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A Look at Some of the Greatest Dota 2 Teams in History

Easily one of the best games ever made, Dota 2 has well and truly captivated the gaming world and has enabled esports to bring a number of new fans in too. It has also improved the overall esports landscape altogether as Dota 2 is, simply put, an incredibly thrilling game to watch in a competitive setting. It comes as no surprise that Dota 2 is the most lucrative game in terms of prize money when it comes to esports. With the lure of huge sums of money on offer from winning a Dota 2 competitive esports event, a number of Dota 2 teams have surfaced over the years. Some have had relative success, others not so much.

With so many players enjoying the game around the world competition is extremely fierce too, therefore making Dota 2 arguably the hardest game to succeed in, especially as teamwork and working with other players is a necessity. Esports teams are constantly striving to build the ideal team that gets together perfectly. However, sometimes the chemistry required for a good team isn’t always there. As teamwork is a vital ingredient to any successful Dota 2 team, we thought we’d highlight some of the best Dota 2 teams in history.

Team Liquid

Dota 2 teams - Team Liquid

It’s impossible to ignore this team when discussing the greats of Dota 2, as Team Liquid has had humongous success. They’re the first-ever dota 2 team to have swept a TI Championship event at 3-0. Not even Newbee could win a single game during that time, which basically tells you how much of a dangerous proposition Team Liquid can be. A team of five excellent players, Team Liquid have won a vast amount of majors and when it comes to Dota 2, they really shouldn’t be messed with. But sadly this team disbanded in the recent past and now some new players joined the organization.

Wings Gaming

Dota 2 teams - Wings Gaming

When you think of Dota 2 it’s impossible not to think of the various action figures or the weapons throughout the game, but it’s also likely to lead you on to thinking about esports and the success Dota 2 has had, with this particular team hogging plenty of the limelight, although not for all the right reasons. Wings Gaming really made their mark at The International of 2016, winning the competition with relative ease. However, the once-mighty has fallen though. Wings Gaming was eventually banned following disputes over contracts and tax issues, to name a few. Still, though, their 2016 victory will always be remembered by the Dota community. The best thing about Wings gaming is that they were underdogs who no one knew before winning this tournament; just like Slumdog Millionaire.



Dota 2 teams - TNC(Image via

Games like roulette which are available and the likes of poker and various other slot games are hugely popular all over the world, but also in the Philippines where gaming appears to have hit new heights and seems to have really gathered momentum further. Filipinos have graduated onto more advanced games from those simple but effective mobile creations, though. One of the many teams emerging from that part of the world who have recorded huge success in Dota 2 is TNC – the best Dota 2 team in the Philippines. Consisting of Filipino players only, TNC is usually an underdog heading into major competitions. But their progress is certainly not to be sniffed at as they’re, indeed, one of the best Dota 2 teams.


dota 2 teams - OG

(Image via

The BEST team that has also proven their metal twice in a row in the Dota 2 Internationals. With their star man and captain Notail surely going down as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game if and when he decides to put down the controller and retire. A team full of superstars, OG and Dota 2 match beautifully together. No one expected that any team can win 2 Internationals what to talk about in a row. Winning 2 TIs in a row is proof that they are the best of the best. Insane gameplay in finals of TI9 that gives gamegasm to any Dota 2 lover. Watch it yourself here.


(Header Image via


Manila Major’s Stats Infographic by Dota International

Manila Major main event started on June 7th 2016 and finals were played on June 12th, 2016. OG Dota 2 showed an excellent gameplay and won this Major. Team Liquid was 2nd and bagged $405,000. Whereas most famous rather most hyped teams like Team Secret, Evil Genius, Fnatic and Na’Vi could not show the gameplay their fans were expecting. Na’Vi did however pleased their fan with awesome gameplay in this event but ultimately their skills and luck ran out and they were eliminated.

PGL, the tournament organizing company, did an excellent job. Unlike Shanhgai Majors, this event went extremely smooth without any major issues, at least none was reported by the community. I must say that stage designing, organization and preparations were excellent and “Hodor holding the door” (a Game of Thrones scene) for final match was an icing over the cake. Check out video below if you have not already watched it.

The Cosplays at Manila Major

Another thing which I must mention is the awesome standard of Dota 2 Cosplay in Manila Majors. I can safely say that it was THE BEST Dota 2 cosplay competition ever. Pinoys showed their love for this game and we came to see awesome cosplays. Blood started to rush in our veins when we saw Dota 2 heroes coming to life. Doom and Clockwork’s cosplays were also excellent but Fred, who was cosplaying Tinker, won the Dota 2 cosplay competition and took home $10,000 (Almost 230,000 PHP). If you could not watch that epic event, here is the video.

We hope to see a more better standard in in all aspects in TI6 which will be taking place in Seatle in 2nd week of August 16.

I have prepared an Infographic about Manila Major’s stats. This will definitely help you with your prediction in TI6 event. All the data has been carefully compiled and I can assure you its accuracy, but still keep human error factor in mind.


Infographic Manila Major by Dota International



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Tragic Human deaths caused by Dota 2

Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most played and a trend setting video game with players from almost all the countries. It is one of the games which can literally make someone millionaire in just 1 week (Like Team EG members) and metaphorically can also make a millionaire, homeless (Bets). As per careful estimation, almost 300,000+ people are earning their bread and butter from Dota 2 as a full time job. You can check this article for more detail if you want to know How to make money with Dota 2. But there are some people who have taken this game way too seriously and caused some serious damage. Out of which, we have compiled a list of Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2.

Reportedly, at least 5 human deaths caused by Dota 2 till to date. Brief description of each tragic incident is given below.

Russian Gamer Died After Playing Dota 2 for 22 Hours

A 17 years old Russian teenager from Bashkorotostan died after playing Dota 2 consecutively for 22 without taking any rest. He started playing Dota 2 on night 30 August 2015 and kept playing this game continuously for almost 22 hours till next day. Because of no rest, his major organs failed and he lost consciousness. He was rushed to hospital but he did not survive.

In total since 2014 he spent more than two thousand hours playing Dota 2.” the press service of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Republic stated. Source

Teenager Stabbed his Friend for Kill Stealing

August 12, 2014 around 2:00pm, a 15 year old Filipino boy was stabbed to death by one of his friend in Olongapo (Located in Zambales Province). The police identified the suspect as Carlos Gloria, 16 year old and a student, While his victim was a 15 year old student named Cris Lester Ocampo.

We were playing DOTA 2. I told him that was not his last hit with SF (Shadow Fiend most probably), but he still killed. Then I slapped him. Then suddenly he punched me in the neck so I took my pen from my bag and I struck his neck. – translated“, the suspect told police during investigation.

The police also found out that the suspect had become touchy due to trash talking of the victim earlier when they were playing. Source

Kid Commits Suicide After Getting Penalized in Dota 2

Reported on 13 Aug 2014, a 15 year old Pinoy kid from Taft Avenue, Manila, named Jayson Chua found dead in street at 11:43 midnight. Neighbors said that they heared the boy yelling “F*cking Low Priority, F*cking dota 2, F*cking internet connection” Before they heared noises outside their window. The kid jumped from a 5 story building where he lived. The QCPD declared that the kid is dead on the spot and they started further investigations. Source

Pinoy Dota 2 gamer Kills his Grand Mother for disturbing during game

A 17-year-old Filipino beat his own grandmother to death in Quezon City, Philippines after she interrupted his Dota game and scolded him.

The boy told police that he could not remember how actually this thing happened. He had blacked out during the attack and when he re-gained his senses, he found himself cleaning up evidence of the incident. After this, he went to his aunt at about 10:00 P.M. to tell her what had happened. Aunt and teenager returned to his home together, after which she called the police.

Police found his grandma’s dead body at the scene with wounds to her head, neck and chest, with additional defensive wounds on her arms. Bloodstained ceramic pieces, most likely a vase, was found in a trash can in the house’s front yard. Moreover, some washing material was found next to the grandmother’s body which was presumably used to clean up the house.

Apparently the teenager came from a broken home and was raised solely by his grandmother. He was later turned over to social workers in the Philippines. Source

Boy killed his Friend for Hacking his Dota 2 Account

A 16 year old boy killed an 11 year old boy for hacking his Dota 2 Account in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect took victim to a construction site where he initially beat the victim. Suspect slammed victim’s head on wall repeatedly and then stabbed him over 40 times (Thats a lot of rage ).  ABS-CBN news conducted an interview with the mother of the victim, during which she said that her son (dead body) was unrecognizable after the incident.

Philippine National Police issued a statement to ABS-CBN news stating that they received information about the probable cause of the incident, the victim allegedly hacked the Dota 2 account of the suspect. Source


9 Female Dota 2 Gamer You Wish Were Your Gaming Partners

Updated on 16 August 2019

Most of the male Dota 2 players wonder if there are any female Dota 2 gamer? Because most of the guys think that this is the game which only guys can master, but in fact, there are some very beautiful and lovely girls who also play Dota 2 and surprisingly / not-surprisingly they are pretty good in the game. I am damn sure some of these ladies are better in Dota 2 than most of male dota 2 players.

In my opinion, dating a gamer girl is the wish of every gamer and Dota 2 guys are no different than others. Below is a list of most beautiful, skilled, talented female Dota 2 gamer. They will not only dominate you in-game, but they will also leave you speechless with their stunning beauty too. Remember, its a list, not a comparison.



Sheever - female Dota 2 gamer

Sheever’s real name is Jorien van der Heijden. She belongs to the Netherlands. She is an amazing Dota 2 Caster, Interviewer, an amusing host, and a good Dota 2 gamer. She started her gaming path since Warcraft III days and started playing Dota. Once Dota 2 came on the scene, she shifted to Dota 2 and still plays till to date. Most of the time you will find her playing Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, Mirana and Venomancer. She started casting Dota 2 in 2012 and since then she has cast in many national and international tournaments. At the moment she is an independent caster looking to move to the next big studios.

You can see the this blond beauty often casting for ASUS ROG DreamLeague, The International and other Dota 2 events in her magical voice. Currently she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. We all pray for her speedy recovery as she is part of our Dota 2 family.

Facebook    Twitter    Website



Helena - female Dota 2 gamerThis 22 years old blond beauty is from Greece. She is a former player of League of Legend (LoL) who removed LoL from her computer while streaming live and then started playing Dota 2 (This is what I heard over the internet) . We often find her streaming on her twitch channel. Most of the time when she listens to community before picking hero, she ends up getting terrible pick and more terrible trolls. Well, we must admit that she is new to Dota and still has far long way to go. However her stream is really fun to watch and to see different guys (including some pro Dota 2 players) hitting on her during stream and matches.


Facebook    Twitter    Twitch


Danelie Purdue

Danelie - female Dota 2 gamerDanelie is a nice and a cute caster from Australia. She is a full time university student and in leisure time she loves to play Dota 2 and sometimes cast her own games too. She have professionally casted in MPGL Season 7 LAN in Malaysia, GEC online qualifiers, Malaysian Cyber Games LAN, some National Cups, Hitbox EU Championships and some JoinDota League matches as well. In her free times she likes watching streams, drawing dragons, playing with the dog, eating and sleeping.




Facebook    Twitter    Twitch



Renessa - female Dota 2 gamer

Reinessa is an American national female Dota 2 gamer, cosplayer, and caster. Playing Dota 2 and cos-playing us like her passion. She is most famous for her cosplays at major Dota 2 tournaments. She has cosplayed at TI4, The Summit 2, MLG Columbus 2015, TI5, and ESL One NY 2015 (Where she secured 4th position in their cosplay competition posing as Female Beastmaster)

She did Lina, Crystal Maiden, Templar Assassin, Mirana, Pudge, IO, Beast Master, and Zeus cosplays at different national and International Dota 2. Well, she is not all beauty with no brains, she is getting her Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry. (WoW – a big WoW). In her spare time, she can be found streaming some Dota 2 and Minecraft on the twitch channel. Still if get spare time, then she loves to cook and work on her costumes for cosplays.


Sajedene - female Dota 2 gamerNikki Elise commonly knows as Sajedene is a cute little young Dota 2 gamer. She is a passionate Dota 2 player, manager of Dota 2 team Digital Chaos and plays a heavy role in the operation of DotaCinema (the largest Dota 2 YouTube channel). People call her Saje or Nikki. She loves to live-stream on Twitch during her free time and has developed a loving and supportive stream community there. She is also a graphic designer and works on art commissions when she has got time. Sajedene enjoys reading, watching TV shows, movies and anime, sketching, swimming, and dancing.


Twitter    Website



ProveDota - female Dota 2 gamerProveAttitude is known by ProveDota by the internet and as Prove by her friends. She is an experienced Dota 2 player playing it since Dota 6.00 patch days. So you can well imagine, how experienced she is when we talk about Dota 2. She used to cast Dota 2 matches with THR, DotaCash and DC tournaments with Purge. Now she spends her time casting Dota 2 matches, streaming Dota 2 and other gamer and making some awesome videos about Dota 2 and Dota. She has also worked as an interviewer during TI5. Despite trying hard, I could not find many pictures of her, it seems that she likes to stay behind the camera. 😀

You can support her work by following her at social sites.


Facebook    Twitter    Youtube


Asia Amore

Asia Amore - female Dota 2 gamerAsia Amore is 27 years old Canadian female Dota 2 gamer. She streams for Complexity Gaming and also a Visual artist and designer. She has got decent solo and party Dota 2 MMR (4k+). Most of the time you will see her playing carry on her stream. She says she can’t play support role very well, however, I personally feel that those who usually play carry can play support very well because they know what carry is going to do next and what he needs from support at what exact moment.

Asia Amore finished her degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She stepped into gaming world by playing Dungeons and Dragons but later on also started playing Dota 2. She is an excellent learner and gamer as she has stepped into High Skills match brackets very fast.

Facebook    Twitter    Twitch


Aleska - female Dota 2 gamer28 years old Aleska is French national and currently living in England. She is a former web journalist who later on switched to french Dota 2 streaming. She had been streaming for Jeuxvideo and FroggedTV once or twice a week.
By profession, she is an electrical engineer and currently working in a research center in the UK. She is a passionate Dota 2 gamer and likes to play Meepo (), Crystal Maiden and Windranger. In her leisure time, she likes to play Dota 2 or Binding or Isaac.

Nikki Chen

Nikki Chen - female Dota 2 gamer

Monika who is also known as Niki Chen is 24 year old female Dota 2 gamer from Singapore. She has been playing video games since long including Dota 2. She is pretty experienced Dota 2 gamer with more than 4500 matches played on her account. In 2013 she started streaming her Dota 2 games too which is pretty fun to watch. Most of the time she can be found streaming her Dota 2 games on SEA server. She reached a top of 5k+ Dota 2 solo MMR and still revolving around the same figure.




Facebook    Twitter    Twitch
23 Symptoms to Check if You Are a Dota 2 Addict

23 Symptoms to Check if You Are a Dota 2 Addict

I have compiled a list of symptoms to determine if you are a Dota 2 Addict or not. If you observe 50% or more points in your self, you are a Dota 2 addict. Some time this addiction might be good (In case you are a Professional Dota 2 gamer and earning some real money and supporting your family) and sometimes this addiction might be bad (In case you are a student and you spend most of your time on Dota 2 instead of studies).

These are written just in random sequence and you may find them really scrambled. Well, this is supposed to happen because I am a Dota 2 addict too. Have fun reading ahead.

This is just a fun article, keep it that way. Don’t take it on your heart.
  1. Whenever you lose a Dota 2 game, you want to grab your weak team mate and punch him in the face.
  2. Your left thumb is always on the alt button whatever you’re doing at your computer. Maybe you want to check your Facebook friend’s hp bar.
  3. When you get amazed at anything you call it ‘imba’. ‘He scored 99 at his math test, imba!’. You also call things that annoy you, ‘imba. ‘That guy is imba, he is damn fat’.
  4. You relate people’s appearances with Dota 2 characters. You call guys with sharp teeth, Night Stalker. You call black friends, Shadow Fiend. You call ugly fat guys, Pudge.
  5. Winning a Dota 2 game makes you feel like a celebrity. You stand up feeling that everyone is looking at you. You tend to snob weaker players and treat them as your fans.
  6. You start getting fat because of lacking exercise but you ignore it. You think that as long as you win, you’d be a handsome celebrity.
  7. You play Dota 2 from the moment you wake up until the last hour you are awake. Then, you continue playing in your dream.
  8. Playing Dota 2 is having several code names like, “mom, I’m doing my research I’ll be home at 2 am.”, “Yeah, dad I’m changing the tires of my car.”, “Hello sweetheart, where am I? (thinking…) Damn, damn, the battery is low… (turn the cell phone off and resume game)”
  9. You become so thrifty on anything except on Dota 2. You would endure not buying food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then spend everything you earn playing Dota 2.
  10. Dota 2 became the third party on your relationship. Your girlfriend is starting to let you choose between her and Dota 2. The worse thing is, you choose Dota 2.
  11. You say the word ‘aw/wtf’ in real life. Girlfriend: “my mom is sick.” You: “aw, sorry to hear that..”
  12. You have a Facebook photo album full of Dota 2 screenshots and posts though people don’t really care about it.
  13. You judge the totality of the person based on how good he plays. An ugly but good player would say, “How the hell that noob guy got a hot girlfriend?! I’m going to tell his gf that he’s noob so she can change her mind.
  14. You are enumerating Dota 2 character names while doing other things like watching TV, walking to school, cooking, eating, pooping, dating.
  15. Sexy fan arts of lady Dota 2 characters make you aroused. Worse, you search for more sexy pics of Dota 2 character. Worst! You search for their nude pics.
  16. You find it difficult to sleep after losing a Dota 2 game. Your body rotates like 30 times while thinking before you sleep. You even hammer your pillow and repeat a phrase several times, like “I did my best!“. And sometimes, you’d do the most pathetic thing ever you can do with your life, you cry.
  17. When you go to a party with your friends to hang out, the topic you’re going to discuss are; any of the following: Dota 2 games played, new strategies for Dota 2, Dota 2 character’s strengths and weaknesses, and how ‘imbalance’ is the food you’re eating.
  18. You try teaming up with good players because you get so afraid to lose a Dota 2 game. You feel like losing a Dota 2 game would turn you into a vapor and dissolve out from this planet.
  19. You remember the exact time you bought all your items but forget the time your home will be locked.
  20. You try to play better whenever a girl is near, thinking that they would approach and ask you to be her boyfriend after.
  21. The years you are addicted to Dota 2 would be the years you are in a different world, forgetting your real life. You wake up suddenly, “WTF, I’m 30 and I’m still at high school?!”
  22. You start to have a hot-temper like you want to cast lightning bolt on your teacher.
  23. This is the ultimate test. Check your Facebook, if more than 60% of your friends are Dota 2 buddies, congratulations! You are within the portals of Dota 2 Realm.

So if you find that you have 10 or more points in yourself, then you must admit that you are a Dota 2 addict. As I said in the 1st paragraph, sometimes this Dota 2 addiction can be good and sometimes it can be bad. However, the first step is its acceptance. Then if you are happy to be a Dota 2 addict, then go ahead the way you are doing, but if you think that you need to get over with this addiction, then you need to wait for my next post which I am preparing nowadays.

Updated on 8 Dec 2018
Why we love dendi

Why we Love Na’Vi – Dendi Episode

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin started playing Dota in 2006. First ever team he joined was WG. After this, he joined some other teams and finally in December 2010 Dendi moved to Na’Vi and then he just climbed the ladder of success with Na’Vi.
I am not going to give u guys more history lecture about Dota and Dota 2. I have been following Na’Vi and especially Dendi from Dota era when I 1st watched Dota world championship. So, in the next few paragraphs, I will be explaining to you why we love Na’Vi and Dendi, because its Dendi Episode.

Why I love Dendi?

After watching 5 TIs, I still love 2012 Na’Vi the most. Why? Because they played for us, they play for fun and winning came running towards them. They did not care if they win or not. They just did not forget to entertain their viewers, supporters, and fans and I can say with utmost certainty that they never failed to amuse /surprise us with different and unique combos.
How can I forget pudge and Chen fountain hooks by Dendi and Puppy? If you have not seen it earlier, here is a glimpse of what Dendi and Puppy have been doing in Dota 2 matches.

Then came the most boring TI of all. TI4. Chinese teams believed in farming and winning only. Believe me or not. Just after the draft, I predicted the winning team and 98 % of the predictions were correct. Why? Because their hero line up was winning line up but at the same time boring too.
But here comes the Dendi. His one move literally brought colors to the whole TI 4. What was that?

Oppa Dendi Style

Puppy and Dendi were in opposite teams and Dendi wanted to kick his ass (this is what he literally said). And when he did it with his signature hero Pudge the Butcher, he came out of the players’ box and taunted Puppy with his unique Gangnam style dance. I won’t be wrong if I tell u I have watched that dance for over 100 times till now. Check out the video below to see the whole action.

 Na’Vi in TI5

Then comes TI5. Na’Vi was not given direct invite and Na’Vi fans were shocked to the core of their heart. But Na’Vi again made it to the Seattle for final LAN round of TI5 where they were eliminated earlier than expected. Valve released the All-Star match’s team list and sadly Dendi was not it. It was again a shock at least for Na’Vi and Dendi fanboys. I was like “It will be the most boring all-star match of history without Dendi”.
I did not watch the All-Star match because I thought it will be boring same as TI4 matches. One of my friends told me that this time Valve gave us a surprise. I asked what was it. Well, he did not ruin the surprise and told me to watch the video my self.
The video started and I saw Pudge came to real life and was sitting next to puppy. No one knew who he was, but puppy was damn sure it was Dendi. And when the mask was removed, the audience present in the arena and audience watching it live all gone crazy to see Dendi actually cosplaying for his lovers and fans. It was 1st ever cosplay done by a pro player.

U know what made me love him more After that?

I saw him drenched in sweat because of cosplay. What do you guys think, why he did so? Did he do it for money or cash prize? No !!! He was already out of tourney at that point. He just did it for us, for his fans and lovers. I believe in Na’Vi and again they did not disappoint me. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Winning and losing are essential components of a game but fun is the most rare part and Na’Vi always concentrate on this rare part.
Specially Dendi plays for fun, for his lover/fans and for us, and we love and support them no matter what other people call us. We will always support Na’Vi and Dendi and YES, we are proud of it.

This is how another fan expressed his love with Dendi, he compiled some awesome gameplay clips into a movie. Watch it below.

Updated on 24 January 2019