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Overthrow – Dota 2 Custom Game Review and Tips

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Overthrow – Dota 2 Custom Game Review

Overthrow – General Information

Overthrow is made by Dota 2 Official and we guess that is official account of Dota 2 (Dont have any proof to confirm it, other than the account name).  It has got 5 star rating based on almost 2 million votes and you can find almost 2000+ players playing Overthrow on normal time and almost 8000+ players playing on peak times. Good thing is that this Dota 2 custom game has it dedicated server. That means it will have less lags and delays etc.

Maps Available

Overthrow has 4 maps which are different because of map size and players allowed to play in each map. Below is a list of supported maps for Overthrow with details.

  1. Forest Solo : 10 players and team of 1 player. Total 10 teams.
  2. Desert Duo : 10 Players and team of 2 players. Total 5 teams.
  3. Mines Trio : 9 players and team of 3 players. Total 3 teams.
  4. Desert Quintet : 15 Players and team of 5 players each. Total 3 teams.
  5. Temple Quartet : 16 Players and Teams of 4 Players each. Total 4 teams. (Updated on 4th January 2016)

Overthrow Review

I have played almost 10 custom games made by fans or Dota 2 itself but this is by far most amazing and fun to play game.

Balance : Game is fairly balanced and many heroes abilities have been adjusted for balance purpose. Still there are some heroes and heroes combos which can give you very tough time. But you can not say some solo hero is totally imba and can take over game alone. So I can easily grant 4.5 Stars to balancing of this game.

Gameplay : Well gameplay is quite different form normal Dota 2 game, which should be because it is custom game, but a new player need to play at-least 5-10 games to understand its gameplay completely. But once understood, this game becomes addicting. Gameplay to be given 4 stars.

Fun : Seriously this game is more fun than normal Dota 2. There is nothing like boring farming and jungling etc. Its just ganks, fights and kills and fun. Most of my free time I keep playing this game. If you want to learn some new hero and practice it, go ahead, this is your game to learn, test and practice new heroes. I am compelled to give 5 stars to Overthrow’s fun.

Difficulty : Overthrow is fairly difficult to play if you don’t know about all 100+ heroes mechanics. However if you ave fair idea what other heroes do and how they can be combined in a combo, then its not at all difficult. So I can easily say that if you have good experience of Dota 2 gameplay, then its not at all difficult for you. but if you are a relatively new player in Dota 2 then it is extremely difficult.

Overall RatingI must give 5 star overall rating to Overthrow, because a game’s main purpose is fun and it has all the fun which a Dota 2 player can have. Rest all aspects can be improved, but if a game is not fun, then that game is not worth playing.

What to do in Overthrow – Dota 2 Custom Game

After you have entered the game, you stand in a circle around the throne, it will give you experience and gold over time. If you get out of that circle, still you get gold but very low.

Your main task/job is to get as much last hits on heroes to get confirm kills. Once your team have scored designated amount of kills in designated times, you win and only 1 team wins at a time rest all lose. Kills and time threshold for different maps is given below.

MapKills Threshold to WinTime
Forest Solo20 Kills 15 Mins
Desert Duo30 Kills15 Mins
Mines Trio30 Kills15 Mins
Desert Quintet50 Kills15 Mins
Temple Quartet50 Kills15 Mins

So what if no one get designated amount of kills in given time, well, in that case, team with highest kills win.

What if 2 teams have same amount of highest kills at end. That is not possible, because as soon as the winner team launches the last killing blow on last enemy, game is immediately terminated.

Remember that not all heroes abilities are same as of Dota 2 normal game. Many heroes abilities are adjusted for balance requirements.

Best Heroes to Play:

Any heroes which are good at stealing kills, are best. Other than that, you take heroes which have potential to take a kill solo or can kill multiple in gank with their AOE spells.

Best Solo KillersBest AOE KillersBest Kill Stealers
TuskarQueen of PainSniper
WindrangerObsedian DestroyerRiki


Best Strategies / Tips

  1. Always stay and fight as a team, this way you have more chances to kill other enemies.
  2. Its always better to allow other teams to start their fight, then jump in their fight and get / steal as many kills as possible.
  3. Must get your necessary levels first before jumping in fight. But with some early game hero, you can really annoy early other teams and force them to go to base to lose level and gold.
  4. Bonus items drop randomly at designated locations, a notification will show on map when item is announced and delivered so be at that location just at exact moment.
  5. Bonus items are brought by courier. When that courier drops item on its location, it blows and all the players enemy or friendly which are standing on item delivering location are pushed a bit back, so while trying to snatch the bonus item, its better to avoid that blow.Overthrow - Bonus Item Drop Item Spot
  6. Runes respawn normally at runes location, get those runes for extra power ups.
  7. A crown will appear on heroes if their team is leading. If you kill any member of leading team you get extra 500 gold. Try to get that kill and bonus gold.
  8. Try to steal as many kills as possible, remember only kills matter, not assists.
  9. Its always better to get the last hit on enemy hero, its never a good idea to damage an enemy hero to its 5% HP and then some other team member comes and steals kill. In that case you will get assist, but remember, assists do not matter in this game.
  10. It is always better to have 1 or 2 anti-gank heroes like Earth Shaker, Winter Wyvern or Lesharec etc. and some finisher heroes to deal finishing blows to enemy.

If you need to know anything about Overthrow, comment below and I will be happy yo reply.

Post Updated on 5th January 2016
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