Site Rules

Dota International Rules and Regulations

Hello, Dear members !!

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you all to Dota International. In order to make your stay as pleasant and positive as possible please take your time, read and follow these Rules and Regulations.

We do not believe in freedom of speech, because this is a place owned and run by personal expanses of Owner, therefore whatever he plans, says, asks, or announces will be taken as authority. If you need freedom of speech go somewhere else. But here you are supposed to follow all the rules and regulation strictly.

Posting in Dota International

  1. While posting, do not use any other language except English.
  2. Try not to bump old topics and posts.
  3. Any Flaming will be dealt very harshly. Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, insulting, threatening or harassing comments will not be tolerated. You are not allowed to flame/insult by posting in the forum, sending Personal Message (PM). If you do flame/insult, we have the right to ban you from Dota International for lifetime.
  4. Do not post pornographic/sexual (that includes avatars and pics too) content.
  5. Do not post duplicate topics, use search function before starting any topic to see if it is already discussed before.
  6. When posting about any program / software, provide a screenshot and tutorial along with online virus-scan report.
  7. Do not post copyrighted content like pirated softwares/movies etc. These will be deleted without any notice.
  8. Respect other members. Avoid posting religious, inflammatory, racial, abusive, trolling or hateful comments.
  9. If the content is leached / copied from somewhere you must mention the credits / source from where it was copied otherwise it will be deleted.
  10. Spamming is strictly forbidden, spam posts will be deleted and user will be warned/banned. A user who keeps on spamming despite of repeated warnings will be banned.
  11. Do not post more than one time in a row. If you have posted something, and would like to add something you have forgotten, then use “Edit button” to add what you forgot.
  12. Think twice before posting. Your question (or anything) may have been asked before, do a search, and if you don’t find anything, then feel free to start a new topic.
  13. Advertising other 3rd party site links are not allowed at all, neither in any post etc or your Signatures/Avatars.



  1. Posting any type of nudity contents in your avatars strictly forbidden.
  2. Avatars related to any religion or against any religion will be deleted without any prior notification.


Dealing with Dota International Staff members

  1. Do not flame/disrespect any staff members. It will be dealt very harshly and will lead you to a ban. Ban type will be according to your behavior.
  2. If any Staff member tells you something, then take a second and listen, (read it twice) before responding. Remember that we are the ones in charge.
  3. Anything an Admin or Owner says, goes for sure. Arguing will only get your penalty more severe.
  4. Staff members of Dota International have the rights to ban or warn you at any time for any reason which they feel appropriate.
  5. If you have complains against any staff member, you can contact in Contact Us page. But think twice before reporting any staff member, because they are the most respected and highly trust-able members; however they are also not exempted from these Rules & Regulations



  1. Do not make multiple accounts. If one of your accounts is banned and you make a new account, you will be permanently IP banned. If you forgot your password, then use the password recovery instead of making a new account
  2. Registering for the purpose of Spamming, Harassing, Advertising, Insulting, or starting Trouble in any way will result in a permanent ban. This includes offensive usernames, multiple accounts, etc
  3. Abusive/Sexual and confusing Usernames are strictly prohibited
  4. Scammers will be banned permanently, while posting for scammers please provide the clear proofs, otherwise we may not be able to take any action. You can report the scammers in Scam Report section
  5. Any religious abuse or harassment will lead to a permanent ban.

We reserve the right to change, add or remove any rule without further / prior notice. Please keep your self updated about Dota International Rules and Regulations to avoid any trouble.