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How to Activate/Deactivate Email Verification for Steam Trade/Offers

Steam has introduce a new feature for security of user’s accounts. Now you are able to confirm each and every trade / trade offer through your email address. However some times it becomes a big headache when you are trading items frequently. Then each and every time you carry out any trade either through online Steam Trade or offline Steam Offer, you will have to verify it through your email. So it really becomes annoying.

Well I am writing down few steps for those who do not know how to activate or deactivate your email verification for Steam Trade or Steam Offer.

Login to your steam account using steam client or official steam community website and then lets go step by step.

Step 1

Click on your profile name and then click inventory.


Step 2

On inventory page click on “More” and select “Inventory Privacy Settings”.

How to activate / deactivate email for steam trade / offer
Step 3

In next page, scroll down to bottom of the page and you will see “Confirmation of Trades”. Select if you want to Activate / Deactivate Email Verification for Steam Trades. Then click “Save Changes”.

How to activate / deactivate email for steam trade / offer

Step 4

You will get a pop-up confirmation message, confirm that.
How to activate / deactivate email for steam trade / offer

Step 5

Then you need to check your email address for email from steampowered.com, in bottom of that email, click “Yes Opt out of trade email confirmation”.

Step 6

When you will click on above mentioned link, you will receive a success message and a success email too.
How to activate / deactivate email for steam trade / offer

Why to Activate Email Verification for Steam Trades / Offers:

  • If Email Verification for Steam Trades is active then valve can retreive your stolen / scammed items.
  • If your account gets compromised, then the hacker will not be able to steal your items un-till he has your email as well.
  • Your steam account becomes more secure and you will have to worry less, even if it gets stolen / hacked.

Why to Deactivate Email Verification for Steam Trades / Offers:

  • Because each and every time you have to confirm annoying emails from valve.
  • You do not want to get spam emails in your email account and you want to keep your inbox clean.

We suggest you to keep Email Verification for Steam Trades switched ON as an extra security measure. Following above method, you can either Activate or Deactivate your Email Verification for Steam Trades / Offers.