How to Check Steam Trade URL of Steam Account

Hello guys,

Steam Trade URL is good if you want to carry out trading of steam games like Dota 2, CS-GO and Team Fortress etc. But most of the people do not know how and where to find it. I am going to list a simple and easy way to find / check your steam Trade URL and if you have been spammed with scamming trade offer, I will also show you how you can change that.
So lets go step by step.

Step 1

First of all, login to your steam account on Steam Client or onĀ Official Steam Community website.

Step 2

Now click on your name as shown in picture below and then click on “Inventory”.

how to find steam trade url

Step 3

Now in next window, click on “Trade Offers”. Shown in image below.

how to find steam trade url

Step 4

In next window, click on “Who can send me Trade Offers”.

how to find steam trade url

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Step 5

In next window,, at the end of page, under third Party sites, You will be able to see your Steam Trade URL, copy it from here and use it where ever you want to use.

how to find steam trade url

Now you are done, if you want to already have your steam Trade URL and you are getting spam or scamming trade offers from stupid and low life scammers, you need not to be worried, just click on button below “Create New URL” your Steam Trade URL will be reset and you will get a new Steam trade URL.

how to find steam trade url

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Remember” style=”3″] There is no bar on how many times you get a new trade URL, but remember, once you create a new Steam Trade URL, your old one is gone now, and you can not use it anymore and anyone who tries to use that will get error when he visits it. It is therefore suggested that you do not change this URL time and again.

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