How to make a Team / Clan in Dota International

Hello and welcome to Dota International. A place for competitive Dota 2 Gaming. Below is a small guide reading which will help you learn How to make a Team / Clan in Dota International. First of all, login to Dota International using your Steam ID by completing all the steps asked in subsequent windows. Once you have logged in Dota International follow these simple steps and make new Team / Clan in Dota International.   Step 1 Click on Create Clan Button in top right corner near your name. See image below. Step 2 A new page will open. Click on "Add Template".   Step 3 Once you will click on Add Template, a small window will open like shown in image below. Scroll a bit down and select "Clan Page".   Step 4 Click on Clan Name┬áto change your Team / Clan name. Then Change logo...

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