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Fighters of Light – Dota 2 Story

Dota 2 Story Fighters of Light

Fighters of Light – A Dota 2 Story

I have started writing Fan Fiction about Dota 2 at Dota International. These stories are based on usual happenings of Dota 2 game but we assumed that Dota 2 is not a game rather it’s a real world existing in a parallel universe.

It is my first ever Dota 2 story and I plan to write many, so please avoid stupid comments. I welcome any positive + constructive criticism and suggestion. Even if you like it or not, please leave a comment below, it will surely encourage / help me to write some more fun for you.

If you think of any story plot, do let me know by contacting me at Contact Us

Fighters of Light


Radiant = Sven + Omni Knight + Magnus + Vengeful Spirit + Sky Wrath Mage

Dire = Shadow Fiend + Sand King + Bounty Hunter + Night Stalker + Drow Ranger

It was all darker than usual and Sven was pushing back Mega Creeps in middle lane. He knew that it was the Night Stalker who blocked the sun causing artificial night. “Man he is really good at this, I can’t even see my own feet”, Sven thought. He thought he saw bounty hunter around him but he just vanished into thin air. His 6th sense warned him that something is not right. He starting running back to base, to get help from his friends.

Shadow Fiend was walking right beside Sven using his Shadow Blade, he got 2 steps ahead of Sven and released all the unfortunate souls that he captured during time, dealing huge amount of damage to Sven, the last hope of Radiant. He was about to die when he received a refreshing light from heavens which healed his soul. Suddenly the ground beneath him started to tremble and then everything went blurry because of massive Sand Storm. It was the Sand Kind who blinked in the fight with his Epicenter followed by creating a massive Sand Storm. But it could not hurt Sven as his Black King’s Bar came to rescue, making immune to magic for sometime. He let out a loud Warcry started to run to his base with more speed to save him from this deadly ambush.

Far away from Sven, near Radiant’s Ancient, Magnus was standing. He was waiting for Dire to assemble at a point. He knew that next battle will be the last one and his Shocking Stump on ground can really turn the tables by producing Reverse Polarity. But he did not want to waste it on just Sand King and Shadow Fiend. So he kept waiting for the fight to grow.

Meanwhile, Omni knight was trying his best to keep Sven alive. As soon as his Black King Bar’s Magic Immunity finished, he wrapped Sven with Repelling Shield making him immune to further magic damage. Sven kept retreating towards his base.

Dire started following him desperately. They knew, once Sven is dead, there is no one to save Radiant Base. But they made that special critical mistake for which Magnus was waiting. While following Sven they all gathered near fallen tier 3 mid tower of Radiant. This was when Magnus blinked in and stunned them all by smashing in ground causing Reverse Polarity.

It was a golden chance for Sven and he did not want to miss this. He called for God’s Strength, and went back in the fight swinging his massive sword damaging all Dire heroes simultaneously. He felt that they are going to lose the shocking stun of Reverse Polarity. This is when he threw his Storm Bolt to keep them stunned for a few more seconds.

His massive sword ripped throw Dire heroes’ body. Drow Ranger and Bounty Hunter were the first heroes to fall then was Sand King. Shadow Fiend was more healthier than Sven imagined. But he was at a point in fight from where there was no turning back. This time was enough for Sven to observe the weakness of remaining Dire heroes. Using Daedalus he delivered one critical blow and whole dire team was sent back to hell, from where they came.

After this Rampage of Dire heroes, when he came back to Radiant’s healing fountain, he saw Vengeful Spirit and Sky Wrath Mage. He asked them where they have been the whole fight. They kept quiet and fixed their gaze towards ground. Sven saw Vengeful blushing and then turning around.

He had his speculations about their relationship, but now things became more clear. He did not want to lose their ancient while depending upon supid Romeo and Juliet. So he thought of dealing with this matter all by himself.  After taking a short bath in healing fountain, he purchased boot of travels, packed his weapons and started his journey to north, towards Dire’s Ancient.

Omni Knight : Where the hell do you think you are going ?

Sven : They are all dead, I can take their base now, there is no one to stop me.

Omni Knight : I guess you are forgetting that Shadow Fiend and Bounty Hunter can buy their lives back with the gold they have.

Sven : I can take them both alone.

Omni Knight: Nope, not with our God’s Strength. You should not go alone at this point. I am going with you. Because if you are dead, rest of us will not be able to stop Dire’s next invasion.

Omni Knight also purchased Boots of Travels and started his journey along with Sven and travelled hundrads of miles in just few seconds. It just felt like they Teleported to that location.

Vengeful Spirit and Sky Wrath Mage were too embarrassed to go with Sven, so they took the longest route, the east Route (Bottom Lane). Magnus decided to stay back to defend the base against Mega Creeps coming from mid lane.

Sven and Omni Knight destroyed Dire’s top tier 3 tower and instead of destroying creep’s Barracks, they went straight for Dire’s tier 4 towers when Sven saw Shadow Fiend running towards him to save their ancient. But there was no stopping Sven with the number of weapons he was carrying. Shadow Fiend himself was quite frightened to face Sven alone and so was Bounty Hunter. So they helplessly watched Sven destroying their towers in front of their eyes.

Well, they knew if they lost ancient, everything will be over. Shadow Fiend attacked Sven in a hope to scare him away, but Sven was not ready to be distracted, he knew he could trust Omni Knight with his life because he was the one who died many times while keeping him alive.

He kept hitting Dire’s Ancient with his massive sword. This is when Shadow Fiend decided to fight Sven face to face, no matter what happens to him. Omni knight did not want to take any risk, so he started praying to God and called for Guardian Angels to save them both from Shadow Fiend so they could win this endless battle once and for all. Shadow Fiend wanted to use Glyph of Fortification to save the desperate situation, but it was not ready yet.

And with a blast, Dire’s ancient burnt to ashes. Light prevailed and Darkness just vanished away. They thanked God for his Strength and for sending his Guardian angels to help Sven and Omni Knight, the 2 Fighters of Light.

The End

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