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How to Reset Dota 2 MMR – At Last

reset MMR

People have been searching for a way to reset Dota 2 MMR. However there was no way to reset it up-till now. With the release of TI6 battle pass, Dota 2 has introduced a new type of MMR. International Ranked match. So in my personal opinion Valve is now trying to make money from MMR as well. So what is the procedure ?

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You need to buy a TI6 Battle Pass for 10 bucks from Dota 2 / steam store. After that a new ranked match system will unlock for you. In that you will be able to play ranked matches starting from zero. To get calibration International MMR, you need to play 40 matches. So, when your 40 matches are complete, you will get a new MMR both for solo and party. Once TI6 finals are over, you will be given an option to replace your ranked MMR with your International Ranked MMR. Whatever is more you can keep that as your actual ranked MMR. So this is how you can reset your MMR.

reset Dota 2 MMR

This is what Valve said on their site about this.

reset Dota 2 MMR

However, if you still get your MMR below your normal MMR, that means you have wasted your 10$. Valve said that you can reset your MMR every year, so, you will have to hand over 10$ every time you want to attempt to reset your MMR and you also have to wait for next year if you miss or waste 1 chance.

As far as I can guess, Dota 2 community may protest against this pay to reset Dota 2 MMR thing and may be, just may be, till next TI, this resetting option will be free.

But then comes other thing, valve is trying hard to squeeze money from every possible way. Earlier, once you get any drop, you could sell it in market or trade it with someone else. But now that is changed to non trade-able and non marketable stuff. So, they want us to buy new items from market, instead of trading it with someone. This is just one issue and many such issues persist in valve’s dealing with Dota 2 community.

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But I have seen one thing, it does not matter, how much accounts you make, your MMR range will remain almost same, until you have remarkably improved your game and controlled your temper and know how to deal with shit teammates.

Still if you are going to play International ranked matches and want to reset Dota 2 MMR, you must read this guide which explains calibration MMR in detail so you can make some real improvement. Good Luck.

3 thoughts on “How to Reset Dota 2 MMR – At Last

  1. ... says:

    You have only 10 games, not 40. You re playing in 2018 buddy.

  2. BumWhistler says:

    $10 for a crapton more than just reseting ur mmr. your also supporting esports much like you would normal sports…like a £50 top for a football team. $10 a year seems perfectly reasonable.

  3. Thedude says:

    Except it isn’t reseting your mmr. You just can get +200max of your regular mmr. It’s pretty much a scam imho

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