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Overthrow – Dota 2 Custom Game Review and Tips

Overthrow - Dota 2 Custom Game Review Overthrow - General Information Overthrow is made by Dota 2 Official and we guess that is official account of Dota 2 (Dont have any proof to confirm it, other than the account name).  It has got 5 star rating based on almost 2 million votes and you can find almost 2000+ players playing Overthrow on normal time and almost 8000+ players playing on peak times. Good thing is that this Dota 2 custom game has it dedicated server. That means it will have less lags and delays etc. Maps Available Overthrow has 4 maps which are different because of map size and players allowed to play in each map. Below is a list of supported maps for Overthrow with details. Forest Solo : 10 players and team of 1 player. Total 10...

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