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Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most played and a trend setting video game with players from almost all the countries. It is one of the games which can literally make someone millionaire in just 1 week (Like Team EG members) and metaphorically can also make a millionaire, homeless (Bets). As per careful estimation, almost 300,000+ people are earning their bread and butter from Dota 2 as a full time job. You can check this article for more detail if you want to know How to make money with Dota 2. But there are some people who have taken this game way too seriously and caused some serious damage. Out of which, we have compiled a list of Tragic Human Deaths Caused by Dota 2.

Reportedly, at least 5 human deaths caused by Dota 2 till to date. Brief description of each tragic incident is given below.

Russian Gamer Died After Playing Dota 2 for 22 Hours

A 17 years old Russian teenager from Bashkorotostan died after playing Dota 2 consecutively for 22 without taking any rest. He started playing Dota 2 on night 30 August 2015 and kept playing this game continuously for almost 22 hours till next day. Because of no rest, his major organs failed and he lost consciousness. He was rushed to hospital but he did not survive.

In total since 2014 he spent more than two thousand hours playing Dota 2.” the press service of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Republic stated. Source

Teenager Stabbed his Friend for Kill Stealing

August 12, 2014 around 2:00pm, a 15 year old Filipino boy was stabbed to death by one of his friend in Olongapo (Located in Zambales Province). The police identified the suspect as Carlos Gloria, 16 year old and a student, While his victim was a 15 year old student named Cris Lester Ocampo.

We were playing DOTA 2. I told him that was not his last hit with SF (Shadow Fiend most probably), but he still killed. Then I slapped him. Then suddenly he punched me in the neck so I took my pen from my bag and I struck his neck. – translated“, the suspect told police during investigation.

The police also found out that the suspect had become touchy due to trash talking of the victim earlier when they were playing. Source

Kid Commits Suicide After Getting Penalized in Dota 2

Reported on 13 Aug 2014, a 15 year old Pinoy kid from Taft Avenue, Manila, named Jayson Chua found dead in street at 11:43 midnight. Neighbors said that they heared the boy yelling “F*cking Low Priority, F*cking dota 2, F*cking internet connection” Before they heared noises outside their window. The kid jumped from a 5 story building where he lived. The QCPD declared that the kid is dead on the spot and they started further investigations. Source

Pinoy Dota 2 gamer Kills his Grand Mother for disturbing during game

A 17-year-old Filipino beat his own grandmother to death in Quezon City, Philippines after she interrupted his Dota game and scolded him.

The boy told police that he could not remember how actually this thing happened. He had blacked out during the attack and when he re-gained his senses, he found himself cleaning up evidence of the incident. After this, he went to his aunt at about 10:00 P.M. to tell her what had happened. Aunt and teenager returned to his home together, after which she called the police.

Police found his grandma’s dead body at the scene with wounds to her head, neck and chest, with additional defensive wounds on her arms. Bloodstained ceramic pieces, most likely a vase, was found in a trash can in the house’s front yard. Moreover, some washing material was found next to the grandmother’s body which was presumably used to clean up the house.

Apparently the teenager came from a broken home and was raised solely by his grandmother. He was later turned over to social workers in the Philippines. Source

Boy killed his Friend for Hacking his Dota 2 Account

A 16 year old boy killed an 11 year old boy for hacking his Dota 2 Account in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect took victim to a construction site where he initially beat the victim. Suspect slammed victim’s head on wall repeatedly and then stabbed him over 40 times (Thats a lot of rage ).  ABS-CBN news conducted an interview with the mother of the victim, during which she said that her son (dead body) was unrecognizable after the incident.

Philippine National Police issued a statement to ABS-CBN news stating that they received information about the probable cause of the incident, the victim allegedly hacked the Dota 2 account of the suspect. Source

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