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Why we Love Na’Vi – Dendi Episode

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Danil “Dendi” Ishutin started playing Dota in 2006. First ever team he joined was WG. After this, he joined some other teams and finally in December 2010 Dendi moved to Na’Vi and then he just climbed the ladder of success with Na’Vi.
I am not going to give u guys more history lecture about Dota and Dota 2. I have been following Na’Vi and especially Dendi from Dota era when I 1st watched Dota world championship. So, in the next few paragraphs, I will be explaining to you why we love Na’Vi and Dendi, because its Dendi Episode.

Why I love Dendi?

After watching 5 TIs, I still love 2012 Na’Vi the most. Why? Because they played for us, they play for fun and winning came running towards them. They did not care if they win or not. They just did not forget to entertain their viewers, supporters, and fans and I can say with utmost certainty that they never failed to amuse /surprise us with different and unique combos.
How can I forget pudge and Chen fountain hooks by Dendi and Puppy? If you have not seen it earlier, here is a glimpse of what Dendi and Puppy have been doing in Dota 2 matches.

Then came the most boring TI of all. TI4. Chinese teams believed in farming and winning only. Believe me or not. Just after the draft, I predicted the winning team and 98 % of the predictions were correct. Why? Because their hero line up was winning line up but at the same time boring too.
But here comes the Dendi. His one move literally brought colors to the whole TI 4. What was that?

Oppa Dendi Style

Puppy and Dendi were in opposite teams and Dendi wanted to kick his ass (this is what he literally said). And when he did it with his signature hero Pudge the Butcher, he came out of the players’ box and taunted Puppy with his unique Gangnam style dance. I won’t be wrong if I tell u I have watched that dance for over 100 times till now. Check out the video below to see the whole action.

 Na’Vi in TI5

Then comes TI5. Na’Vi was not given direct invite and Na’Vi fans were shocked to the core of their heart. But Na’Vi again made it to the Seattle for final LAN round of TI5 where they were eliminated earlier than expected. Valve released the All-Star match’s team list and sadly Dendi was not it. It was again a shock at least for Na’Vi and Dendi fanboys. I was like “It will be the most boring all-star match of history without Dendi”.
I did not watch the All-Star match because I thought it will be boring same as TI4 matches. One of my friends told me that this time Valve gave us a surprise. I asked what was it. Well, he did not ruin the surprise and told me to watch the video my self.
The video started and I saw Pudge came to real life and was sitting next to puppy. No one knew who he was, but puppy was damn sure it was Dendi. And when the mask was removed, the audience present in the arena and audience watching it live all gone crazy to see Dendi actually cosplaying for his lovers and fans. It was 1st ever cosplay done by a pro player.

U know what made me love him more After that?

I saw him drenched in sweat because of cosplay. What do you guys think, why he did so? Did he do it for money or cash prize? No !!! He was already out of tourney at that point. He just did it for us, for his fans and lovers. I believe in Na’Vi and again they did not disappoint me. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Winning and losing are essential components of a game but fun is the most rare part and Na’Vi always concentrate on this rare part.
Specially Dendi plays for fun, for his lover/fans and for us, and we love and support them no matter what other people call us. We will always support Na’Vi and Dendi and YES, we are proud of it.

This is how another fan expressed his love with Dendi, he compiled some awesome gameplay clips into a movie. Watch it below.

Updated on 24 January 2019

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