Dota International’s Clan Wars – Season 6

Season 6

This Event has been postponed because of some unavoidable circumstances. It’ll be organized again after some time.

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Dota International Clan Wars – Season 6

We are please to announce 6th Season of Dota International Clan Wars. Registrations are Open and any team which can play on SEA (Singapore) Server is welcome to join. Please read important information below before you join this tournament. It has all the information covered which you need to know. In case you want to ask anything, or anything which is not covered below, please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Thanks to our sponsors Kill Ping, they decided to offer 1 year premium membership to the each player of winning team. I must tell you that each of the subscription costs around $40. So there will be 5 prizes of 1 year premium membership of Kill Ping for each member of winning team. We can safely say that prize will be worth  $200.


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Registration fee for Dota International Clan Wars Season 6 is [sc_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″ ]Dota 2 items worth $1 or more[/sc_highlight]. These items MUST be market-able and trade-able. We can only accept max 2 items whole combined price will be $2 or more. We wont accept 3000 items whose combined worth is $1.


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If tournament is free to join, then lots of teams register to the tournament. Many of those teams are not at all serious and on match time they don’t show up. As a result Admins and other team members have to wait for them and they never show up and waste our precious time. To get rid of such non serious teams we have placed a restriction of  Dota 2 trade-able and marketable items worth $1. This way if some teams don’t show up on match time, at least they will lose something and in SEA region, no one like to lose anything.


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Important Information about Clan Wars Season 6

 Tournament is free to watch. You do not need any ticket to watch it in Dota 2 client. Just go to Tournament Tab >> Amateur tab >> select South East Asia from drop down and select Dota International Clan Wars Season 6.

Tournament Settings

Tournament Type : Tournament is single elimination. Once lost a match you will be out of tournament.

Match Type : All Stages except Semi Final and Final are Best of 1 matches. Semi Final matches will be best of 3. Final Match will be best of 5.


Servers : SEA Server (Singapore Server) Only.

Map : Latest map available will be played and in case you need to download anything patches etc, please download it well before time. Downloading a patch / update is excuse for being late.

Game Mode : Captain’s Mode will be used as primary game mode and all rules of captain’s mode will be followed.

Team Limit : No limit for teams to join. All the teams which have registered to the tournament successfully will be allowed to play the tournament.

Date & Time Settings :

Registration Closing Date :  5th June 2016 2016

Brackets Announcement : 07th June 2016

Tourney Start Date : 10th June 2016

Match’s Time / Schedule : Match schedule will be announced after brackets have been announced. To view matches schedule, please visit our site’s main page or our matches page.  You can only view matches schedule once brackets have been announced.

Match Play Timings : 5PM GMT+5 to 11 PM GMT +5

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Registration for the Tournament

Requirements for Registration :

  • Click here to see how to make a new team / clan in Dota 2 International and make a new team, if you have not made 1 already.
  • Give your team link to your team mates and tell them to join the team. Once they request to join, team captain will approve their request to join.
  • You team must have minimum 5 players before it can sign up for the tournament.
  • You can add as many players in your team as you want. But only 1st 5 players are allowed to play in this tournament.
  • Admin’s approval is needed in case you want stand-ins to play any match. You can ask once you come for match.
  • Your team Page must be complete and it must have a name, Logo and About us information provided.
  • You must agree to play between 5PM GMT+5 to 11 PM GMT +5 time brackets. In case you can not play in that time frame, please DO NOT register. We have also provided a time converter on our main page. To see time near your location, please visit our Homepage.

Registration Process :

  • Make a team or join existing team. Then submit your joining request by clicking the “Submit Registration Form” button below.
  • We will check if your team is ready as per instructions above.
  • Then you’ll need to submit registration fee on this Trade URL via steam trade offer.
  • Once you have made team on our site and also submitted registration fee, we will add a comment on your team page about your registration status.
  • In case we need some improvement on your team page, you will be told via comment on your team page.
  • AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe will add you on steam, or you can also add him. This is important because he will be providing you with all the necessary information about tournament.

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Tournament Details

How Matches will be Played :

  1. Match Schedule including date and time will be shown on our site’s main page and our matches page.
  2. Both teams must be ready atlesat 10 minutes before match time.
  3. Tournament match lobby will be manually hosted by Admins and Password will be given to team captains via steam chat.
  4. Both the teams will join and match will start.
  5. In case of Best of 3 and 5, all matches will be done in one single sitting and one single day. These matches will not postpone to next day.

Winning Criteria :

  1. If whole team forfeits the match and abandons or rage quits.
  2. If enemy team does not show up on time and you are given a walk over by Admin.
  3. If enemy team is disqualified for any reason, opponent will be declared winners.
  4. Once enemy’s ancient is destroyed.
  5. If your opponent calls GG, wait for their throne to be destroyed. (In a tournament once an enemy team calls GG, system automatically ask the GG calling team if they want to forfeit this match. Once they accept that option their throne is destroyed automatically)

Time Related Settings :

  1. Teams must be ready at least 10 minutes before match time.
  2. In case any team is not ready after 10 minutes of match time, then that team will be declared loser and will be kicked from tournament automatically.
  3. In case a team player is not available till start time of match, maximum 10 minutes will be given to Team captain to call Standin. (Standin must be part of your team on our site or else he will not be allowed to play)
  4.  Remember it is a free to join tournament so there will be lots of team and lots of shit to deal with, that is why we will strictly implement the rules. We don’t care if you have emergency at exact time or whatever. When it is time for match, you will have to be here.

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Please check the same post after 07 June 2016 for Brackets. Brackets will be added in same post once released.

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Registered Teams

Once team has successfully registered to the tournament, it will be added here in this post.

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[sc_note note_color=”#F44336″ text_color=”#000″ radius=”3″]

  • We reserve the right to change anything in this post, whenever, wherever and whatever we want.
  • We reserve the right to deny any team the registration in the tournament for any reason we feel appropriate.
  • Whatever decision match Admin / Referee gives during or about a match, is FINAL and can not be challenged.


If you have any questions regarding Dota International’s Clan Wars, please comment below so we can reply it for the sake of all users.


Dota International

11 thoughts on “Dota International’s Clan Wars – Season 6

  1. Wave Wave says:

    Why haven’t you asked for our team’s players? Just curious.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      You are going to add those team players in your team page already. Therefore no need to ask specifically about team members. 🙂
      Also you have not made any team page bro. You need to create a new team and add your team players in it.

  2. Ryan says:


    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Hello Ryan,
      Because of few issues, the event has been cancelled for now. We’ll start off very soon with the same event in near future.

      1. Gnaynix says:

        So.. its been half a year, any news?

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        We are not organizing any further tournament dear. This legacy has come to an end.

  3. RYAN says:

    good that u will start some time later and u know what i have played with u and u were a good frnd on steam btw i am not regisetred so pls telll me when the tourn is live

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes sure why not dear.
      If you are added on steam then surely I’ll let you know onve we start again.

  4. Boby Tee says:

    What happend with the article? I see all words cuting line

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      That is because EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR NOW. If you can see that is written on top of article in big, bold and red font.

  5. RYAN says:

    GGWP my team is burning to go for this tourn

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