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Rylai’s Quest – A Dota 2 Story by Dota International

Rylais Quest

Hello guys and welcome to my 2nd Dota 2 Story. If you guys want to read my first Dota 2 Story, Here is it. Fighters of Light – Dota 2 Story

So, this one is going to be a long story, I have divided it in few parts. You can read 1st part below. I am now working on next parts of this story. In mean while, please give me your suggestions and positive criticism to improve my stories more.

Part 1 – Rylai’s Quest – A Dota 2 Story

Rylai (Crystal Maiden) was standing besides Kunka‘s Bed. Tears were flowing from her cold eyes. She stopped her father Kunka when he was going to hunt the Shadow Fiend, the fiend that had terrorized his whole country for many decades. It was Dazzle who made sure that Kunka returns home alive. But his wounds were beyond any treatment.

Door opened and Witch Doctor entered the room. He checked Kunka‘s condition and came to Rylai.

Witch Doctor : I am afraid he may not survive his wounds. Even our Healing Fountain is empty now. There is nothing we can do to save him now.

Rylai : (Started crying uncontrollably) How is that even possible ? There must be something we could do.

Witch Doctor : (Thinking hard) Actually there is one way to save him. But that is so dangerous that I must not suggest it.

Rylai : (Eyes sparkled with hope) I don’t care about any danger, just tell me what it is ?

Witch Doctor : I’ve heard that in northern plains lives a creature named Roshan. He has a relic that makes you immortal. If you infuse it with someone’s body, he can not die and all the curses are removed. Roshan does not know the spells to use that relic, but I do.

Rylai : Okay done now. I am going to get that relic at any cost.

With Doctor : Wait, I must tell you that mightiest of warriors have gone to claim that aegis and they were never seen again. People claim their bones are still rotting in Roshan’s pit. That is extremely dangerous for you.

Rylai : Doctor, you know my father is an Admiral in this country, he trained me so well that I can take Roshan alone.

With Doctor : Do you even know the way to Roshan Pit ?

Rylai : Nope, I don’t, that is what you are going to tell me.

Witch Doctor : Listen my baby, you have to pass the frozen wasteland, Burning plains and Jungles of Astafar to reach Roshan‘s pit. Even if you succeed, still you will fail because Roshan is the mightiest creature living on this planet and you can not kill it.

Rylai : Then get ready to write some history Doctor. I am going there and will kill it. I will bring back the Relic of Immortality. Fathers do so much for their daughters, this is least I can do for my father.

Rylai went to her room to pack for the upcoming journey. Witch Doctor’s comments about Roshan kept bothering her for whole night, but she was firm to claim the Relic of Immortality even if she has to sacrifice herself.

In the morning, she was sitting with Witch Doctor to learn more about Roshan and about the journey to Roshan’s pit. Yurnero(Juggernaut) entered the room. “Hows your father feeling now my love ?Yunero asked. “He is not fine, I am going to kill Roshan and get the Relic of Immortality for my father“, said Rylai.

Yunero started laughing hysterically when he listened that Rylai is going to hunt Roshan.

Rylai : (Bursting with anger) What is wrong with you ?

Yunero : Just tell me that you are kidding…

Rylai : (Fastening her hands at her chest) : I have never been so serious my whole life.

Yunero : (Getting serious) Lets suppose for a moment that you are going to Roshan’s pit, which I am sure you can not, then how are you going to kill it ? Are you going to kill it with your snow balls ? Rylai, you… you can not be serious.

Rylai : Yunero, I dont know how I am going to do it, but I will. I don’t care if Roshan kills me. But this way my last thought will be that I at least tried to save my father.

Yunero : You know Rylai, I always told you that I will always be with you no matter what happens. So if you are planning to die, then lets die together, I am going with you !!!

Rylai : No you cant, I can not allow you to get hurt for me. This is my dad, my mission and I am going to do it alone.

Yunero : My life has no meaning without you Rylai, I lived with highest honor and I want to die with same honor.

Rylai : (with notorious smile on her face) Well, lets suppose I take you along, how is that going to help me ?

Yunero : (Wrapping his arms around Rylai) Sweetheart they call me Juggernaut for a reason. I am the most skilled Samurai Warrior on this land.

Rylai : (Resting her head on Yunero‘s Chest) Don’t take it on you heart baby I am just kidding.

With Doctor came near them and said “Once you guys finalize anything, let me know I am going out side to search for some more herbs.”

Juggernaut went to his room to pack his weapons and rations for the journey. He put Abysal Blade in his left sheath and Butterfly Sword in right sheath. Assault Cuirass fit like a charm on Yunero‘s athletic body. He was tying laces of his Boots of Travel when Rylai entered his room.

Are you ready Yunero ?Rylai asked.

Yup, I am.” replied Yunero.

Lets go then, said Rylai.

Wait for me“, shouted Witch Doctor.

They stepped at the door.

I can keep him alive with my Voodoo magic for some time, but remember you guys don’t have that much time. You must try to get back as soon as possible. If you feel that Roshan is too dangerous, don’t take the fight. Its not wise to kill 2 young people to save 1 old man and take this Yunero, it will help you in times of need.

What is this Doctor ?” Asked Yunero.

I did some magic on this candle, if you light it up, it will heal your deepest of wounds. But remember, you must use it in extreme need. Yunero took that Healing Ward from Witch Doctor and they both left the palace and started their journey towards Roshan’s Pit.

People were waving their hands to see of the most loved princess of all time. Everyone was praying for their safety and success. Everyone was hoping to see them again…

To be Continued …

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