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How to Stack Ancient Creeps in Dota 2 – Another Trick

I am sure some people already know about this, but this guide is for the people who don’t know. This is a simple trick about how to stack ancient creeps in Dota 2. Other than your hero you can use any dominated creep to stack Ancient Creep for you when you are farming in any other place/lane. You can use many “Hero Owned Creeps” for this purpose, like Nature Prophet’s treants, Lycan’s Wolfs and so on…

However, if you are playing with any hero who does not have “His Owned Creeps “, you can use “Helm of the Dominator” to dominate a creep to stack the ancient creep camp for you. This is same how you stack other Neutral Creeps.

How and When Creeps Re-spawn?

Creeps re-spawn first time at 1:00 and then after that, at each minute mark, that means at 2:00, 3:00 etc…

Once Creeps have been killed in a neutral camp, new creeps will re-spawn when minute completes. If the last creep dies after X:54 time, then no creeps wave will re-spawn at next minute mark. So that means, if you want that camp creeps to re-spawn again at minute mark, then you need to kill creeps before X:53. X here means any minute. Mechanics changed now. Now creeps will respawn even if you kill the creeps at X:59 provided you are not in the camp range to block next spawn.

How to stack Ancient Creeps Now

So let’s see how it is done. Basic idea is that you pull the neutrals away from their camps at about x:50 – x:54 of every minute (X means any minute). That way, when the game checks if the creeps are there each minute, it will think that the creeps have been killed and will, therefore, spawn new creeps.

Lets do this step by step

  1. Dominate a creep if you have not done it yet. Prefer to get some high HP creep so even if Ancient Creeps attack it, it should survive. Any creep dominated by helm of the dominator will have 1400 HP.
  2. Get your hero to a safe place where ever you are, or otherwise enemy may gank you once you are busy stacking creeps.
  3. At about x:51-x:52 mark, ask your dominated creep to attack the Ancient Creeps, but try not to actually attack, just give attack command, or your creep might to stack ancient creeps in dota 2
  4. Start moving your dominated creep out of Ancient Creep camp. Ancient Creeps will follow you.
  5. Make sure Ancient Creeps are not in their camps at x:59 to x+1:01
  6. You have successfully stacked 1 ancient creep to stack ancient creeps in dota 2

Now keep repeating the above steps for the next couple of minutes, and you will get lots of Ancient Creeps stacked in their camp.

how to stack ancient creeps in dota 2

You can now kill them for a huge gold bounty. This is best done with a hero who has some form of splash attack / AOE attack damage so you can kill the neutral camps quickly.

When stacking the first couple of times, do it around x:53. When more creeps are there, you have to do it around x:51-x:52 to make sure all of the creeps get out of the way before 1 minute.

Best Heroes to farm on stacked Ancient Creeps

  • Sven
  • Kunka
  • Medusa
  • Luna
  • Drow
  • Huskar
  • Magnus
  • Alchemist
  • and many more…

Special Notes:

  • Do not try to kill Ancient Creeps in early game or you will get killed easily. No, I mean literally NO hero can kill 3-4 stacked Ancient Creeps at the 5-minute mark. Wait for some decent and appropriate time and then farm.
  • Keep an eye on the enemy too, or their carry might steal all your stacked Ancient Creeps and you will lose all the effort and hassle not mentioning gold bonus to enemy carry.
  • Try to Dominate some high HP neutral creep.
  • Only do this when your supports refused to help you farm (Happens mostly in Pubs).

Updated on 24 January 2019

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