, keep fighting and try to get as good stats as possible. In TBD matches, it is not about winning or losing, its only about how you perform.

  4. Dwight says:

    my friend post a picitue of his calibration mmr average: 7k. he is still in TBD if you want to see it I can send it to you if you want

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes sure, why not. Send us a link here plz. Dota International Contact. That must be very much possible if he is playing at odd timings. Because he must be in 4.5k or 5k bracket and because of less number of active players, he might have matched with those 7k players.

    2. panta says:

      Rank depends mostly from your last season rank and its kinda stupid that you can actually buy calibration for high win rate (Link Removed)

  5. Roadto4k says:

    Hey, i just wonder how this can be: I started a new account for new calibrating because i was stuck at 2,6k. I was pleasured when my normal dota mmr on dotamaxx showed was in “high skill”. There i had a match with wk within i had a kda from 31 (13/1/18). After that i had a kda with 0,3 which was a really miserable match with leavers included. After that I was again in “normal skill”…I just wonder because if u calculate (31+0,3)/2 it is still above 15 kda which should be really nice…

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You did not mention that were you playing Calibration matches or just regular matches. Because if you are plying calibration matches then you need to worry and MUST perform well in next matches with good KDA. However, if you are playing just regular matches, then its not a big issue coz you can cover it with passage of time if you keep playing well.

      Now why your skill bracket was reduced. high skill starts from almost 3k MMR and goes till almost 3.6k MMR. So, what I can guess is that you may be at exact 3k MMR, once you lost you came to 2975, thus falling in normal skill. This is one explanation. Other could be that That you may have played less than 20 matches on that account. That means Dota 2 is still in calibration process of your hidden MMR, that is why you dropped to normal skill after bad performance.

  6. I played calibration matches and my KDA was most of the time pretty low, but still I got 3200 mmr how?? My average KDA 13/7/3

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      That average is not low, that is very good KDA.

  7. zawlwinmoe says:

    i have 3 questions.
    the first question is “what is unknown skill???”
    i picked juggernaut in that match and my KDA is 28/5/26

    i’ve played 43 matches
    before game 26, most are high skill but after game 25, it changed to normal skill.why? any advice??

    i got 1 very high skill in match but at that match,my KDA is 1/20/11 XD
    what had happened to that match??

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thank you for stopping by zawlwinmoe !
      Now coming over to your questions.

      1. Unknown skill is when Dota Buff servers can not determine the hidden or visible MMR to put you in proper skill. Therefore they assign Unknown skill to your match.
      2. That you did really well in your first few matches and then your performance graph kept going down, so is your MMR. Therefore you finally landed in normal skill bracket. (Basing on this I can suggest that you improve your KDA and play those heroes only which are your best with above average KDA)
      3. That 1 very skill match was Dota 2’s test to check your performance in VHS bracket. But as you failed that test, so I am very sure that your next match must be in high skill or something.

      I hope you must be clear by now… If still you need to ask anything, do let me know.

  8. Yeeha says:

    Hmm.i played games in the vhs bracket from the start whole time.and my average gpm is 480 and xpm is 490.and my kda is pretty my games i met players around 5k players for fifth time and 1game with 6kplayer in my team.i am hoping i could get 5k.can i?but now i am in the callibrating 10games.first game and sec game start with average mmr4300.i played pretty well in that two games.the fact i want to know is if i played well as u mentioned above ur post,can i get higher average mmr in next game?u tell us the last game we played with average mmr is our true mmr?is that right?i am really hoping to get above4600mmr even i cant get5k.thz bro.god bless u.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Hello Yeeha.

      I am glad that this post helped you out. Keep playing well and by well I mean DO NOT DIE. It will ensure a good KDA and resultantly a good result MMR. The last game you play is your rough MMR bracket not true MMR. I also hope and pray that you get a good MMR. Till now I’ve not seen anyone getting his starting MMR as 5k or above. Max calibration MMR which I’ve seen was around 4.6k. Whatever MMR you get after your calibration, do let me know. I’ll try to post an analysis about it if its more than 4.6k


  9. vino says:

    can i ask a question ? – ihave a total of 3.70 kda. why is it only average of 4.2k my gpm is 590 xpm is 620 . im expecting a 5k average mmr . can u explain to me . i have lots of good matches but i cant understand . i really cant pleae help !.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Bro there are other factors involved as well. You can see all those factos above in this guide. KDA is a major factor contributing to calibration MMR, but it is not the ONLY factor. That is why you were getting an average of 4.2k. Also there may be chances that you are a 4.5k MMR and getting matches of 4.2k average. Also I’ve not seen any one getting starting MMR higher than 4.6k. So I would say, DO NOT expect it more than 4.5k.

      1. vino says:

        hi i just wanted to ask if you can guage my mmr. i created a new smurf . and i wanted to know just for your rough estimation . i have 8 kda – 600 gpm xpm . what u think?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Kindly post it in our forum with your Dota Buff link. Here is a link to the forums.

      3. Cheese eaten says:

        I have a friend calibrate hes mmr at 4.8k

  10. Choko says:

    if so, what KDA ratio if 10/0/10?
    0 means 1? wired!! :3

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      In case of 0 deaths you need to divide it by 0. Its an imaginary term with imaginary formula for an imaginary game. So please do not apply hard coded math rules to it. 🙂

    2. josh says:

      u should die in a game to get good KDA lolz

  11. Vincent says:

    Hi Author,

    This is a very insightful article. I have a few questions:

    1) What is the fastest way to get to ranked games in a new account? I have heard many things online – that you need to get to Level 13, or need to have experience trophy. Also it is different for accounts before and after reborn. Can you clear this up once and for all?

    2) If I buy the Battle Pass / Compendium, can I play international ranked games immediately? Or do I need to still “do my hours” and play normal matchmaking until I get ranked and calibrate.

    The reason why I am asking is cuz I started playing Dota about 2 years ago, and I didn’t know the difference between ranked and normal. Every game I played when I was new was ranked and as a result I got a very low solo MMR of 1600. I gave up and started played ranked games in parties which are around 3000-3300 average MMR skill bracket with friends. I felt comfortable in that bracket.

    So I tried to reset my MMR this time when I bought the Battle Pass but after playing 10 games (7 wins, 3 losses with decent KDA), I was recalibrated at 1800. That was disappointing because I believe I am closer to the 3k standard. I have been playing the account from 1800 to now 2300 but it is too painful and takes too long to get up to 3000. For every game I win, the next game there may be some idiots. And as you know dota is a team game and I can’t possibly win every game on my own. Even in the games I lose I am high GPM / KDA. Any advice

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thank you very much for stopping by Vincent. Now coming over to your questions.
      Question 1. What is the fastest way to get to ranked games in a new account?
      The only way to get to play ranked is to reach level 50. Now you can do that by playing or by purchasing compendiums and reaching that level.

      Question 2. If I buy the Battle Pass / Compendium, can I play international ranked games immediately ?
      You need to have played al your calibration matches and have got a specific MMR rating on your profile. Then you can play International ranked.

      You must have read in above article, that in calibration MMR, winning and loosing does not matter. There are other factors which matter more than winning or loosing. Now as you have read the complete guide, I would suggest you that you delete Dota 2 from your computer completely and then remove steam as well(remove all traces of steam and Dota 2). Then install steam and download Dota 2 and make a new account. Once made, then start playing. Instead of winning, just concentrate on the factors mentioned above and spam your best hero as much as you can. I can assure you, you will get good starting MMR.

  12. yakuza says:

    hi nice article, but i got a question, we know that sometimes we play carrys but we get more assistances than kills and we barely die, how will be calibrated de mmr in a hero like zeus?and also, is it true that heros like zeus have a discount of mmr because his abilitys?? please answer me soon as posible, ty

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Bro, till the time you die a lot, your KDA will be good. The scenario which you are telling does not happen in all the games with carries, it happens once in 5 games may be. Now coming over to 2nd part. Earlier, Zeus and Oracle had a bug in MMR system, that spamming those heroes would give you high MMR. But now that has been fixed since a long time. Their calibration is not same as of other heroes.

  13. yakuza says:

    hi, is me again, sorry but i have another question , how is taked in count the mmr calibration in heros like mirana, abbadon, venom, etc… that can be supports or carrys, does it counts both, assistances and kills?? please if you are so kind answer me both questions , ty so much 🙂

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      That still depends upon your KDA bro. You see, I’ve emphasized that you can get a high KDA if you do not die a lot. More you die, you lose your KDA. So even for such versatile heroes like Mirana, Sven, Naga etc its same. Just don’t die.

  14. Avery says:

    Avrg 4.7 kills, 7.6 deaths, 18.7 assists (3.04 KDA ratio), 75.5 LH, 3.7 DN, 342.2 GPM, 404.1 XPM
    note that i played all 10 games with mirana as support, give plenty of damage dealt to enemy heroes and towers, only to calibrate with 2.5k.. so what’s the good KDA ratio to calibrate with 3k above ?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Hello Avery, Kindly post individual question in our forums so we can reply and discuss in detail. Regards.

  15. Hiram says:

    Hello Mr. Ali. I want to ask you if IT depends how versatile I am… I mean if I play all my games with Kunkka or Ember Spirit (can get easily: KDA, LA, Damage Dealt) affects The hidden MMR ? ( I mean that this fact lowers The MMR even if I have good KDA and LH and Damage?) Thank you very much.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      NO… A Big NO.
      You should spam your best heroes and get best stats. That is what gives you the best MMR, either visible or hidden.
      This is what I always suggest to players that spam your best hero and major point to focus is >>> DO NOT DIE

      1. Hiram says:

        Another thing…is The Zeus thing Still work?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        It does not work any more bro.

  16. mike says:

    Hey there, I have a question regarding to the SOLO mmr. My friend created a smurf just to play with me (i am smurf too), and we have been partying since, played roughly 25~ game together (mostly high skill, (we have a total of 40 games played for each of us), my question is will the solo mmr be calculated in the party games i am playing? or I have to play solo to calibrate my solo mmr? before I played with him, which was when i just started my smurf i usually played in VHS and HS and some normal. but when we party together, its only high skilled…

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Your Party MMR is separate from your Solo MMR. This happens both in hidden and visible MMR. So, you’ll need to play solo matches.

  17. sky yim says:

    Im just finish my 10 game calibration, i have 4737 MMR in solo
    im 10 game, i win 6 game lose 4 game, play 3 game carry, 3 game mid, 1 game offlane, 2game nc, 1 support, just to inform cux i see you never see someone post more than 4.6k before..

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thats great to know. I see that you have played 90 Ranked matches. Are those all Party matches ?
      Also that is because you had excellent KDA in your previous matches before you were moved to VHS bracket. Good job done. I’ll edit the article as per new information.

  18. Christian says:

    Hey bro. so the GPM and XPM dont matter anymore? because i heard before that if u have high gpm and xpm can boost your mmr. so its KDA? what about an 700gpm and 800xpm but 0kill 18 deaths 5 assist?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Bro XPM and GPM still contribute to your MMR. You see the things I have mentioned, there I broke down things to very minutest details. There you can see I’ve mentioned Last hits / denies, Match length, Damage to tower, Damage to enemy heroes. If you combine all of these things it will determine your XPM and GPM automatically.
      I hope you understand now.

  19. yohan says:

    good evening brother… im from indonesia and i want to ask… do you think i can get 4k mmr? here my dotabuff bro …thanks before

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Hello bro, that will be nice if you can kindly post your question in out forums so we can discuss it there properly.
      Here is a link to Forums.

      1. yohan says:

        i dont understand bro,,, what do you mean? can you help me? i just want to know that i can get 4k mmr or not…hehehe

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        I mean for MMR related queries we have forums, you can post there and I can post my analysis there. Here it is just for queries related to the article ONLY

  20. Kaung Htet Naing says:

    What is unknown skill on dota buff?I got it.Kill-25,Death-5 and Assist-12.I’m badly want to know the unknown skill.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      When Dota Buff can not determine your skill bracket, they designate it as Unknown skill. Just an example, normal skill ends at 3000 and high skill starts at 3001 (hypothetically speaking). So in case your MMR in that match is exactly 3000, then system is confused what skill to assign. That is when you get unknown skill. This is one situation and there can be many reasons.

      1. pencillated says:

        Hi author , does changing roles can affect/reset my calibration ?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        It can affect you calibration MMR basing on how you play, but it will NOT reset it.

  21. miranatheimbabastards says:

    Hey man….i got a few questions to ask here…just to mention that before (old acc) i played tbd and most of the game i played full support (dazzle,wyvern+cour+wards) and offlaners (im never playing as carry)….but i couldn’t tell you my kda,gpm blablabla (but i think its pretty awful result) and i end up with bloody shitty mmr (1.2 i think) and i was really fuckup…because of that, im doing some research on google;reedit “how mmr systems worked” and some ppl will give a protips to spam spec,zeus (idk it still worked or nah) and the most really shocked me , someone said dont play supp coz u will end up with bad kda….and now im smurfing 14 (boot)…and i still cant play tbd yet…i started to play carry but not a hard carry like pa,am,spec,alch..just like QoP,riki,blood…i play them very well with ok kda rtio(3-29) …also, i dont feed except using supp (depends on the match) and got stagnant kda with offlane like 9/8/11
    1.Whats hidden mmr?
    2. Why my bracket skill is still normal skill? 95% find match was party w ma friend and i didnt play solo too much.
    3. Can i get 3-4k mmr after tbd when i using 10 fully matches with support/roaming heroes?
    4.Does it count if we stack Ancient Creep? (u only mention neutral)
    5.Best heroes to get an assist?
    6.Tips for me?

    Replyasap.. thanks..bless u…?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Bro, I would suggest you to please post your details here in our forums, so I can reply and we can have in detail chit chat.
      Here is a link to our forums.
      For details about How actually MMR works, read out this guide. It will answer most of your question. If you could not find any answer, you can post in our forums.

  22. Thommy says:

    Hi there, nice guide. To improve it I can say, that Very High Skill Bracket started from 3700 upwards until 6 or 7 months ago (cause of my Solo Ranked MMR of 3745 and average MMR was in +/- 50 Range) and should be the same by now. Dont look at the current unranked games cause they are at ~ 4200 (+/- 100) avg MMR. Here a link to my Dotabuff:
    If you need further Screens or Informations, I will grant them. Thx for all of your Guides ; )

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thank you very much for the help dear. I really appreciate it.

  23. Aiman says:

    Calculate my mmr pls

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Please post it in forums.
      Here is the link to forums.

  24. EGOIST says:

    If i have 3abandon in normal match before my MMR Calibration what will happen?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Nothing special, you’ll get LP most probably. That won’t effect your MMR much.

      1. EGOIST says:

        If my new account has horrible gameplay that means my MMR is Low? Did Rampages give high calibrating? How can I get high MMR mine is just 4k?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        If my new account has horrible gameplay that means my MMR is Low?
        Yes, Most probably.

        Did Rampages give high calibrating?
        Rampages have an effect on your KDA, therefore they do make some difference, but it does not mean it has to be Rampage only. 2 Ultra kills are better than 1 rampage.

        How can I get high MMR mine is just 4k?
        Most of the time people calibrate around 4k. That is considered good enough. However, you can start with a new account and spam your best hero. Try to get best KDA with good stats. You’ll surely get high calibrating MMR.

      3. Patrick says:

        Hi,how about if i keep spam on playing riki on my new account and i didnt assist much but i get alot of kill and die less?

      4. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        That is also fine. KDA is calculated with this formula.
        (Kill+Assists) / Deaths

      5. EGOIST says:

        If I play Normal Match and I saw the MMR of my Enemy is 4k+ then it means my MMR calibration is 4k+?

      6. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        In that case, We still can’t exactly say that your MMR is 4k. There may be 2 options.
        1. Your enemy is in party with some low MMR friend. So, in that case there are no chances that your MMR is as of your enemy as both party and solo MMR are different. That match may be a solo match for you, but that will be a party MMR for other players.
        2. All other 4 players are solo players and one most of them have MMR around 4k. So, in that case your hidden MMR may be around 4k.

        But in both the cases, you should check your Dotabuff profile. If your matches are continuously in Very High Skill, then it means your MMR is more than 3800.

      7. EGOIST says:

        How can Dotabuff rate Normal Skill High Skill and High Skill. My Zeus is 18-1 got 1 rampage and it is Normal Skill and my Alchemist abandoned the game because of internet problem and it got Very High skill hahaha I can’t understand how Dotabuff rate my skills.

      8. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Dear your skill is decided BEFORE you start match, not after a match. Also, its not Dotabuff which decides your skill, its steam which decides your skill bracket.
        So, once they gave you normal skill, you performed well, therefore they decided to move you up in queue and give you Very high skill, but you abandoned that match, so most probably they will move you back to high skill.

      9. EGOIST says:

        If I have high kills and my GPM is only 500 is there is a chance that I can get 4.5k MMR? K/D/A, GPM or Hero Damage what is more important?

      10. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        All are important bro. High kill do matter, but not that much, however, low death will make lots of difference. For example, you have 15 kills and 15 assists. If your deaths are 2 then your KDA will be (15+15)/2 =15 But in case with those good kill and assists, your deaths are 10, then your KDA will be (15+15)/2 = 3.
        So, you can see the difference.

  25. Damn says:

    I have been smurfing for about a month now since my old account mmr was too bad . However in my new account i have maintained a win rate of 78.13% and my record so far is 25 wins 7 losses , my KDA is 4.94 and I have been playing mostly carries or mid however despite all this I am still in normal bracket , can you explain me how and what i am lacking ? Sometimes I am in unknown skill and what does that mean ? Watching all these what do you think my mmr can be so far ?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Dear your comment needs a deep evaluation and chit chatting on comments is not possible. Therefore, I would suggest you to plz post in our forums, so we can discuss this in detail.


      1. Damn says:

        Hey ! I finally reached high skill but lost my game however still managed to have a score 11/4/1 … if i loose will i degrade to normal skill ?
        Anyways thanks for your earlier reply

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Bro keeping good stats is more important than winning a game. If you lose the game, but still get good stats, then there may not be that much difference of MMR in your next match.
        There have been players who lost all caliberation matches but still got 4500 MMR.

  26. EGOIST says:

    Is there a chance that I can get 5k MMR in this record? 20+kills/8-deaths/600+GPM/30k Hero Damage.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Dear only one match can not get you to that type of MMR, its series of matches. Rather I should say, your all previous Dota 2 matches count while calibrating your MMR.

      1. EGOIST says:

        It is not only 1 match maybe 70% of my matches have that record and I have Many Very High Skills. Is there a chance that I can get at 5k MMR in that record?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        For details and discussion, please your Dotabuff link with playing habits here.

  27. khashayar says:

    it’s fault bcs for example many times i plyed very bad 0 kill and 20 dead but i get very high skill but many times i plyed good 20 kill 1or 2 dead but normal skill i thing its just ip pc or internet in your home vpn dont work if u want change your ip u must delete steam and get new steam and update it and chance your internet. bcs value can follow u and find your new ip so chance all of them i did and i have 4800 mmr new acc so value is lier

    1. Ahmad says:

      hello give me some tip for much mmr opened fast

      1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Please post in our forums with your Dotabuff profile link.
        Here is a link to our forums.

  28. Nahoy says:

    what if i play in pub game and i don’t even have my MMR yet and there are 4k in my team, should my MMR calibrate at the same bracket?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes you are right.

  29. lifeinNoobTBD says:

    I want vhs, so how does kda, kda should be seen from a new match play or an average that has been played

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Die as low as possible, your KDA will automatically improve. Once you get good KDA, there are many chances that because of low deaths, you’ll get good GPM and XPM, hence more chances of good MMR.

  30. Alvin says:

    Hi Author!

    I just want to ask. I don’t have a good KDA why I’am still in the VHS bracket ? Don’t understand. check this out please thanks!

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      When you were in High and Normal skill, you performed good. That is why they transferred you to VHS. Once you landed in VHS, your KDA became very bad. This is why your are just at the initial brink of VHS. I can estimate your MMR to be around 3.8k-4k.

  31. AwesomeArtour says:

    Hi.. my current MMR is 2.7k so I started a new account and played zues.. and I got a KDA of 7 and damage over 100k even though we lost. I know the zues thing doesn’t work anymore but I played the hero properly and inflicted damage with all my skills do you think I should not spam zues or its ok as long as I inflict damage with all my skills . Also what happens if someone abandons the game and one last thing what is unknown skill I got it in my 1st game and there are 2 or 3 good players including me .

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Its always better to spam few heroes which you can play best. If you are a zeus player, then go ahead and spam. As soon as you make right items, get good KDA, you are fine. Its not that they totally excluded the zeus from MMR rating. Its just they fixed the unwanted advantage people were getting.

      If someone abandons the game, no matter if their team wins or loses, they always lose MMR (Hidden or Visible depending upon type of match they abandoned).

      Unknown skill is when Dotabuff can not understand your skill bracket, it gives out unknown skill. It means that Dotabuff did not / could not count your skill bracket.

  32. Alsid says:

    i cant see my mmr

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You must not have played your MMR calibration matches yet.

  33. Lee Wen Lee Wen says:

    Hi morning, i was feeling kinda curious, on the 1st match of ranked it was average 5k, but my kda was so bad, after that i got average 4K just 4K on my 2nd match omg, how could it be? Do i still standing a chance to climb back above 4.6k after another 8 matches tbd of ranked match?
    U can check my profile below. Tq

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Please post in our forums with your dotabuff profile link.

  34. jimmy says:

    hye admin… i have a curious thing in my mind.. does email relate to our mmr… coz my frind.. have 4 acco.. 1st acco he created is now 4.6k mmr.. and create other 3 acco with same email.. and all his acco in first game put him in vhs even his kda gpm n xpm low.. and mine.. ive 3 acco.. first acco when i know dota2.. its mmr 2.8k.. then i also create other mmr… with other email.. than i change that email with same my 1st acco.. hence my 2nd acco turned to normal skill when i played pub even its mmr is 4.4k… furthermore.. i create my 3rd acco.. before i change to my primary email.. it showed that vhs.. aftrr i chnge email.. its turned to normal skill.. and after i had done my 10 calibrate.. it showed 2.8k mmr.. ermmm help me please…

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Very interesting question BTW. I planned to write an article about it but could not find time. Yes it does effect your MMR. Its basically steam’s smurf protection system. Email is a big giveaway to steam that its actually you. Even if you make a new account with different email but with same IP address, they will still know that its you.

      1. sinio says:

        i dont believe that actually .
        i already created an account 3 times .

        1st smurf was 3.8k solo
        2nd smurf goes 4.1k solo
        3rd smurft goes 4.5k solo
        im just playin in my house so its the same ip address.
        im not sure if volvo is noting youre ip address.

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Your own answer is saying that whatever I just said above, it is correct. Here is the explanation.

        You see your 1st smurf was 3.8k solo. So when you made your 2nd account, valve’s smurf protection system took your new account from same 3.8 and started your new system. But in your calibration matches you performed a bit better than previous accounts, so you came to be 4.1k in next account. Once you made 3rd account, valve’s smurf protection system took you from 4.1 and you reached 4.5k. So, YEA. This is one of the things smurf protection system takes care of.

      3. jimmy says:

        so those accos are trash now… i cant smurf any of acco with that ip and email… ermm.. or maybe u have any suggestion? or maybe i can change the ip using any aps?

      4. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Well, there are solutions for everything bro. Download a proxy software like hotspot or spotflux. Turn it on, start start steam, make a new account, enjoy… ? ?
        Or delete steam, not Dota 2,reinstall steam use proxy software and then make a new account. There you go for a more secure environment…

      5. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Yes definitely bro, you can use Hotspot or Spotflux to change your IP while making an account.

  35. Strider says:

    Can I ask something bro? I’m starting to make new account. what is the best thing to do? winning rate or KDA? what if if I lose with a good KDA? does my hidden MMR will go down? or does winning rate can make your mmr higher? guide me pls.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Win rate does not matter that much. You can say that it matters last. Focus on getting good stats.

      1. Strider says:

        and what if I only play my best hero to have good stats. and never use another character? it can i still get higher mmr? if I only spam 2 or 3 heroes?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        That is the best thing you can do. To spam your best hero.

      3. Strider says:

        thanks!!! 😀

      4. botorch2 says:

        is opendota estimated MMR legit? my estimated MMR there is 2809 what can i do to make this grow higher, am i going to paly support or core heroes?

      5. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        I’ve no idea about that dead. Also, to get a better MMR, please focus on points which are mentioned in above points. If you want to play carry, check the carry portion. If you want to play support, check out the support portion for details.

  36. ches says:

    My skill bracket vary between high skill and very high skill, what do you think is my hidden mmr? (I never played ranked mmr before)

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Kindly post in our MMR forum with your Dota Buff profile link.

  37. Strider says:

    does the count of rampages and triple kills can calibrate ur MMR higher? pls answer

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Rampages, Ultra kills etc only increases your KDA, they do not effect your MMR as a separate accountable entity.

      1. Strider says:

        btw if I Get low prio and play single draft does that will effect with my calibration? after I reach rank game? I play bad in single draft coz my team always sucks reply asap

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        During calibration, you can not play Single Draft LP, you can only play Captain Mode and All pick.

  38. Yuki says:

    I’m Planning To Make A New Account. And I love To play Support Because Always No One Plays Support In My Team And I Just Wanna Ask Which Hero You Suggest For Me To Use And What Item You Can Suggest For Me To Buy Thank You 😀

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      There can never be a specific support hero for all matches. It always depends upon your own team lineup and specially your opponents line up. Only then you can see what support will work well.

      However, in my personal opinion, Lion, Disruptor and Bane are the best disablers of whole game. Dazzle, Omni Knight and Oracle are best healers. So, choose wisely and see what your team needs the most. Having too many disablers in a team is always great.

  39. RagingH says:

    May I ask, assuming that I’m playing a calibration matches with an average MMR of around 2k and I play very well (High KDA ratio, GPM, XPM total dmg, etc), how much MMR will I get after the calibration match (final)? You also mention in a reply on one a the comment that if a player plays a calibration match with a given average MMR, the MMR of the player is somewhere around that average MMR.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      May I ask, assuming that I’m playing a calibration matches with an average MMR of around 2k and I play very well (High KDA ratio, GPM, XPM total dmg, etc), how much MMR will I get after the calibration match (final)?

      During and before calibration matches, you can go as high as a whole skill bracket up. Something like 1000 MMR even in a single match.

      You also mention in a reply on one a the comment that if a player plays a calibration match with a given average MMR, the MMR of the player is somewhere around that average MMR.

      Yes it can be. For example you are playing your 10th calibration match and average MMR of that match is around 3500. Then there are many chances that you will be given 3475 to 3525 MMR depending upon your performance.

  40. dean says:

    yeah loosing and winning is also a big touch on tbd.. when i was tbd, i dont really remember maybe on 7 or 6thx game tbd match i play i was playing with 5.9k mmr, and then i keep loosing and loosing and my match making goes down to 3.8k player,and yeah sadly i only gt that kind of mmr..

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Loosing has nothing to do with TBD bro. There have been lots of experiments on this regards. Some people have reddited this with proofs that they lost all 10 matches but still got 4k + MMR

  41. Qpaw says:

    Hey there. Is there a chance that the average MMR of next calibration match will change. For example, my 1st two calibration match, average mmr is 1.9k mmr, if I play my 3rd calibration match, is there a chance the average mmr will go up, let say 2.4k mmr, or still at 1.9k average mmr?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Lets suppose you played your 1st match at 1.9k. You performed just OK in that match. In next match you will play on same 1.9k MMR most probably. If you performed bad, you will play in like 1.5k MMR, but if you played excellent (very less deaths and great stats) there are chance you can go directly to even 3k.
      So, YES, after every calibration match you play there are chances that your next MMR average may be different. But remember, if will only go up if you play “really excellent” and by that I mean less deaths and great stats.

  42. SL0TR says:

    Hi Admin! Very nice post indeed.
    1st question.
    I played dota from 2012 and in that time I played rank and got 3.3K. But due to terrible rank scene in SEA I quit rank matchmaking completely. But over the years while playing dota my skill level obviously has increased. And recently I have notied my matches were matchmaked to VHS only, where couple months ago all matches were placed in HS only! I didn’t play rank in this entire time either. Why does this happen any idea? Only when i party with friends it’s not VHS.
    This is my main account :

    2nd question.
    So, I decided to make a smurf recently so I get a good mmr and join rank scene again.
    This is 11 games on the smurf :
    I got placed in VHS in the first match? Why? The same IP address detection? And even with that little data, can you say if I continue like this what mmr can I calibrate to?
    Thanks a lot in advane.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Dear for such discussion, we’ve dedicated a special forum. Kindly copy paste your whole reply in our forum so we can have conversation in detail without littering the main post

  43. Deq says:

    Hello. If I play calibration match for party MMR, will my solo MMR change(solo MMR is already calibrated)? And also if I play party ranked match (party MMR calibrated), will it also change my solo MMR? thank you in advance.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Solo and Party MMR are both different dear and do not effect each other.

  44. IAN says:

    hello i have ask something

    i created new account my question is
    my normal match counted in mmr calibration?
    what i mean is when im going to level up my account till level 20 to play mmr
    my previously normal match counted on my future calibration?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      If you read the guide you will know there are 2 different MMRs, 1 is hidden MMR used for normal matches and other is visible MMR which is shown on your profile. When you play normal matches, only your hidden MMR is updated. You can play ranked matches once you are level 20 above.
      And yes your previous profile effects your 1st calibration matches only. But from then onward, its your performance in those matches which decide your future MMR.

  45. Kiddrock says:

    Hello i have a question about this topic??

    1. How do I know if my kda is good? I mean the average kda for good player.

    2. I your post it says supports need “last hit/denies” ? Please explain what kinds of last hit they need. Because they are support and farming is not there priority.

    3. How long will be the hidden mmr will be calibrated?

    4. Since I have “normal” skill bracket in every in my match of my normal matches.. Can I still get 4k if I do good in mmr calibration.. Or I will just be stuck on 3.3k low..??

    Thank you

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      1. How do I know if my kda is good? I mean the average kda for good player.
      As long as you have low death count, your KDA is good whatever it is. Most of the times any KDA above 4 is awesome, KDA above 3 is good.

      2. I your post it says supports need “last hit/denies” ? Please explain what kinds of last hit they need. Because they are support and farming is not there priority.
      Support needs to deny as much as possible. If your carry is not farming in your lane (may be jungling or dead) you should farm for creeps.

      3. How long will be the hidden mmr will be calibrated?
      No confirm idea about that. But based on experience (looking at so many DotaBuff profiles for analysis) I would say, after 50 matches, its almost final.

      4. Since I have “normal” skill bracket in every in my match of my normal matches.. Can I still get 4k if I do good in mmr calibration.. Or I will just be stuck on 3.3k low..??
      Yes it is possible. I’ve seen players profile in which they performed extremely well in 1 match and in next match almost 1000 MMR increased. This is the good thing about calibration matches, there is no max for your MMR increase or decrease. Also remember that you might jump to VHS (4k+) in one match, but if you perform bad in that match, be ready to go to HS or Normal skill.
      Thank you

  46. jack says:

    when u say new colibrating system u mean since how long ago new system started?cuz u said ive never seen 1 can get more than 4600 mmr in new system.but i got 4820 mmr in colibrating just like 2.5 months ago.tnx

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Calibration system is same since start of Dota 2 and whole MMR stuff is basically same since beginning of Dota 2. However, they made this MMR things public somewhere in 2013.

  47. jack says:

    since how long ago new system started?

  48. Dragon says:

    Sir I create new account the my record was 11 game and 10 win so i only lose once since yesterday. I got good KDA then I balance my Support and carry sir but is there possible I can get very high skill bracket Last question sir where can i find the average of KDA.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Keep your KDA good and you can easily go to VHS. It may take 10-15 more matches before you actually go to VHS basing on your game. You can make an account on DotaBuff and see your average KDA and all stats related to your account there.

      1. Lord Pepe says:

        Don’t need to make new account. Just sign in with steam account, right

  49. stephen says:

    question. I got a good KDA but most of my games are party and in high skill. I am scared to calibrate because I often play solo. what do you think might happen?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You should try to play regular matches and see where you fall. Improve your normal solo match’s skill bracket because that is the point which is taken as start point for your calibration matches.

  50. agongsk says:

    why im 1k mmr look my gpm and xpm ? for calibrating not good for me coz unfair my gpm and xpm why i put on 1k mmr Agongsk im lvl 22

  51. dcdcdc says:

    I think u miss the most important fact:
    U need to play well in every normal match

  52. darkknight says:

    Hey dude if i’m playing with party does it affect my NORMAL SKILL HS VHS ?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      No it does not. Both party and solo MMR and skill brackets are different.

  53. Jyenz says:

    Hello i got a question for this . .since this is 2017 . .the calibration mmr is still the same as before ? . well im just curious since this article been publishe at 2016.Let say yes, then what will happen with my starting mmr if i win 5 game in row and i play carry at the 5 game and lose 5 with poor K/D/A . .it is possibly for me to get 1.8 k starting mmr ??

  54. 1235698 says:

    How bout GPM and XPM is it effect with the skill bracket sir??

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes dear it does.
      You need to have consistent XPM or GPM for you to move to higher brackets or stay in higher brackets.

  55. Neil says:

    So I heard a lot of things on how to get a high mmr. Im level 21 and I started my TBD match a while ago( I only played twice) and to be honest I suck at my game(VERY low KDA). So I decided not to play a rank match instead I play normal match because I have heard that playing normal match is gonna help you to get a high mmr.( I really dont know) . I just wanna ask if should I continue playing normal match ? Is it going to help me to get a high mmr? Is it going to improve my hidden mmr? Please help thanks.

  56. fauzan says:

    i ve played my brother’s account and i login to dotabuff…and my 1st 2 match was normal skill and then i got up into high skill…not long time after that….all of my recent match now got mixed with high and very high…so can some one give me an opinion about my mmr to be? ty

  57. Daegger- says:

    the skills of my games are varying. i played as enigma ( with 5/7/18 record which is just HIGH SKILL; then the next game i got a VERY HIGH SKILL game and i played magnus ( 6/2/10 record.. check my stats.. next game to that i played necro (which sucks) and lost. next game to that i dropped to HIGH SKILL game. when i play meepo with good(?) KDA but next game i don’t get to play VERY HIGH SKILL game..

  58. Gohan says:

    My new account yesterday was calibrated into 4.8 mmr. It works =)

  59. Love me quick says:

    What is unknown skill? I got this ‘unknown skill’ after my last unranked (dota level 13) as lich. My KDA on that match was 17/9/29. Thanks for the answer.

    1. Admin says:

      Its is still Proccessing your game wether Normal Skil, High Skill, and Very High Skill…

  60. pogi says:

    so much better paly support this is role of support

  61. Victor says:

    May I ask you a question sir? I just finished playing DotA 2 right now, I played 5 games straight because I’m rushing to go lvl 20 to participate in ranked matches, I started at lvl 18 then I loss two straight games, then I won 2 straight then became lvl 19 I was surprised, then in the fifth game I won again and it surprised me even more because I lvld up to 24? How did that happen sir? Now I realized that im not yet ready to play ranked matches cause I only spent 205 hrs on DotA 2, my total game is 205 and I only won 127 of if, I’m not yet satisfied with my skill cause I play limited heroes mostly are carries.

  62. Semsem says:

    hey please i want to ask some thing .. did u try it after March patch released ? that patch was say Maximium MMR reduced .. and i heared aa lot of ppl say that max mmr for new accounts be 3500 .. is that true ? ,.. and i u try it in March or april or may could u please sshare the dotabebuff link if u dun mind ? .. i was calbratin rank 6k and 2nd game was 3k idk why ..

  63. Pav@n says:

    What if i spam my best heroes again and again,will it calibrate at a good 3k+ mmr

  64. James says:

    Hey, im at lvl 25+ and i have 3 VHS Heroes like AM PA and Invo … If i use this heroes in 1st match until the end with HIGH KDA that means i could go to 4 – 5K right?? But when i use this heroes in 3rd match why 2.9 MMR?? 1loss 2 wins… w8ing 4 Feedback

  65. tushar says:

    can I spam necro in collibration

  66. Ej Salvacion says:

    What if my average mmr is 1600 in my first calibration match will it be deducting any points if i lose my first calibration match? thanks!

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You must perform VERY WELL in your next matches. The reason is; you are very low MMR person in sight of Dota 2. So, increase MMR in next match, take some hero with very good KDA. Get more kills and assists and die as less as possible.

  67. Somnus says:

    On dotabuff most of my un-ranked games are normal skill with a few high skills and a rare very high skill, but when I have played in calibration matches I am in games that are ~1.5k average. Is there any reason why my calibration matches are so low? I play mostly support in ranked :/

  68. pushpahas kuchipudi says:

    Hai!! I started dota 1 year back i bought battle pass and got lvl 20 very fast and was very eager to get mmr calibrated and i did but got only 1.2k some of my clg mates who play told it is gud and i felt happy coz i j played 40 matches atmost later i got to know that is is very very low and when i play normal with my dota frnds who are 3k i do gud but when i solo play i suck in some matches and get gr8 score in some matches.So wat i wanna ask is shud i make new account and play till i get high skill or very high skill and then go calibrate??

  69. pushpahas kuchipudi says:

    I created a new account for new mmr calibration(play 15 matches till now) i am doing gud in my normal matches with kda atleast avg kda 7.5 in dotabuff but still my matches are in normal skill only i donno y and i do a gud damage to heros (around 40k) and building damage (around 3-4k which is less i know) and my avg lh is 275

  70. Shankar says:

    My kDa ratio is 7 is it good or bad

  71. Jeny says:

    Hello , can i ask ? i created a new acc , then , when i play solo pub games , i tend to get very high skill bracket , but when i played my calibration matches , its only get normal skill , and also i get average 3k players , but after 7 games of calibration , i played again solo pub and it gives me very high skill bracket , somehow , i dont know , am i goin to get 3k average or 4k above ? help me pls

  72. Nigel says:

    io ho il problema che non salgo di rank, sono arrivato a 3200 mmr dove dovrei salire a leggenda e invece niente come mai?

  73. paul kenneth tacling says:

    is the calibrating match base on winning or losing? i hope not

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      In new system, it is now purely based on win / losses. How you win, it does not matter, just win if you want a higher calibration score.

      1. Abhijeet Chavan says:

        So, In new system of dota2, the best KDA ratio and 600+ gpm xpm as mentioned in all comments above doesen’t matter a lot for those 10 mmr ranked calibration matches?

  74. says:

    I made a new account and most of my games is lose because my companions abandoned in early game, is it counted in my calibration?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Once they leave and it shows that game is safe to leave and no stats will be recorded, then your MMR will not be updated. However, if they play for some time and then abandon, then your MMR will update. This is the problem with new accounts. However, you have to play like 100 normal games first, then you can play ranked. So it should be relatively fine.

  75. rllanes says:

    im not calibrated yet mine its a new account
    – Must of my 65 games are being played in Turbo mode but i have noticed that turbo mode heroes stats are not represented in my profile only unranked normal matches hero stats. so i understand that when i achieve the 100 games i will be having an estimated MMR and then i can play my 10 ranked calibrating matches in ranked mode. This estimated MMR will be calculated based on my 40+ turbo games or based in my 10+ normal unranked matches?
    – must of my unranked matches were played with a party with my friends therefor must of them are wins but this will impact my solo MMR or my party MMR? all in normal skill bracket
    – I play mainly support. It’s what i enjoy and the position i have must success on … i have read a lot of post regarding how difficult it’s to climb MMR as a support … and how KDA GPM XPM impact the calibration so can i play support in both solo and party ranked matches in the calibration or u guys dont recommend it.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      As it is a new account so try to focus on having a good KDA along with wins. You will start from 3000 MMR and every win will add in this 3000 MMR and every loss will give you minus MMR. However, KDA will decide how much MMR to add and how much MMR to reduce.

  76. hokis says:

    What about sync solo and team medal rank.. it just prefer the higher one or make average of both… becouse its kind of stupid if your mmr are far away from each other.. last medal patch i got about 900 rank higher team rank and if i played solo my medal progres didnt move..

  77. Mims says:

    Hi, I need help to understand my new medal. At first I’ve recalibrated my party mmr. Since I had only loses I dropped to 2269 and got Crusader 5 (matching the example above). The I started recalibrating my solo mmr. I was not thinking about wins/loses because I was told the performance/impact is important, however, I understand this to be untrue now. I previously had my solo mmr around 1.5k so I didn’t expect big change. After solo game 10 i was given 1542 solo mmr (even though my support play was good each game). However, I have also received new higher medal Archon 1. I will be very thankful if someone can explain to me how did I get that new medal? I don’t have increased party mmr to 2520 as required. Did the ranking change?? Thanks

  78. buloy says:

    my 1st medal was legend 4. then on the second lost so many matches in recalibration was down to archon 4. worked my way up to legend 1. now in jan 29 2019 recalibration, i won 8 out of 10 matches. so thats about 75 * 6 = 450 mmr. my latest rank from after all that hard work is………… legend 1. WTF! something is wrong! how can it not change. recalibration is a joke. it is still the same as prev medal

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Your MMR is 100% correct bro. Earlier, Legend 1 used to be around 2900. Now its gone to around 3300. Therefore, it is 100% correct medal. You can check the table above for Medals and their required MMR.

  79. Anonymous says:

    does all that KDA stuff and supports thing will increase my mmr gain per match if I win a match?
    will I get more than 25mmr?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      If you are playing ranked matches for the very first time, then yes, KDA will improve your MMR. However, if you are playing ranked for the 2nd time or 3rd time, then only WINNING will increase your MMR.

  80. King says:

    Before re-calibration, My first ever was around 2.9-3k MMR with Legend1 medal. Now , I’m halfway through my re-calibration having (Party 2W-4L) and (Solo 4W-2L) all in Normal Skill leaving 4 remaining games for each. Is it safe to assume that I’ll be still in Legend1 If I win 4 remaining matches on Solo?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes, most probably. But there is also a possibility of landing somewhere from Archon 5 to Legend 3. Because your MMR may be more or less than Legend 1.

      1. King says:

        Sadly, my re-calibration doesn’t end well I have 5W and 5L, and got Archon 4 from Legend 1. Feels bad man.

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        You did good man. On one of my smurf account, I came from Legend 4 to Archon 3 with 2 wins and 8 losses. That’s what desperation and loss look like… lol

  81. Kazu says:

    How does the KDA work for offlaners? does assists account more or does kills account for better KDA ratio?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      KDA for all heroes, all ranks and all roles work in the same way. To increase your KDA, try to die as less as possible.

  82. MFG Doto says:

    Something really weird happened, and I don’t know what to understand from it:

    So last week I re-calibrated at Guardian 1, after being Crusader 4 in season 2. I started grinding solo que, and got to Guardian 4. Then I played my 10th party game (since season 3 began), and got Guardian 7, and that was displayed on my profile, since my party > my solo. And the very first SOLO game after that, I reached Crusader 1.

    So my questions are:
    1. if my displayed medal was the one for party MMR, why did it progress after a SOLO win?
    2. Seeing how now there is considerable difference between my numerical MMR (around 1240) and my badge (Crusader1 ~ 1700), does that mean that the percentage to next badge displayed in my profile box will not increase through solo games, but only if I actually raise my party MMR ?

    yes, I know I’m a scrub, but have only been playing since June 2018, I already got 2 rampages and 30+ triple kills, so I think I’m not too bad :> xD

  83. Ponnappa says:

    Hi so I want to create new account and calibrate , is it better to play 100 bot matches and start ranked or spam heroes that I play well instead of experimenting in normal ?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Play 100 turbo games, that is better than bot and normal matches because it takes less time to complete. Also, spam 4-5 heroes with which you are best. I wont ask you to spam only 1-2 heroes because they might get banned in your ranked match. Also, try both support and core roles in turbo matches. This way, you will actually improve your game too.

  84. King says:

    Hi! I’m a Legend I player before, and just recently finished my Solo re-calibration with 5W & 5L making me an Archon IV( around 2.9k), then I climbed up in Solo to Archon VII(around 3.2k) within 2weeks(cuz i’m not playing everyday), then just last night I finished my Party re-calibration(lost track of W & L) and suddenly it rolls me up to +80% Legend III(around 3.2k). It doesn’t make any sense based on your content and in my perspective since my Party MMR is way more lower that my Solo. Although, somehow it makes me happy. The question is what did I miss? Why is it like that?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Just so you know, Medals are NOT related to MMR in a very hardcore way. Its like % based. For example, the top 3000 will be immortals. So, when your MMR will be in top 3000 you will be an immortal even if this MMR is 5000. Similarly, earlier very fewer people calibrated, you were rated accordingly. However, once more and more people play calibration matches and finally calibrate their MMR, your rank will tend to increase or decrease dramatically because now they have more people to compare with. I know I have made it more confusing, but can’t put it in better words… xD

      1. King says:

        By saying “Medals are NOT related to MMR in a very hardcore way” and the other examples you mentioned – What I understand is basically you’re saying Medals are just indicators based on current calibrated player pool? and NOT by MMR nor GPM/XPM/KDA ratio(for first time calibration)? Then if it’s true, then I might have got Immortal if I re-calibrated right away at the start of new season since there are possibly very few players who have re-calibrated??? I mean, Medals are not being degraded even If you lose more ranked games and once they gave it to you, It wont be taken away unless new season starts and calibration/re-calibration is mandatory to know you’re current stand(MMR and/or medal based) meaning I might possibly have 3k MMR and Immortal Medal????

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        With % you MUST fall in relevant MMR bracket too bro. For example, you cannot be immortal with 3k MMR however, you can be Archon 5 to even Ancient 5 depending upon your solo+ party rank combined. For example, 3k solo+ 1.5k party= Archon 5 but same 3k solo and 4k Party you are ancient. I hope this clears it up now.

        Uptill Divine rank your party MMR matters too. Even if you have 9k Party MMR you can NOT be an immortal until you fall in solo MMR bracket of immortal.

      3. King says:

        Nice! That sums it up. Coz, what I noticed is that, In my re-calibration, I was 5W-5L Solo, then I got Archon IV first with about 3.2k MMR(which based on your chart, it was supposed to be in around Archon VII, that’s why I’m like TF Valve?), but then I climbed it up to Archon VII(Playing only in Solo Ranked), then just finished my Party re-calibration(lost count for W and L)but then suddenly got Legend III, although my Party MMR was 2.7k MMR which is way lower than my Solo, it seems like that my Party MMR contributes to my Solo MMR to fall to a % which Valve thinks it deserves to be.(Idk).

        Anyway, If happen you know exactly how they summed up the Party + Solo to come up with a % that falls in a certain Medal, that would also be great! but, yeah, Thanks Man!

        Edit: Just recently climbed up to Legend IV 😛 (hopefully this new patch may also be good to me. fingers crossed. XD)

      4. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        As per my experiment, I can guess that solo has 70% impact and the party has a 30% impact on your total Medal. Because once I win solo matches, the % increases by 15-20%. But when I win a party game, the % increases by merely 3-5%. So that means solo definitely has way more impact towards all medals including immortal. (The % below the MMR medal)

  85. Rab says:

    Quick question, How high MMR can i get solo if i have a new created account? gr8 thread btw ty.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thanks for the appreciation bro.
      Maximum solo MMR that you can get on your new account is 3750. All new accounts start at base MMR of 3000 (if it is not marked as a smurf account, in case it is marked as smurf, then it will have your previous account’s MMR as base MMR). Then in calibration, for every win, you get 75 MMR. So, 10 wins and base MMR =3750 plus or minus 10 depending upon other team’s MMR too.

  86. PattyZygrade says:

    Guys. I been played 1 solo rank game, and I find out it was a Normal skill bracket. So if I play normal match. Will my Starting MMR rise? Guys I need help

  87. Colded says:

    I know this is an old post but i hope you can still reply.

    So i just started calibrating after 100 matches played. Most of my non ranked matches are high skill to very high skill, but once i started playing ranked, my team and enemy teams were around crusaders and archons. I don’t want to calibrate around 2k mmr while i had vhs in normal matchmaking. What should i do? Should i play more normal mm just to get into vhs bracket more consistently? I hope you guys can help. Thank you

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      on smurf accounts, you can not get MMR more than 3500 on any role. Its the maximum MMR that you can get during calibration on a new account. 3500 MMR falls in high skill. For now what you can do is, keep winning your calibration games and try to gain as much MMR as possible. Then you will have to grind from there onward to move in VHS bracket.

  88. Eunice Dawn says:

    I’ve been itching to play in ranked games. but I always get discouraged every time I lose. Which one would be better, should I go ahead and select “I am a beginner” or it would be better to select “I’ve played Dota 2”?

  89. jammy says:

    NEW ACC IVE PLAY 10 NORMAL MATCH IVE GO 9/1 AND 7 VERRY HS and 3 high skill

  90. BigPulpu says:

    Hi ! Do you have any idea when the next calibration will be?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Actually I can’t say anything, but most probably it will be somewhere in June as per “Valve Time”

  91. PfFele says:

    Dude when this season begun, and when it was 100 hrs for new accoubt over 100 games, max mmr for 1st calibration is removed. With 100 hrs playtime and 90% winrate u can calibrate 8k mmr or so. That is why all proes are making smurfs now, cause they can easily calibrate immortal rank on new accounts. It was official announcment. Earlier max mmr to calibrate was 3.5k-4k mmr. And since last big patch it is removed, u can now calibrate over 5k easily with good KDA and massive winrate

  92. helpme says:

    so if i make a new account I need to have good KDA and etc. in normals games to have a good mmr?

  93. Dave says:

    I want to help you with your research. The below results are very recent, from 28/04/2020 to 04/05/2020. My friend gave me his account that he hasn’t used for many years. His last MMR was ~1550.

    I was deliberately trying to lose matches during recalibration — without deliberately feeding or game ruining, but was playing very bad on purpose. I wanted to test theories on MMR recalibration. Here is my result:

    Format: Pos, KDA, Result
    1. Pos 5; KDA 1/10/13; LOSS
    2. Pos 3; KDA 4/4/13; WIN
    3. Pos 5; KDA 5/17/17; WIN
    4. Pos 5; KDA 2/16/23; LOSS
    5. Pos 2; KDA 11/8/9; LOSS
    6. Pos 5; KDA 4/9/7; WIN
    7. Pos 4; KDA 2/15/21; WIN
    8. Pos 2; KDA 12/7/6; WIN
    9. Pos 3; KDA 1/15/8; LOSS
    10. Pos 5; KDA 0/9/12; WIN

    So the result is 4 LOSS, 6 WIN. Yet my final calibrated MMR was 1,440 — down from 1550. Even though I expected his MMR to go up after the calibration. Perhaps in-game performance did have some impact? I don’t know how else to explain these results.

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