How to Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

Play CSGO on LAN without Internet

I was searching over the internet to find a way to play CS:GO on LAN without Internet but could not find a worthwhile solution. Thanks to one of my friend he told me the way. Now I am writing it for the consumption of other friends who want to play CS:GO on LAN without internet.

This is only useful if you have 1 internet router/server computer but NO INTERNET. It will work without internet, however, your router will work as the main server. If you don’t have any router, then you will have to make 1 home network on one of the PC and then all friends have to connect to that. So let’s go:

Everyone to start CS:GO normally.

For Host Computer

Step 1

Click the “Play” tab and then click “Offline with Bots.”

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

Step 2

Select the game mode you want (for the sake of argument, I’ll set up a Death Match game). Then select the map you want to play.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet 2

Step 3

Select an appropriate difficulty for the Bot players, then click “Go” when ready.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet 3

Step 4

Wait for the team selection screen to load, and then pick the team you want to play. Now press “`” or “\” or whatever key you have selected for the console to appear. When Console appears In the developer console, type “sv_lan 1” without inverted commas. This will enable LAN for other players to join.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

Step 5

Now type “status” in the console and look for the “udp/ip” line (it should be a string of numbers resembling 192.168.#.#). Share this number with your friends. It is shown in the image below.

Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

For Other Player’s Computers

Step 1

If they haven’t done so all ready, ask them to get to Console by pressing “`” or “\” or whatever key they have selected for the console to appear. When finished, ask them to type “connect [The IP you gave them]:27015“. Notice the space between “connect” and the IP address.

Step 2

Once you are done, you will join the game. You will see the bots playing, to join the game, just take control of any bot by pressing “e”

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Trouble Shooting

  • It is normal if done properly, for the loading screen to not change to the map loading screen for a few seconds. The error “Connection failed after 5 retries” should appear if done incorrectly. This error is attributed to a wrong IP; you need to recheck the IP address you have entered to connect. In case that is wrong, you won’t be able to connect. It be something like this Connect[space]192.168.x.x:27015).
  • If done correctly, the map loading screen should appear, indicating that the connection was successful.
  • If you selected a wrong team in a LAN game, simply press “Esc” and then go to select team and select a new team for it.

Enjoy CS:GO on LAN with your friends. 😀

17 thoughts on “How to Play CS:GO on LAN without Internet

  1. samre12 says:

    Is there a possibility for the clients to load their own weapons and skins in this offline mode?

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      I am afraid no.

  2. Ginushmal Wikumjith says:

    Conection failed after 30 retries error cames after doing these steps how fix it plz hurry need a answer befor tomorrow

    1. Xenon says:

      I also get the same error. Please help us to solve this.

    2. Charlie_root says:

      is your IP, by any chance ?
      I have this problem too , it won’t work because the LAN didn’t host properly for some reason which is obvious because is the loopback IP, not the actual local computer IP … if you just tell your friends to “connect” it doesn’t work

      1. o2madness says: is what is called localhost and you are basically saying connect to yourself, you need to ensure that the host machine is connected to the network first, then on the windows start menu type cmd and that should open a command prompt where you should type ipconfig /all
        This will show you the full network configuration of your host machine and look for something similar to or 10.1.10 or the information that will be in the row that says IPv4…. ###.###.###.### (Preferred)

      2. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

        Thank you for your insight. But as this guide clearly says that “connect to the IP address that is given by your host”. So it does not have to be always It will always be different for everyone. I just took screenshot and mine showed that IP.

    3. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      There are some possible problems.
      1. Either you or the host is not connected to LAN.
      2. You are entering wrong IP address to connect
      3. The host has not yet activated the connect feature (he has not followed all instructions yet)

    4. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      That means you are not connected to the server yet. There are 2 things I can suggest.
      1. Make sure internet is off on your modem / router / Mobile hotspot etc and just wifi signals are on. It’s like making a hotspot with your mobile phone but DON’T switch on mobile data.
      2. Make sure that everyone is connected to that server. << IMPORTANT 3. Now try from step one again and it will fix it.

  3. Sony says:

    Vaalki tudja hogy kel megnyitni a konzolt ?

    1. Gnov says:

      Beállításokban aktiválni kell, majd a játékvezérlő beállításban be kell állítani egy gombra amit szeretnél

  4. Charlie_root says:

    Welp, if you type status and you see that the ip is , by any chance … that means YOU’RE FUCKED as it will NEVER work as that’s the loopback IP … strangely, that IP also shows up in this tutorial which is strange because it means the guy who made it didn’t ACTUALLY try it

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Basically that means that you are not connected to LAN. Thats it. Just check your LAN connection and you are good to go again.

  5. huajay says:

    I meet an error when connecting : steam validation rejected.How to solve this problem?

  6. Sayeet Shrestha says:

    is it still possible in 2019

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Yes, it is.

  7. smagiuxto says:

    Pretty interesting

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