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How to Fix Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

how to fix connecting to game

How to Fix Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

Updated on 01 Feb 2019

Dota 2 Reborn is facing many problems including lags, bugs and nowadays almost all Dota 2 Gamers are facing a new issue. When they start the game they receive an error “Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator“. With this issue, users can not find any game normally and it is like your Dota 2 has not connected to Dota 2 network.

So here are a few tricks which can fix your “Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator” issue. It is also possible that next time you launch Dota 2, you may face this issue again. 1st 3 methods are temporary solutions whereas method 4 and 5 are permanent solutions. Right now if you think that there might be some fix by official Dota 2 developers, then you are wrong and you may need to wait for a long time to get a permanent solution from Steam + Valve.

Method 1

Follow these simple steps to get rid of Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator issue.

  1. Sign in to Steam and start Dota 2
  2. If your Dota 2 Start with “Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator” error, then click on “Play Dota 2” in the bottom right corner and select “Practice with Bots” and in next option select “Solo”.
  3. Now start your game and select any hero.
  4. Now load and enter the game
  5. Now come to main Dota 2 Screen by pressing the Down button in top left corner while you are in the game.
  6. Disconnect the game by clicking on the “Disconnect” button in the bottom right corner.
  7. Enjoy, your issue is solved now and you can search for a normal game now 🙂

Method 2

Alternately you can also get rid of this issue by Going to Learn tab and then starting a Learn game in the left-most column. You will have to follow all steps from step #3 – 7.

If you do not understand anything given in the above lines, then just watch this video below and I hope this issue is solved for you.

Method 3

This is a permanent solution

This may sound strange to you but its one of the best and permanent method to get rid of connecting to Dota 2 game coordinator error. Download this software WTFast for free. Run this software and then run your game and start feeling the difference. Annoying connecting to Dota 2 game coordinator error will be gone forever. How? This is a software specially developed for the sole purpose of reducing pings, lags and improving the connection with game servers. You have the option to use different servers if one is not working. This way, if one server is down, no issue, you can connect to another one.


Method 4

This is a permanent solution

1. If Dota 2 and Steam are running, close it.

2. Right click Steam icon on your desktop and then click “Properties

3. You will see “Target” and this address will be present there. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe

How to fix Dota 2 Game Coordinators

4. Now at the end of this line, add space and “-tcp“. It will become like this.“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -tcp

How to fix Dota 2 Game Coordinators

5. Click “Apply” then click “Ok

6. Now launch Steam then start Dota 2 normally.

7. Your issue must be fixed by now 🙂


Method 5

  1. If your Dota 2 is running, close it.
  2. Now, open Steam and then click on the Steam tab at the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Click on settings. The setting menu will pop up now.
  4. Click on download at the left side of the menu.
  5. Find download region and change to any other server and click ok.
  6. Now restart steam and finally change your download region back to original one. Although even if you do not change, it won’t make much of a difference for small updates.

Method 6 

I have not tested this method personally. You can try this method and if it works, please let us know in the comments below.

  1. log in to
  2. Search for Dota 2 in the Steam store by typing Dota 2 in the search bar or just by clicking this link.
  3. Click the “Play” button and hopefully everything will be fixed.

Credits for method 5 and 6 go to the comment posters below.

<strong>Important Note</strong>
 If none of the above methods works, that means Dota 2 servers are down. There is nothing you can do to fix it except waiting for these servers to get fixed by Valve. Most of the times it takes 2-4 hours for steam servers to get back online but it can also take more time.

46 thoughts on “How to Fix Connecting to Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

  1. Yavor says:

    didnt work for me, tried all the methods, stilll nothing. Funny thing is , this shit came out of the blue – i was in th DotA client as it showed up!

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Hello Yavor,

      Dear if Steam’s Dota 2 servers are down then unfortunately NONE of the method can help you. These 4 methods can only help you once connection between your PC and Steam is doubtful / broken.

      Also ALL these methods have been tested hundreds of times. So, I am dead sure that this must be steam servers which were down.

      1. lucky says:

        it’s not the server physical problem , it’s the anycast which is making it still not properly recording for the proper way for the packets across the network. The real problem is in scheduling algorithm which is scheduling my packets from india(bazpur) to europe(luxembourg). It’s like dota server should know my location before up for ping. please make servers to connect quickest with closest servers physically.

      2. lucky says:

        its like the packets are first reaching europe(ping~198ms) then from europe to india(250ms) from my location in india, my closest servers are giving high ping and the farther one lower pings.

      3. Jemni says:

        Dota 2 Is NOT in your chittle, so we NEVER will know WHAT it is for then to be into SO MANY separate streams.

  2. xdude says:

    Thanks, it worked,

  3. valgadr says:

    omg thank you

  4. ahong says:

    oke fix. but, still can’t finding match bro.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Can you explain a bit more bro ?

      1. ryan says:

        can u help me sir. mine is this is no “searching for dota coordination” showing on top but when i starting find a match and accept it. I’m stuck in “connecting” but i can’t join on game. pls help me ty

  5. Vasil Andreev says:

    I found a real fix who worked for me. I logged in
    Selected the Dota 2 game and I went in:

    And then I clicked the “Play” button and everything was fixed, my Level managed to load and it found games.

    1. DotaRP says:

      It’s good method, bro.
      I tried and it’s ok

    2. Ta Anh Dung says:

      thanks its worked

  6. dota lover says:

    press on learn and pick dragon knight don’t pick luna and its going to work

    1. Chen says:

      Thank you, this worked 4 me!

  7. ivankenneth says:

    It works men.

  8. kyoto says:

    i tried everything but it wont work i think its better to restart the router and shut down the pc then turn it back on and start the game…..

    1. salz says:

      is dota server down today?? please let me knw

      1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Yes it seems to be…

  9. Agato says:

    Not worked after 7.00 patch but it worked for me before 7.00 patch, my friends can play, so I am pretty sure its not servers down

  10. Muhammad Talha Munir says:

    try all these methods but still same shit happening

  11. Konyong says:

    i tried everything and it does not work. then i found this way and try. it worked. i using sea server.

    1. if u open ur dota 2, close it.
    2. open steam then click on steam tab at upper left ur screen.
    3. click on setting. then setting menu will pop out.
    4. click on download at the left side of the menu.
    5. find download region and change to other non-sea server (i select poland) and click ok
    6. then close the steam.
    7. reopen the steam and change back to ur download region.

    Gudluk and hv a nice day.
    p/s: found in fb

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Thank you very much bro, will now add it in main post. Hope this will help other members too.

    2. pankaj leishangthem says:

      thanks man
      it works

    3. blamed support says:

      Dude you are the real mvp, thanks it work! After like 5 times abandon.

    4. Misto says:

      Wew it’s amazing to be read the worthy comment like this

  12. Rogero says:

    Not working all the above 🙁

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Bro its written clearly that when none of the above method works, it means Steam servers are down. There is nothing you can do to restore the connection.

  13. draculea says:

    -tcp trick worked!

  14. Ryan says:

    thanks its work… method 3!!

  15. Csaba says:

    Method 4 worked well, Thanks!

  16. Danesh says:

    Thanks to this website
    My dota 2 works now

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Glad it helped you.

  17. Derian Putra says:

    fix at method 3 !!!

    1. Kyle says:

      Ja same here. Tried all of them and only number 3 worked for me. South African Servers 🙂

  18. jay says:

    Why takes 5-7 minutes to reconnect after disconnecting in the game? But my internet is fine

  19. Man says:

    Well played.

  20. Symphonic says:

    Method 3 works, thanks

  21. satu says:

    maybe you can add my trick to fix this problem.
    1.close Dota2
    2.Then open steam
    3.Go offline then Go online again
    4.start dota2 enjoy!! 🙂

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Problem with this method is, that it only works when your steam has issues connecting to the internet (bad internet). For most of the times, this method does not work. 🙂

  22. Kilod says:

    Number 6 works

  23. mikadox says:

    its workkkkk..thank you

  24. Vlad says:

    Method 5 worked for me. Thank you!

  25. sven says:

    holy moly it worked – Method 3

  26. Soroush says:

    thnx <3

  27. Jemni says:

    NO this is NOT what we want. THIS is an initiative to CONTRAIN our bodies, our minds, our chittle bits. So if YOU think it is what WE are, then US will KEEP it in our minds. So much bless. So much sheets.

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