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How to level up Dota 2 TI5 compendium

how to level up dota 2 compendium

Dota 2 TI5 compendium owners have been worried about leveling up their compendium since the day it was released. Till 14th may there were not many ways of leveling up the TI5 compendium and frankly speaking this time it is not like TI4 or TI3 where compendium owners enjoyed more and more benefits without having to pay lots of money. I will be explaining how to level up Dota 2 TI5 compendium.


So thanks to Dota 2 Update on 14th May that it provided us with some other ways of leveling up the compendium, although its still not like old times but “Some thing is better than nothing”.


Here are rewards for your Leveling up Dota 2 TI5 Compendium


level up dota 2 compendium


So lets discuss in detail how can we Level Up our Dota 2 TI5 Compendiums.


  1. Buy Compendium Points from Dota 2 Store: 


If your pocket allows, buy as many compendium points from Dota 2 store as you can. Remember there is no upper limit for your compendium level. With this method you can earn unlimited levels for your TI5 compendium.


How much levels can you earn :

So with money, you can even take it to level 10,000 by spending almost $4,000 +   So you can earn unlimited levels this way.


  1. Complete Compendium Achievements:


There are around 25 achievements as of today. You complete those achievements and you get points which are mentioned below that achievements. Thanks to valve that they have included some more achievements in compendium in recent 14 may update.

But there is a problem, completing achievements get you only a limited amount of points. As of today, you can only get —– points by completing all of your achievements that means you can get only limited levels.

How much levels can you earn :

Limited levels only.


level up dota 2 compendium


  1. Completing Challenges:


There are different challenges given in compendium which needs to be completed during game. There is a compulsion, that you need to win game after completing your selected challenge. Once you win a game you earn a certain amount of reward after completing every challenge.


level up dota 2 compendium


These challenges are very easy in start, then becomes moderate and later on as you complete more and more challenges, they become more and more difficult. It does not mean those can not be completed, but they need lots of team effort skill and game knowledge to complete.

For example, “Deal 1000 damage to heroes in 1 second”. Now people kept thinking bout heroes like Phantom Assassin, Wraith King for their critical strike or tinker with Ethereal blade and Level 5 Dagon, but remember guys it says “Heroes“, why don’t you take AOE spell casters and deal damage in AOE in 1 sec, like Queen of Pain ultimate to 2 heroes and this challenge is gone.


How much levels can you earn :

Limited Levels.


  1. Heroes Challenge:


There are 2 different types of Hero Challenges which can earn you coins and Compendium points.

level up dota 2 compendium

  1. The Ten Hero Challenge gives all Compendium owners the chance to earn additional Compendium Levels by winning normal games with a selection of heroes. The Ten Hero Challenge can be completed up to three times with a different selection of heroes for a total of 450 points (4.5 Levels). Once you complete 10 heroes challenge once you get 150 Points, mean 1.5 levels. So after completing it 3 times, you get 450 points or 4.5 levels. each time you complete 10 hero challenge once, you get different heroes next time. You can also re-roll once in each 10 hero challenge, to change your heroes randomly.
  1. All Compendium owners will now have an additional slot for hero-specific challenges in their list of in-game challenges, which will award both Compendium Coins and points toward Compendium Levels when completed.


After the latest update, now other than All Pick games, you can also complete Challenges in Captains Mode, Captains Draft, Random Draft, Single Draft, and All Random game modes.


How much levels can you earn :

Limited Levels.


  1. Items Recycling:


Whenever you recycle any 10 items, you’ll earn 25 points toward a Compendium Level as well as a Charm of the Crucible Jewel II. There are also three Compendium Achievements for Charms to help you earn more Compendium Points.


How much levels can you earn :

You can recycle unlimited items for unlimited levels.


level up dota 2 compendium


  1. Consuming Item:


You can choose to consume any TI5 Compendium Immortal by right clicking on it in the Armory and choosing the Consume option. You’ll gain 200 Compendium Points (2 Levels) for each Immortal consumed this way. This option suits those players best who have high levels of immortals and they can easily consume some immortals they don’t like to increase level of their compendium.


You can also consume collector’s cache’s sets for 2 levels. Most of those sets are so awesome that you don’t want to consume them


How much levels can you earn :

You can consume unlimited items for unlimited levels.



level up dota 2 compendium7
level up dota 2 compendium 7


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