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Ultimate Trolling Guide for Dota 2 Pub Games

ultimate trolling guide for Dota 2 pub games

I came up with a Dota 2 video in which the video maker compiled his trolling gameplay. So I thought to write this guide for those who want to try something new – Trolling in Dota 2 Pub games. Remember its just a troll post to have fun and piss some Dota 2 gamers off. If you are offended by this idea, then do not read it any further and close it.

Sincere Suggestions /Advices

  1. If you are trolling in same way time and again, it wont be fun. Remember, the best trolls are the genius ones and the ones that you made yourself. Possibilities are endless.
  2. Why to tease / troll someone when you can’t hear him rage afterwards? Make use of voice chat and normal chat as much as you can.
  3. Trolling in every game will not be fun. Play serious most of the time and troll only once in a while. That will be a lot more fun. If you act too obvious while trolling, people will instantly use one of a troll’s worst enemies: “-disable help” command
  4. The best trolls are team trolls! Think about things which you can do only with teammates. You will have twice the fun.
  5. Use a Smurf account: You are most likely to get LP after some time because of excessive reports. But, funny thing is that Trolling is more fun in low priority as stakes are high. So, once you want to play serious game, use your main account again.
  6. Don’t try this in Ranked games. Why spoil your MMR ?
  7. Try it at your own risk.

Hero Specific Trolling

  • Axe: On each successful dunk, pause and type in all chat, “Feel the Axe of Axe“. When u win, type” You get nothing, good day sir
  • Bane:  Use Nightmare on your teammates to cancel their TPs or channeling spells. Or just keep using this spell on your allies for continuous annoyance.  Once you see your ally fleeing on really low HP, Use nightmare him, it will deny him for sure. You can also use Shadow Demon / Outworld Devourer / Kunkka for this type of troll.
  • Bounty Hunter: Get boots and go behind enemy’s 1st tower, kill their courier. Do it again as soon as their courier spawns. See them raging at you and say, “You cant protect your courier, how are you going to protect your ancient“.
  • Brew Master: Once you kill an enemy, type in all chat “Drinks are on the House
  • Chen: Announce Mid or Feed, if someone tries for duel mid, send them to base. You can do same in other lanes. Your farm and levels are also important .
  • Dazzle: go with some carry in a gank, when he is about to die, use shallow grave on your self. This can be done with all healing heroes.
  • Disruptor: Max your 2nd spell, Glimpse. Once you see enemy TPing in your 2nd spell’s range, send them back to base. Same can be done with Kunka, if you see any enemy or even ally TPing away, use X-mark the spot.
  • Earth Shaker: Do not forget to block your team mate’s path who is trying to flee. Tuskar can also be used for this.
  • Faceless Void: Take void and trap your max team mates in your ultimate. It will be better if enemy has a Witch Doctor or Sand King.
  • Io/Wisp: Tether link with your teammate and teleport to the enemies fountain or un-passable terrain. Do not forget to keep ghost scepter to save your ass. (Remember if someone tries this with your, in your status, where all auras show, you can click on tether icon and it will disable/remove tether).
  • Keeper of the Light: If any of your ally is doing Roshan, / farming alone somewhere, call him to you. Or if you are in trouble, call your teammate and use him as a bait to escape. Do not give mana for free, ask them to buy you a TP, Mana bottle or healing salve and drop on base then you give them mana, or even then Don’t.
  • Lion: Once you are sure that you can secure a kill with your ultimate, pause game, type “Let me Finger you to death” and then take the kill.
  • Magnus: Save your enemies with Skewer by pulling / pushing them out of trouble.
  • Naga Siren: Use Naga Siren’s ultimate Song of the Siren to sleep your enemies while your teammates are in middle of  dropping a sick Wombo Combo.
  • Nature Prophet: Entrap your allies in “Sprout”, you can also block their way when they are trying to escape.
  • Omni Knight: Make sure to to “accidentally” Repel the enemies carry multiple times. It is also very useful to know that you can Repel off your mid laner’s runes. Remember your healing spell if only for you.
  • Pudge : Get a blink and hook your allies onto the cliff. Do not forget to hook your allies who are securing a kill. While lining up for a gank, hook enemy’s initiators like Magnus, Sandking, Earth Shaker and Axe etc to ensure that enemy can slam your whole team.
  • Razor : When in a gank, steal damage from your enemy and roam around him before taking the last hit. Same can be done with Night stalker, troll the poor guy by roaming around him in night before the final attack blow or void.
  • Techies: Make Penis with your mines. Once an enemy steps on it, blow the mines and then pause the game and say “You have just blown my penis off“.
  • Tiny : Toss your weakest ally onto enemies. Same can be done with Earth Spirit as well. See them burn in rage.
  • Vengeful : Swap your carry between 5 people at a critical point. You can also save your own ass by presenting your ally to your enemies by swapping him.
  • Visage: If someone picks Visage, claim that you are the only rightful Visage player. Buy two flying couriers, which you will use as Familiars throughout the game.
  • Zeus: Every time you get a kill with your ultimate, pause the game and type “You can’t run from Heavens

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  • Block Neutrals : Block as many of your own jungle camps as possible, don’t hesitate if you use ward. Once someone asks, tell them you are new to Dota 2 and you are just trying to be a good support.
  • Buy Gem: When there is no invisible hero in the enemy team, but in your team. Will even work if enemy has 1 odd invisible hero but you have more in your own team. Do not forget to die for nothing so your could drop gem.
  • Buy 2 Couriers: Buy one in start, it will give them an impression that you are a great support. When they ask you to upgrade, buy another courier.
  • Farm with your Skills:  Do not hesitate to farm with your high cool down skills. Like if you hit a ranged creep with Laguna Blade surely you’ll get the last hit.
  • Go Mid Lane: Fight for mid, even if you don’t want mid. Go for duel lane mid for like 3-4 minutes. Then you can start off with other trolling stuff.
  • Smoke Gank: Use smoke when your teammate is about to attack a creep and is not expecting smoke, then flame him for messing up your smoke gank attempts.
  • AFK: Whenever team fights are about to start quickly write: “AFK, phone/cat/smoking etc” and don’t do anything. Do this at least twice for the maximum effect.
  • Body Block: Professional Dota 2 players do it to save their teammates, but you can also use it to screw your ally, when they are running from the enemy. If you do not die, that will be the icing on the cake and will surely result in excessive all chat flaming.
  • Denying: Whenever your allies are under effect of a damage over time spell like Doom or Poison Nova etc… Hit them. Especially if they could have survived without you hitting. It doesn’t matter if you or the enemy get the kill.
  • Be a Good Support: If u pick support, don’t buy wards and courier, ask them to buy wards/courier for themself.
  • Prediction Feeding : If u see your teammates has predicted the game, go feed.
  • Rune Scam: Ping your mid hero to get Rune and when he comes close, pick it or destroy it.
  • Play a Mini Game in Game: Buy lots of couriers, position them around your Ancient and play ringa- rings roses by shift queuing their moves (or use patrol command).
  • Buy Shoes according to your Hero: Buy 2 boots on any 2 legged hero, and more for more legged heroes. Once someone asks, tell him that you have 2 legs you need 2 boots.
  • Be a Vendor: Open your fruit shop and announce it in all chat. Best location is Roshan pit. Sell mangoes for TPs, Iron branches etc.
  • Nature’s Protector: Buy lots of iron wood branches and place them on ground, become a woodcutter.
  • The Deaf and Dumb: Mute all players and type in all chat, guys I am deaf and blind. I cant listen to you and I also cant read any comment. I play Dota 2 with my 6th sense.
  • Aegis: Always deny aegis and cheese. If you can’t, try to take it yourself as fast as possible.
  • Courier: From time to time abort the courier and drop the items randomly on the map. Your teammates will be very grateful.
  • Play as a team, take all 5  pushers like Death Prophet / Nature Prophet / Tinker / Broodmother / Lycan / Lone Durid / Leshrec etc, end game in like 15 mins and taunt the shit out of your opponents. Say some thing like ” Even Bots are better than you“.
  • Steal kill as a support and say “Killing is sin, I just saved you from a sin

Mother of All Trolls: After an insanely difficult game, at the end say something like “GG Ez” or ” Didn’t even use the mouse”

Timing is everything. Some trolls are funny whereas some are literally savage, so try it at your own risk.

If you know some more trolling methods, do let me know in comments below, I’ll add that in this post. Do not worry, I’ll give proper credit to you. Also, do not forget to tell me which one you liked most ? Have fun trolling.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Trolling Guide for Dota 2 Pub Games

  1. Prebz says:

    Be Sheldon. Never understand irony from your teammates. That’s one of my favorites. “Omg. Feed more” “Weird request, but okay. *Feeds* “. Then flame them for making terrible decisions for the team after.

    1. Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad says:

      Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory. OMG I love this.

    2. Kody says:

      GG WP rofl xD I so wanna do this

    3. Randomtroll6969 says:

      Be frost wyvern, block your teammates everytime they try to do something and follow them around the whole game, buy boots of traveler so you can teleport to them everytime you want, ulti the target they are gonna kill, buy force staff to interupt their teleports or use your ice block. leave them blocked when you see them out of position and about to get ganked, then use your flight ability to just fly over the trees away ^^.

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