Rylais Quest

Rylai’s Quest – A Dota 2 Story by Dota International

Hello guys and welcome to my 2nd Dota 2 Story. If you guys want to read my first Dota 2 Story, Here is it. Fighters of Light - Dota 2 Story So, this one is going to be a long story, I have divided it in few parts. You can read 1st part below. I am now working on next parts of this story. In mean while, please give me your suggestions and positive criticism to improve my stories more. Part 1 - Rylai's Quest - A Dota 2 Story Rylai (Crystal Maiden) was standing besides Kunka's Bed. Tears were flowing from her cold eyes. She stopped her father Kunka when he was going to hunt the Shadow Fiend, the fiend that had terrorized his whole country for many decades. It was Dazzle who made sure that Kunka returns home alive....

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Dota 2 Story Fighters of Light

Fighters of Light – Dota 2 Story

Fighters of Light - A Dota 2 Story I have started writing Fan Fiction about Dota 2 at Dota International. These stories are based on usual happenings of Dota 2 game but we assumed that Dota 2 is not a game rather it’s a real world existing in a parallel universe. It is my first ever Dota 2 story and I plan to write many, so please avoid stupid comments. I welcome any positive + constructive criticism and suggestion. Even if you like it or not, please leave a comment below, it will surely encourage / help me to write some more fun for you. If you think of any story plot, do let me know by contacting me at Contact Us Fighters of Light Cast Radiant = Sven + Omni Knight + Magnus + Vengeful Spirit + Sky Wrath Mage Dire = Shadow...

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