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Dota 2 Lane Combo Ideas for an Awesome Game

Dota 2 Lane Combo Ideas for an Awesome game
Updated on 8 Dec 2018

Earlier I posted an article about Dota 2 Team combos. Here in this article we are going to tell you about some cool lane combo ideas. So you can have some fun with your friends. Remember, these combos are MOSTLY for fun and work like a charm in under 3k MMR games. But you can also execute these combos in higher MMR games if you have perfection with your heroes.

1. The Invisible Rot Combo

Pick LifeStealer and Pudge. Build an Aghanim’s Scepter (or get one from Alchemist) for Lifestealer. Pudge will activate rot and have Lifestealer Devour Pudge. Then Lifestealer will get inside the Rock Golem (Ancient neutral creep). So, what will happen now ? Rock Golems have magic resistance, but Pudge’s Rot effect is supposed to persist. So take that golem to team fight and deal as much invisible magical damage as you can and then get out of golem and start participating in team fight.

2. It was not Luck but Skill Combo Ideas

Play Mirana and get Bane in team. Bane will use Nightmare (3rd spell) on a hero and Mirana will hit an arrow from max distance. This will get you max time for stun and max damage too. You’ll always hit that static target precisely. Same can be done with Kunka. Use Kunka’s 3rd spell (X Mark the Spot) on an enemy and Mirana will shoot arrow on that x mark. As soon as arrow gets near to the X mark, use recall function of Kunka’s spell. This needs a bit practice but works like a charm.

3. Surprise Chain Frost

Select Lich and get an Aghanim’s Scepter. Go to enemy’s ancient creeps and use your ultimate(Must make sure it has at least 2 rock golems because they are immune to magic). It will keep bouncing between them forever without damaging them. Once an enemy comes to that camp to farm, they will almost instantly die. To make this effect more freaky, use your ultimate on same golems more than 1 time.

4. Charge Charge Everywhere

This combo comprises of Riki and Spirit Breaker. Because of Permanent invisibility, Riki is one of the best scout of Dota 2. Use him to scout in enemy jungle and search for any solo enemy farming. As soon as an enemy is located Spirit Breaker will charge. Once Spirit Breaker is about to hit the enemy, Riki will use smoke screen and kill him under your smoke, if you feel that enemy is going out of smoke and may escape using any spell, then bara can use Nether Strike (his ultimate) to bring him back in smoke. This combo is really anoying in early and mid game till the time enemy does not ward area properly.

5. Surprise Mothafucka

Which is the poor bastard who is famous for taking lifts ? Yea, thats right Lifestealer. Pick Lifestealer and Spirit Breaker. Ask Spirit Breaker to give you lift and charge solo enemies. Once Spirit Breaker hits the enemy, Lifestealer will come out and use “Feast” to slow the enemy and within 3-5 secs your enemy will be dead. Use Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike (Ultimate) if required.

6. The Invisible Ion Shell

This is a very annoying combo in lane. It can be accomplished with Dark seer and any invi hero. However bounty hunter is best suited for this combo for 2 reasons.

  1. Extra track gold for whole team from his tracks.
  2. Jinada slows the enemy for further 3 sec. This means more damage from Ion Shell.

So, as soon as you go in lane, use Ion Shell on your invi hero and that invi hero will stay with weakest enemy. Try your best that invi should not break in front of your enemy. Have them believe for first few minutes that its a solo lane. Then they will get wards to get rid of you, so do not forget to get wards before hand.

7. The Love Story Combo

Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden are in love even before beginning of time of Dota 2.  Crystal Maiden will frostbite enemy and juggernaut will spin your enemy to death. Try this combo from level 3 onward. In case Frostbite is not enough, then Crystal Maiden has another slow for 3 seconds. When Crystal Maiden is in your team you wont have any mana problems as well, so you can spam this combo to max. In case you both are low HP, let Juggernaut heal you in lane and you wont even have to go to Base in your laning phase.

This combo can work with any hero whose slow works for more than 3 seconds. This way Juggernaut can deal maximum damage from Bladefury.

8. You can’t Kill me Combo

I am sure that you guys must have tried Huskar and Dazzle combo at least once. However now we have a batter version of it thanks to Oracle. Oracle’s Purifying Flames reduce Huskar’s HP, thus giving him bonus attack speed and further magic resistance. But after damaging, it applies a regeneration buff to Huskar, further preparing him for the fight.

Oracle’s False Promise removed all types of Buff upon cast and also does not let him die for 9 sec and this the buff which can not be countered by any mean (Like Axe can easily kill someone with Dazzle’s Shallow Grave if they have HP less than a specific point). False promise also reduces all type of damage to 50% and also doubles any healing taken for the duration of False Promise thus making him like an unbeatable Tank.

9. Someone Called a Doctor ?

Axe is one of the best Early game hero who can deal lots of damage in small amount of time. In latest update his counter helix Damage has been shifted from physical damage to Pure damage. If Axe keeps on getting healing, then he can stay in lane and push very fast. There are very few heroes who can counter Axe’s early game push. If your enemy team consists of Melee heroes mostly, then selecting Axe is great choice. To provide him healing, there are many options. But 4th position Necrophos is a great option because of his Heartstopper Aura and annoying ultimate. Which doctor and Dazzle are also good choice.

If there are more melee heroes in enemy team, go behind enemy 1st tower in hard lane and stop their creeps. This way you can take tower easily in like 5 minutes. However, this combo won’t work if there are more ranged heroes. Because they will keep away from you and will keep inflicting lots of damage to you.

10. Ursa and Shadow Shamen Combo

One of the oldest combo in Dota scene. When I started playing Dota almost 8 years ago, this was the first ever combo I was introduced to. Its simple. Shadow Shamen will get hold of the enemy with his 3rd spell and in meanwhile Ursa will finish him off. If still some life is left in your enemy, here comes hex from Shadow Shamen.

11. The Little Ball of Death Combo

This one is again one of the oldest combos. However it can only be started after IO is level 6. So, IO and Ursa will tether and TP behind any solo enemy and kill him instantly and then come back after 10 secs. This combo has lots of potential but can also backfire some time. May be you think enemy is alone and you TP behind him and there you land in an enemy trap. So, watch out for traps.

IO can also take other insta kill heroes with it and get a kill. Best suited in order of priority are; Ursa, Tiny, Pudge and Tuskar. Although you can take any carry hero with you, that can work. But it is best suited with above mentioned heroes.

12. Tiny and Tuskar Combo

Why Tiny should spend extra 2250 gold for a stupid dagger when same job can be accomplished by Tuskar. He can provide you a lift. As soon as you reach near enemy, Tuskar will Walrus Punch the enemy and in meanwhile Tiny will use Stun Toss combo to finish off enemy.

Tuskar can also be combined with other melee insta kill heroes who have problems getting near enemy.

13. I’ll Nuke you to Death

Skywrath mage is one of the highest magic damage dealing heroes in whole Dota 2. It can his ultimate can deal almost 850 damage in 2 sec. But only problem is small radius of its ultimate and enemy escaping its area of effect. That problem can be solved by keeping enemy at a static location. This can easily be done with the help of Clockwork. His cogs will keep the enemy trapped in Skywrath Mage can use his ultimate and kill the enemy.

Skywrath mage can be combined with other long disables like Nature Prophet’s Sprout, Bane’s ultimate (Fiend’s Grip) or may be a long stun from Mirana’s arrow.

14. Fresh and Bleeding Meat

This is one the combos which is a comparatively difficult to execute because of Pudge’s hook accuracy. However, here Blood Seeker will make his job very easy. Blood Seeker will use Rupture on an enemy, enemy will stop or will try to TP out (The Best solution to Blood Seeker’s Rupture). This will give enough time to Pudge to hook that enemy. Now Pudge’s Hook will deal pure damage and once it drags the enemy for almost 1000 units, that enemy will take additional pure damage from Rupture. There are 90% chances that enemy will be dead by the time it reaches Pudge. Since the latest update 7.20c, rupture is no longer lethal. It means no matter how much you run, it can not kill you. Your HP will remain at 1 but you wont die of rupture. So, as a last killing blow, Pudge’s rot will be enough. If not then Pudge’s Dismember will finish him off.

If you have some other cool lane combo ideas, please let us know in comments below. We’ll add those in main article.

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