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Manila Major’s Stats Infographic by Dota International

Manila Major main event started on June 7th 2016 and finals were played on June 12th, 2016. OG Dota 2 showed an excellent gameplay and won this Major. Team Liquid was 2nd and bagged $405,000. Whereas most famous rather most hyped teams like Team Secret, Evil Genius, Fnatic and Na’Vi could not show the gameplay their fans were expecting. Na’Vi did however pleased their fan with awesome gameplay in this event but ultimately their skills and luck ran out and they were eliminated.

PGL, the tournament organizing company, did an excellent job. Unlike Shanhgai Majors, this event went extremely smooth without any major issues, at least none was reported by the community. I must say that stage designing, organization and preparations were excellent and “Hodor holding the door” (a Game of Thrones scene) for final match was an icing over the cake. Check out video below if you have not already watched it.

The Cosplays at Manila Major

Another thing which I must mention is the awesome standard of Dota 2 Cosplay in Manila Majors. I can safely say that it was THE BEST Dota 2 cosplay competition ever. Pinoys showed their love for this game and we came to see awesome cosplays. Blood started to rush in our veins when we saw Dota 2 heroes coming to life. Doom and Clockwork’s cosplays were also excellent but Fred, who was cosplaying Tinker, won the Dota 2 cosplay competition and took home $10,000 (Almost 230,000 PHP). If you could not watch that epic event, here is the video.

We hope to see a more better standard in in all aspects in TI6 which will be taking place in Seatle in 2nd week of August 16.

I have prepared an Infographic about Manila Major’s stats. This will definitely help you with your prediction in TI6 event. All the data has been carefully compiled and I can assure you its accuracy, but still keep human error factor in mind.


Infographic Manila Major by Dota International



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